Dollar Treeworked there


The worst company to work for in my life. I loved the job but couldn't handle the constant cutting of payroll ever since they made the BIG mistake of buying family dollar. Family Dollar was over spending on payroll and down in sales so they took from the dollar tree stores payroll. I go in there from time to time to make a purchase and the shelves are empty, the stores are trashed and all the Management people are leaving the company. It's not just one store that is a mess, it's all of the stores in Illinois except the store the Regional Managers office is in. He needs to take a look around at all his stores instead of sitting in the office all day. What an embarrassment to the company. He needs to retire. The Regional has been there for many years. They need fresh people. He wanted me to get fired because I stepped down from a Manager to Asst Mgr because of the stress. I went through cancer and was not gonna take a store after that happened. He tried to make it rough so I would quit the store. My District Manager wanted me to come back but the Regional wouldn't let him bring me back. My Dm new I worked hard for this company. I was a strong assistant but couldn't handle working 60 hours a week as a Manager . I worked 40 -45 as an assistant. I miss my customers and they miss me I see a lot of them at my new job and they tell me how the store went downhill since I left and they miss me. The Regional is also an Afro-American man who is very prejudice towards white people and treats white people very rude. I felt this way and others have told me the same thing. Dollar tree this man needs to retire, he has been there to long. Get some fresh meat in there. Maybe your Managers who have been there for years wouldn't have left. Maybe the stores wouldn't look so horrible and maybe the shelves would be stocked and you wouldn't be losing sales. WAKE UP!!! Dollar General has better quality and full shelves, great prices and happy employees. Check out 5 below as well also better quality, full shelves, good prices and happy staff as well.. Family Dollar is to expensive now. WAKE UP DOLLAR TREE CORP. empty shelves means loss of sales and loss of customers. again WAKE UP

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