Domino'sdealing with domino's after they killed my dog!


I posted a complaint on this board last week about a domino's delivery driver running over and killing my dog. This is a letter to the editor I just wrote to the goshen news after receiving no retribution for the puppy's death.

On march 14 I ordered pizza from domino’s in goshen. Little did I realize that such an everyday occurrence could end in such tragedy.

My son had some friends over so I let him order domino’s. I gave my son my credit card number to pay for the pizza over the phone, thinking ahead so I didn’t have to deal with our dogs barking or getting loose when the delivery man came. I also sent my son to stand in the driveway as another precautionary measure, as I had a 5-month-old jack russell puppy and a 3-year-old jack russell as well. I generally put them in my laundry room if I know I am going to go to have to open my door.

When the delivery man came my son opened the kitchen door, saying I needed to sign for the pizza, and handed me the credit card slip. I was not happy because I had purposefully ordered with my credit card thinking they would run it as a debit and not credit so that I could watch my dogs and not have to go to the door. I then had to look for a pen and sign the slip as my son struggled to hold back the dogs.

With the delivery man still standing in the open kitchen doorway, I asked my son where odie, our puppy was. He said, “he just slipped out. I’ll go get him.” then he said to the delivery man, “I need to go get our puppy, ” as the driver walked away. I looked out the dining room window, and saw my son chasing our puppy. As I went to get my shoes, it was only a matter of minutes that my son was screaming, “the delivery man just ran over odie.” we live four houses from the end of a cul de sac in a subdivision with a 25 mph speed limit. The driver had went to the cul de sac, turned around, and drove at full speed past our house, hitting our puppy without even stopping.

I ran out to the street and picked up odie as he died in my arms. The driver never even turned around to see what he had hit. It could have been a child. At that point I went into traumatic shock and cradled my bloodied dead puppy in my arms on the kitchen floor. My son, who had previously received a call from the driver’s cell phone as he had gotten lost on the way to our house, called the driver back on that number to let him know he had just ran over our dog.

The driver wouldn’t answer his cell phone. My son then called the domino’s and they said that there wouldn’t be a manager there until 10 p. M. My parents came from nearly an hour away to come get me and take me and my dead puppy back to their home because I was so distraught and they were worried about me. I stayed there for three days.

During that time conversations went back and forth between my children, the domino’s managers and the driver, who admitted to seeing my son running after our puppy. He said he didn’t even think that he should maybe either stay put until the puppy was back in the house or at least drive slowly and cautiously. It was his last stop and he had no need to rush back.

After two emails to an online complaint site about domino’s, the franchise owner of this goshen domino’s called me, apologized, and asked if there was anything they could do. At which point I said I would call her back. When I called her back I requested if they wanted to do something they could pay for the purchase of a new puppy. She wasn’t very remorseful at this point and was not receptive to this suggestion, saying that she needed to speak to both the driver and her husband (Who she owned the franchise with) and that she would call me back the very next day.

This was the last I have heard from her. That was monday - two days ago at the writing of this letter. I’m not asking for much – just the minimum that I feel is owed to me. There is no real price to be placed on my grief or the loss of my puppy, who was like a child to me. It seems that they would be more receptive to my request since they offered to begin with. While it could be argued that yes, this was an accident, the driver was aware of the situation and he had to have known that it was our loose puppy that he hit. His failure to own up to his actions, and the further failure of the franchise to make amends is appalling. What are they going to tell a parent should this situation occur with a child? That it was just an accident? That they should have watched their child more closely? If my dog would have bitten the driver, I may have received a law suit. Shouldn’t the need to assume responsibility go both ways?

I finally called the domino’s corporation today and they had the audacity to tell me that it was my fault - that I should have been watching my dog more closely. When I replied, “I ordered with my credit card and sent my son out to wait so that I could watch my dogs. How much more responsible could I be?” he then backed down and said he would call me back. I still haven’t heard back from him either.

You have probably seen the current domino’s ads about what people are doing with the 30 minutes that it takes for domino’s to come to deliver pizza. What are you doing with your 30 minutes? You should be locking up your pets, children and staying off the streets.

— lisa mcconnell


  • Jo
    Johnson D'Souza Dec 09, 2007

    I had placed an order for pizza at 11.00pm paid the money but pizza was not delivered till 12.30 midnight andwhen i reached there the shop was closed . An idotic way and service

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  • Ri
    Richard Quick Esq. Mar 31, 2008


    You and your puppy are famous. Check out this story on a highly trafficed franchise site:

    Domino's Killed her puppy in 30 minutes or less

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  • Kr
    Kraf Mar 31, 2008

    Wait. You messed up and let your dog get loose on a public street (even if it was accidental) and this act of stupidity and carelessness is somehow someone else's fault? You could've locked up your dog, but didn't. You could've purchased an invisible fence to make sure your dogs stayed on your property, but didn't. You could've made sure your son didn't let the dog out, but didn't. While I sympathize, and understand how easy it is for a pet to escape, I find your attempt to extract money from a company for this accident to be reprehensible.

