Domino's Pizzaemployee

E Sep 09, 2018

Carrie Steinmetz that works at the Henderson Ky dominos is an ex roommate of mine. I don't start anything with her and I ignore her when I go up there i am a customer and she threatened me last night while on the clock and said "I get off at 230 [censored] " I further discovered that she was telling another employee she wanted to box my jaw and to bad she was in the clock. Well today around 200 I was outside on my porch and she drove by twice. And the second time flipped me off and said [censored] you [censored] while in uniform. I normally wouldn't care but thus is unnessisary and very unproffessional. I also have seen her smoke weed while driving around on deliverys. And has dropped pizzas off at my address smelling like it. I that smell especially not on my pizzas.

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