Dollar Generalthe manager at my local store. horrible!

N Nov 07, 2018 Review updated:

I had stuff in my cart that I didn't want or I had picked up just perusing the store killing time. I had put the extras I randomly found and unwanted items up front for them to sort through. The manager went through it and said I had to find the missing items or pay for them but he couldn't help me until I did. he basically accused me of stealing random items out of the pack or I honestly don't know what was going through his head. so some of them I found just by looking through the store and then he said I couldn't leave until the rest was found so I was like fine I'll pay the dollar section items that he was so worried abou!!! I gave him the $3, yes I said 3, and I did not get my $200 purchase. I had spent quite a lot of time I. The store and was going to spend a good akint of money, like usual. I spent all that time for mothing, I wasn't giving him my money. However I did give him the $3 he was so worried about. He was rude, he was accusatory, unprofessional, he gave a poor example for the clerk watching him. I work in hospitality and don't usually do bad reviews, I know how hard customer service can be but this man was the worst of the worst. He needs disciplinary action, training on how to interact with guests and staff, or you need to find a new manager becsuse I'm sure that is not how you want to be represented or preceived. I mean really he put up that stink and that embarrassment for $3 and I was going to spend 200. Something needs to happen from this I need to hear back, I need this to be even a little bit resolved, so I can let everybody know that it was taken care of. We will no longer use this location and maybe no longer Dollar General. It depends on what I hear back and what the solution is.


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