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One of your employee at the store on Ingalls ave is a known drug user, alcoholic and thief. Was wondering if you do any drug testing on them before hiring . There name is Cathy Coleman. I have notice you have had problems with her before notice you have a problems with her before. I have noticed her letting people steal out the store an dont report it. She has a drug problem.

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    I was in your store the other week an recognize one of your employees hey Miss Cathy Coleman. I notice she saw someone stealing an didn't report them. I also know for a fact that she's a alcoholic and drug user. So i was wondering do you run a background check or drug test your employees. Check to see if her manger has any problems with her. At her last job her and her boss had problems


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    Chris1977 Aug 12, 2018

    Employees are drug tested when they move to management. Very seldom are they tested as cashiers.

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    Wiscogirl87 Sep 11, 2018

    Lol its Pascagoula what do you expect anything from Gautier then East is trash. Poor Ocean Springs stuck in the middle. Then west ghetto azz Biloxi and Gulfport. Besides if she gets fired she will probably just start at Walmart.

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    WiscogirI87 Sep 11, 2018

    To you customers that keep complaining. You better not do it at my store. I had an issue with a customer. I the LP that they were stealing. I had to place batteries in their bag myself to make them look guilty. The best part of all of this was I got a gift card for catching the thief.

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