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East Main Street Patchogue NY, US Review updated:

I am complaining about your E Patchogue store in E Main St. You have 2 cashier's there that are clueless. One was transferred from another store(she seems to have some kind of issue) and the other is make African American. Neither one knows when to call for help when the line is down the aisle. I asked a floor associate to get the manager but to no avail. while the woman was ringing the gentleman could have opened his register but stood there clueless. You had two good managers in there(Tiffany and then John) You have a night manager (Danielle) these people always jumped in the register when needed no matter what they were doing. This store should be closed or get cashier's that know what the hell they are doing. I rather go out if my way to the sunrise highway store in East Patchogue then go around the corner to this one. Get the night cashier Nina with Danielle train these people. Toni Damianakis [protected]

  • Updated by Toni Damianakis, Aug 13, 2019

    I have worked retail for 20yrs. I do have patients. I even stuck up for this store to the district managers face. These two particular cashier's have to Know when to call for back up and not stand there like a deer caught in head lights watching the line grow longer. Any large retail store would have fired them. Everything is about customer service. That's what brings the customers back. No I won't go to that particular store again. I will go out of my way to the other one.

Aug 13, 2019
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  •   Aug 13, 2019

    You have patients?? What field of medicine do you practice? Must be low-payment or imaginary. The “cashier’s” what? An apostrophe is for stating that the cashier has something and not for pluralism or references.

    The cashier’s boots
    The cashiers there
    The cashiers’ payroll

    See the difference?

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