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Reviews and Complaints

Dollar Tree verified

cashier cursing me, throwing my change and screaming at me.

I came in store to buy a $1.09 poster paint book. They were no signs sayin they dnt take rolled change or that they dnt give bills back for rolled change. I paid with $5 rolled dimes. Cashier opened roll counted out $1.10 and handed me back the rest of my change in change. I ask why can't I get bills she said they dnt do that. I said well that defeated whole purpose of my Rollin my dimes. I dnt want a pocket full of change. I ask to just let me get my rolled dimes back I will go some where else. She said they dnt do refunds. I asked for the manager. She said she's coming. She told manager what happen and as I was tryin to speak my peace cashier gets hostile and says she will give me half bills half change. I said no I'd just like my rolled dimes bk or the correct bills to go else where. She opens drawer throws the correct change at me telling me get my [censored] and go. I ask for corporate #. She throws receipt at me saying its on there. She said call them she don't give a [censored]. I said see how your talking to me? Treating me? I said maybe you need go to unemployment line if u hate your job so much. She said she loved her job it was us customers she couldn't stand. With a line of 4 or 5 customers waitin to b checked out. I kept sayin I'm I dnt deserve how ur treating and talking to me. She said it's because I raised my voice at her. I tried telling her I have a disability. I'm hard of hearing. She didn't care. She continued to treat me like I was a piece of crap.. Told me get my bag and go.. I said I am when I get corporates # because the manager was saying the # on receipt was the store # and was searching for corporate # for me. Cashier steadily cursing me saying dnt care call corporate..

My question is do you have cameras? I was simply asking for bills for my coins or my coins back. I can't not help that I am hard of hearing and my voice seemed loud. I did not deserve to be cussed. I did not deserve for my money and receipt to be thrown at me. I did not deserve for her to treat me the way she did. Period ..

  • Th
    TheManager Jul 22, 2019

    Well you paid with change so what’s the problem? You’re an idiot.

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  • Cy
    Cynthia Clements Jul 22, 2019

    @TheManager Hopefully this ridiculous comment made you feel better bout ur life today.. apparently my attorney doesn't feel I'm a idiot.. but then again he has better things to do than scroll through posts with there dumb comments that most likely match the the life style they have.. yay u commented. Now u can move along troll :)

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