Dollarama / false accusations

Wellington Road near Metro London ON Canada, Canada

Today (October 14 2018) I was in dollarama in Wellington rd near Metro in London Ontario. I was approached by a supervisor in front of many other customers and I was loudly told that I was not allowed in the store due to my being seen shoplifting previously. I was threatened with being arrested and was ordered out of the store. My husband returned to the store and was told I had been seen by another patron with a tag sticking out of my bag and I had left with a warning to not return. Apparently I had been coming in with 4 children and opening up packages and stealing items.
First of all I do not have 4 kids. I have 2.
Second, the employee said I had long red hair. I have blonde hair. The employee admitted that yes, my hair was not the same.
I tried to speak with the employee and to show them the receipt from my purchases at another dollarama that same day but I was made to leave.
I am asking you to please help me access any security footage of this person to clear my name. I have never stolen fact, I returned to a store when I discovered my child had put a book in the basket of my stroller. I was well on my way home when I discovered this and I turned around and went back and returned the book, apologizing to the employee I returned the item to. I would not be pursuing this if I fact I was guilty. I am not. I was humiliated publicly along with the accusations and although I have been a patron of dollarama for many years now, I will likely not be anymore due to this experience. Please help me in restoring my credibility and honesty.

Thank you.

M. Rodgers

Feb 18, 2019

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