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  • St
    Steve Mar 31, 2008

    Dumb. IF he knew he hit something he should have stopped, but to blame him for hitting it is ridiculous. It was a puppy, so it's possible he thought he hit a rock, or wet newspaper, or something else. Take responsibility for your carelessness and stop trying to get money from the company.

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  • Ma
    Mark Apr 01, 2008

    I am sure the driver feels bad enough. But he is not the one that let the dog out of the house. She should not get a new puppy paid for by Dominos. She should not be allowed to own any pets, as she clearly is not responsible enough to care for them and even has the audacity to blame others for her lack of responsibility!

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  • Mi
    midkniteblu May 14, 2009

    Ok, this is ridicoulous. I don't know what I'd do if that happened to me. How careless of them. Yes maybe you could have been a little more cautious, but you shouldn't have to lock your puppy away because some pizza delivery driver might kill it. You have a good point about thle dog bite scenario. So, if your other dog bites them is that they're fault because they weren't paying attention? Lol I would defitnetly consider a lawyer.

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  • Go
    Gordy Gambino Dec 14, 2009

    Hey Lisa

    The only thing that made any ###ing sense whatsoever was the last sentence.Smarten the ### up ###.

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  • Ri
    Rick E Aug 08, 2010

    Tonight is the last straw! Now dont get me wrong I absolutely love dominos but just about every time I order, something always seems to be missing! And I usually always have to eat my food cold/semi cold as I am a very picky eater and I cannot eat my food without having everything that I need with it/ordered. Now when these things happen I always call and let them know and they always fix it and bring whatever they have forgotten, usually they come back within reason and are always polite about it.

    Now tonight when I had called and made an order, now although I found this phone call amusing and very oddly funny not everyone would have enjoyed it and might have gotten upset with it. And not to mention how many times do they/or have they done these phone pranks on their customers. Nonetheless even though I enjoyed it and found humor in it they should not be acting in such a manner when dealing with customers.

    Ok so now here is what has done it for me tonight after I finally get my food I go to eat my hot wings (which for some reason were absolutely extremely over the top spicy hot tonight, enough to burn a hole in your stomach spicy hot!! Which I do have to say I am having a hard time eating them!!) and when I opened up the blue cheese dipping sauce it wasnt any good it had gone bad. So needless to say I had called and told them and they said they would send another sauce over. Now to mind you I had already waited the average 20-30 min to get my food and I was more than ready to eat now I have to wait again, as usual. So now I am waiting for them to come back its now been over a half hour and no one has showed up at that point. So I called back and told them and the person gives me this excuse oh he grabbed it on his way out the door and was supposed to drop it off to you, he must have forgot sorry, I will have another driver bring it to you (ok so now why in the world would someone who is now clocked out and done for the night and not working want to come back to a delivery?). So now from the time I ordered, got my food, and waited again for them to come back it was now a total of 1 hour and 20 min! Now my food is cold, Thank you once again!!! I should be able to enjoy my food and have it the way its supposed to be without any problems, nevertheless may I mention/remind how outrageously priced the food is! So yes when I order I expect my food to be as it should and to have everything that I have ordered and paid for (as I am sure everyone else does too).

    I think that they need to take more pride and care in their work/more training if necessary. Something needs to be done. I do understand that we are human and people forget things or what not but this has gone too far and always seems to happen and I am sure that I am not the only one that is having these kinds of problems.

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  • Tammy Weyler Aug 09, 2010

    Ok this is for all you heartless [censor], She obviously loved that poor puppy. The dominoes driver should have been doing the speed limet and knew that the puppy got out. She didn't say buy me a new puppy, she asked if they could pay for the cost of the puppy that died. Kevin don't you have your own complaint to go back to and be attacked since you are a seriel killer to be?

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  • Co
    cobalt00 Mar 07, 2011

    first off the guy was in the doorway therefore hes at fault for the dog getting out in the first place... and secound he had to see the dog run past him and he could've grabbed the dog as it was only a puppy and wouldnt bite clearly... third when he left he should have at least watched for the dog and the kid!!! for that matter as the kid was chasing the dog and could've ran out after the puppy in the road!!! fourth they should at least help get a new dog and fire the driver.. as he just kept driving and didnt answear his cell as that shows he knew he just f***ed up and was scared... and fifth i think you played it cool as i would've got right in my car and went after him...

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  • Ke
    kespethdude Mar 17, 2011

    @Gordy. STFU you racist piece of crap. There needs to be a "report this comment" feature on this site.

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  • Rh
    Rhonda12 Mar 17, 2011

    I orderd a pizza from Domino's and my first bite had a twig in it! I called Domino's and they said it happened all the time due to the way the mushrooms and olives are shipped. He never apologized!

