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On Sunday 10/15/2017 I went Store #14967. I picked up antifreeze, some goodies, and tooth paste. I placed everything on the counter and nothing was left so of course I paid for the all my items and left. When I arrived home I noticed I was missing toothpaste. I checked my receipt and low and behold she didn't charge me for toothpaste though she took everything I placed on the counter. What an excellent way to steal something that you need without paying for it! I rarely stop at this store because of some many standing around to asked for money or whatever, but this manager was supposedly a manager or supervisor? I have never had this happen to me at other stores, but I am posting on the McKeesport website also to beware of this person. Poor, poor professionalism and she is a thief to boot!


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      Oct 16, 2017

    I live in Lincoln Arkansas
    and shop at at a few other DG stores in the area and have to tell you that store is the only one that stays open till midnight
    baring in mind that that it is the only thing open for at least 30 miles in any direction < if you people don't think something bad probably wont happen then your sadley mistaken, theresno cop theres no security measures at all only women working and usually just 2 I worry for your hard working employees safety they have 5 people during the day and only 2 women at night >how smart is that ?the other thing that myself and several of my friends have witnessed first hand is when they are slow
    the employees are outside smoking pot and one of them even ask my friend if she wanted to by some we were shocked
    one of the girls hand red hair tall thin and rude the other one who does most of the talking is a big girl with long dark hair
    and the GM and DM are a joke obviously they are not happy at home well myself and my friends will never spend dime there until the drug dealers and pot smoker are gone that used to be a good place to shop but poorly trained and not motivated mangers will eventually get someone hurt but the pot smoking thing is unbelievable and right in the front door not trying to hide
    and its been going on a long time shame on you foolish management for letting it happen I tell everyone I see about it I don't want to but that's just not right when there are a lot of people in this that really need jobs and wood earn there money and wont not come to work to smoke pot sell dope in the parking lot to supplement there in come because they don't get paid enough to live on and I guess the real killer is paying people to smoke dope and steal while at work that's not how its dome here if I caught someone stealing or committing a felony on my property I fired them on the spot and have them arrested that the only way to send a clear signal and if you have trouble finding replacement's well that's what I pay my mangers the big bucks for

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      Oct 16, 2017

    you cannot run a business with that money o be modes quickly like a bunch of kids getting hih

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      Oct 22, 2017

    If u did not get charged for the toothpaste (which you stated that you did not) then how did the cashier steal it? You should think about what you are saying before you go bashing and accusing someone of something!

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      Oct 22, 2017

    I to have seen what goes on in Lincoln Arkansas only what I saw was the big girl
    I think her name is Belinda with a straw stuck down in a little plastic bag and
    sniff it my guess is it was Meth, I have seen on several occasion's a guy park beside her
    car open her door and put something in the center console and take what looked like money
    get back in his truck and drive off, 2 plus 2 is 4
    I have spent a lot of money in that store but I'm not going back until its cleaned up
    those people should be fired on the spot and arrested ...please do something about this because
    Id like to start shopping there again but not while a bunch of drug addicts are running the place

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