Dollar Treeemployees

K Aug 07, 2018

Went into the Millington Tn store today around 3:00 pm central standard time. Used the restroom and it was in horrible shape! There was a sign on the wall that stated that if the bathroom wasn't clean please notify the staff! Well after exiting the restroom I just wanted to germx my hands. I then warned the lady that was waiting to use the bathroom with her small granddaughter that it was not in good condition so if she could to wait to do so. I then dug around in my purse for he germx! Found it then started walking to the front! As I got around to the middle about 7-9 employees lined up and were chattering/whispering about me and just kept lookin at me ! So I asked them what was the problem?! The what seemed to be a man actually was a female started screaming at me just Random nonsense!!!? I told her that there was a sign in the bathroom stating that if the bathroom was not cleaned that I need to notify an employee so I let them know that the bathroom needed to be cleaned! They then informed me this wasn't their store and they didn't have to do such a thing! Then I was cursed at more than once! I made my way to the front by my husband! My husband asked to speak to the manger! The manager said they (unruly employees) were not from her store and she couldn't do anything about it! Well it kept on and on!! So the employees went outside and tried to rally their friends! Continually calling me a hoe and who knows what else! Then they began yelling from outside in the front of the store that they hated white people and that I could get my ass beat right now! This was completely unexceptionable! Luckily for me I'm not that scared of anything! So my husband tells the manager to call the police bc it wasn't gonna be pretty if they try anything once we got outside! Well they didn't do anything but talk [censored]! And threaten me some more! It is my understanding that the unruly employees came from the Austin Peay store! I can honestly tell you I will never go to either store ever again if this is how I'm gonna be treated!! If you have any questions please call me at [protected]! My name is Kristy Holland!

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