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I went to Domino's to order pizza this afternoon and the people there acted as if they were doing me a favor to even try to take my order. The TV was blaring so loud I couldn't hear the cashier nor could she hear me (evidently). I ordered, sat and waited approximately 25 minutes. I asked if my order was ready because I am pretty sure the order that had been boxed was my order. Besides that... I was the only person in the place. I was told no it isn't ready. Then the one person goes to the back to get the cook who didn't cook all of my order to come back and cook the bread sticks. I said I didn't want to wait another 15 minutes for the bread sticks. Very unprofessional they looked at me like oh well... Then one worker says oh it will only be 3 minutes. Well she was right. 3 minutes for some half cooked bread sticks. Just in case you need to be reminded... Without customers you will not have a business. I seldom visit Domino's because of the customer service. After today, me and my family will never spend another dollar of our hard earned money at an establishment with such unprofessional business practices.


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    Howard Macrae Sep 01, 2019

    I just had open-heart surgery. I attempted to order a pizza, and could not remember my passwords and had to use another phone miner and address to make the order go thru. I could have made a Chef Boy-R-Dee pizza in that time, and not had the hassle. And by the time it went thru, I could not leave a tip online.

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