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My Daughter Alexis was hired at our local Dollar tree on 34th St w in Bradenton, Fl [protected]
Works hard comes to work on her days off when nobody else does, also has worked at other stores when needed.
Alexis was working today 08-07-2018, the general Manager came in the store while Alexis was working. Alexis grabbed a drink inbetween customers for it was busy. Had not yet paid for it, but had every intention of paying for it once customers were gone, as she always does an has permission from the working Manager Amy. The General Manager Debbie saw that Alexis had not yet paid for her drink an keep in mind she is the only colored woman who works at this store. An told Alexis she was fired. I'm sorry if there has not been an issue before why now? I strongly feel that Ms Debbie was looking for a reason to terminate Alexis due to the color of her skin an thats discrimination. The Manager on duty Amy tried sticking up for Alexis an the General Manager wrote her up an told her that was the last time or ahe would be terminated. I don't think a woman like Ms Debbie should be working for a well known company an terminates people for the color of there skin


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      Aug 07, 2018

    just a thought but employee ajhehe grabs a "drink" or food or whatever and doesn't pay that is technicaly stealing is it not?
    taking something without paying ( look it up)
    so proberly the first time this general manager was in or noticed this
    even the other manager knew of it and that it was paid for at a later time when not busy ( not a issue I think)
    so playing the race card because your daughter gets caught out is not called for
    is she the only employee that does that?

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      Aug 08, 2018

    @9wood No my daughter was an is not the only employee who does this an for the record this so called general manager yells at other employees for mistakes an put words in the manager on duty mouthan lies. So if this is how Dollar tree runs there business with nasty and rude employees an nothing is done about it, How is it this company is still in business? How is it that this general manager has had numerous complaints made an nobody does anything? I am appalled about how your business is ran. I have been in management in retail for years an complaints made are addressed an taken care of but yet your company does nothing

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      Aug 08, 2018

    @CMcCoy78 easy now I'm not the bad guy here or one causing the issue
    some people are just bad mannered ( insert other terms) and never change
    would try contacting the corporate hr and let them know ( other employees as well)

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