Domino's Pizzadelivery and lying

M Aug 13, 2018 Review updated:

Ordered 2 pizzas provided correct address and community gate access code. I waited 30 mins after Joseph left the store. I received a notification that it as delivered. I called the store and the lady answered and explained the situation. She checked her computer and couldn't provide any feedback. She then put me on hold. Another rep answered and asked how he could help me. I had to explain the situation all over again. He said "Yea that was me. You weren't there! And you didn't give us the right phone number. " i said if the number wasn't right you had my access code for the gate that is connected to my phone I never received a call. He said well I was there and u weren't!" I said excuse me??? My husband then grabbed My phone after I asked for a manager. He then spoke to the manager Mike and was told by the manager a different story that the deliver boy came to the door and rang door and was told they didn't order pizza. He then said which story is it? Manager tried to confirm the address he confirmed it w him he said yea that is the correct address we delivered. Our garage was open lights on 3 families celebrating a birthday. By this time I re ordered pizza from Marco's pizza which I picked up myself and had home within 20 mins or the order. My complaint isn't just about not delivering but being honest goes a long way. Do not place blame on the customer as if we gave the wrong address and phone number. My email is mflores and you can check how much we order from Dominos's. This type of service makes me reconsider ever going back to Dominos in the future. Please train your employees to take the right action after a situation such as this. Being in the customer service industry as a manager this was handled poorly.


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      Aug 13, 2018

    would start ordering somewhere else
    guess the manager did nothing

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