Dollar Treeemployees

I was looking around my local dollar to in 51 Ave and McDowell in Phoenix AZ waiting to pick up my kids from practice. I carry a big toe nails as is the stone for women's purses these days and have so much kid junk in there from all my kids that I'm sure most mom's can relate: a bag of goldfish or pretzels, a mini pack of tissues lip balm, mints, a comb, hand sanitizer, a notebook because I still do my lists by hand and paper, a juice box.. you get my point, right? Well all the items could have been in a dollar store, or Walgreens or Fry's as that's where I do all my shopping and not of these stores are unique. I'm outside of the store approaching my car when this girl screaming at new that I need to give her my purse. I'm likelisten here crazy lady I don't have to give you anything I didn't do anything wrong and I'm going to my car now to which he grabs my purse so hard that the strap literally bruised my shoulder. I am tugging my purse back from her and she has my purse handle in such a tight grip I looked down to her knuckles are white as she's looking at me with BDI's yelling at me to give her my purse. Now I'm not truly petite but I'm about 5'9 130 lb This woman was probably about 5 ft 7 240 lbs I mean the chick was stocky and big and I think she was on meth because she's looking at me in her eyes are still wild and beaty and her long black hair was just sticking out everywhere and she was just such a horribly ugly person inside and out for how she was treating me and how certain she was that I had stolen when I had not. She starts pulling merchandise that is my own out of my purse and dumping it on the sidewalk and I'm telling her to let go that is the from my kids those are my belongings and she doesn't care she's pulling everything out of my bag and throwing it on the sidewalk in front of me and she pulled on my back so hard that not only did it bruise my shoulder but she ripped my back My handle of my purse is totally ripped off and ruined! I think I heard she's the new manager but I suffer from PTSD and this shocked me so badly that all I could do was shaking we get to my car I could barely get the keys and the ignition of shaking so badly I was so scared and I didn't know what to do I came home and cried to my husband about what happened showed him my empty purse and he knows how my purse normally looks and he could not believe himself. I don't know if I should contact a lawyer or who I should contact but I'm starting here as that woman needs some serious help. She was screaming you're not going to steal from my store you need to put my merchandise back. there aren't even cameras in the store first of all so if she thought I was stealing what proof does she have? I know that she was being racist as I'm white and it's a predominant Hispanic neighborhood and everyone that works there is Hispanic and I'm a tall blonde haired white woman and her store so of course the stucco like a sore thumb and then she saw my big bag and me not buying anything and accuse me of stealing and was so certain herself that she is salted me and threw my spelongings on the ground. I want to demand to see what kind of crew she has that I am a thief because I have never been in never will be accused of such an awful thing!

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    omg I meant I carry a big tote style purse as is the style for women these days not whatever my ridiculous typo thought I said! Lol omg

Sep 30, 2019

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