Dollar Treefall in jasper texas store

T Jul 24, 2019 Review updated:

On July 23, 2019 I was shopping in the afternoon mentioned Store. I walked up to the frozen foods and was looking inside I turned to walk away there was supply cart so close to me that I fell down onto the cart pulling my left and bumping both of my legs on steel cart. A young man helped me to my feet. The staff know what an Incident Report was it where to strut. Finally the report was found. The explanation given to me by management was: Everybody knows that stocking cart be in the isles and that because of the number one of supplies that the store had. There is nowhere else to store the supplies.I have scheduled a physician's office 07/25/19. My knee and legs are swollen and bruised . No one from Dollar Tree has made any attempt at contacting me. Employees appeared at a loss regarding my request for documentation. I asked for a copy the report management no copy machine. I insisted and the lady went to a store next but still unable to me copy. After some discussion with a another employee we that photo on the phone would suffice. Please contact me. Thanking you in advance, Truman Austin


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