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  • Tm
    TMRB33 Jun 18, 2011

    The mother should have gotten the door to get the pizza and not the kid, and the driver should have gone the extra mile and help you find the puppy. It was an accident. If it had not happen that day it would have probably happen another day and not with a delivery driver but it could have been a family member of yours who ran over the puppy or a neighbor. This things happen, and they are painful but puppies are like kids they have to be watched 24/7, I don't think the driver ran over your puppy on purpose.

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  • Jb
    jbfirebird Jun 18, 2011

    i love how people say "fire the person" for something that is obviously an accident. i have a feeling there is a tiny bit of imbelishment to the story. nothing huge, but the way that the story is told, the driver had time to walk to his car, get in, drive to the end the the de culdesac, turn around and come back. how long was your kid running. dogs will run out in front of cars just as fast as a deer would.

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  • Ye
    yeeahmoo Nov 25, 2011

    Domino's is run by all Indians and the manager said she was going to "kick my ###ing ###". She also called my mom "white trailer park trash!

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  • Jo
    JonnyDarko Jan 31, 2013

    It's clearly the owner's own fault for the puppy getting out. She does not have a case what so ever and any lawyer would laugh his butt off if she thinks she does. Stupid people should not have pets!

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  • Al
    Alex213 Nov 19, 2013

    Stup*d woman, what the hell was your dog doing on the street? the other people should look after your dog?

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  • Fo
    foxygrandma Jul 12, 2016

    Maybe asking questions is part of his job. Could it be that you were slightly hard to understand, because some of your grammar and spelling isn't real great.

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  • Al
    alexis19852 Jul 12, 2016

    I went to the dominoes located at 2196 pitkin ave on december 21, I received a certificate via mail to redeem a large one topping with a side, howerer the guy that was there is very rude and nasty, he dosent have no manners or respect, two customers walked in and made orders and experience the same behavior so the man walked out, he refuse to give me his name but he wants to ask 20 questions, he's about 6' tall, short haircut, about 130 pounds, and a beard under the chin, this is east new york and don't let him think he can do that to anyobody, one day he would not be so lucky talking from behind that partition ...

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  • Kw
    k w f Aug 22, 2016

    We have ordered from this location and had delivery, no problem. The pizza was good, the delivery driver was nice, etc. Today I called and was told they wouldn't take our order to deliver to us! I explained that they have done so multiple times, but they said they couldn't drive to our subdivision because we are out of their delivery area. I asked to speak to the manager, open about the fact that they have repeatedly delivered to us (recently!) and i wanted to complain that they now refused to and I couldn't understand the difference one week makes in delivery zones, and his name was XXXXXX. The economy must not have been hard on this location. I told him "you" would lose our business, and he was okay with that. Ironically, this was a calm conversation, no yelling or anything on either side; he was just matter of fact about it. Is business that good that we can be that way to customers?

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  • Di
    Dingery Doo Dec 17, 2016

    Im sick of you all blaming her for this its the damn drivers fault for driving way too fast in a cul de sac in the first place and the driver was TOLD WAIT IM GETTING OUR PUPPY he was forewarned it is HIS FAULT and i hope this lady sues the #### out of dominoes and WINS she should have also filed a police report that driver would have been arrested immediately also for a hit and run YES people a hit and run weather animal or human is a crime a ex friend of mine for arrested for hitting someones dog that was chained up int he front yard then taking off without stopping and charged with a hit and run.

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  • Di
    Dingery Doo Dec 17, 2016

    Lisa get a lawyer and sue them also file a police report for a hit and run that driver will get charged as he was forewarned ” Then he said to the delivery man, “I need to go get our puppy, ” as the driver walked away."

    He can be charged with animal cruelty and a hit and run he deserves these charges he was forewarned and he did not care plus he was driving excessive speeds in a cul de sac which should have never happened in the first place that was reckless endangerment on top of the charges.

    As for the rest of you she was responsible and was doing the right thing and that driver was forewarned so legally it is up to the company to take responsibility for a negligent employee plain and simple so back off her and quit telling her its her fault when its not.

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  • Wine Is Good Dec 17, 2016

    It is her fault. The driver delivered a pizza. He did not let the dog out, the kid did. It is also possible that the driver did not hear the kid, since he has a job and had to get back to it. These people deliver pizza, they do not waste time talking or goofing off.

    Now, how you think they would run your card as a debit card without your PIN number is beyond me. There is no way to do that and anyone with any sense knows that. You should have locked the dogs up if they have a habit of getting out, or had a fence or cage or something to keep track of them. Being a puppy, it is also entirely possible that the driver never even knew he hit anything. You assume the guy intentionally hit your puppy. I say he didn't. I say you should take responsibility for your own actions, and let this be a lesson to you.

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