Dollar Generalnew store in stockbridge, ga east atlanta road

D Aug 14, 2018

Our area was thrilled when the Stockbridge store opened on E. Atlanta Road. It is the only store close to quite a few neighborhoods and is very convenient.

Since the opening, the store has gone completely downhill. My husband and I are no longer going to use that store and we were spending an average of $100 plus a week there. The store is apparently poorly managed. We have gotten bad milk, broken eggs, food that has already expired and this store does not carry near the amount of food that the other area Dollar General's do. The isles are large but constantly filled with stock that has not been put out and this is during the busiest times. You cannot get thru the isles with a buggy and stock carts. There are items on clearance with no new clearance price. The prices have changed at the register (higher) but have not been changed on the isle or product. Surprise price!
Items are being placed on the wrong shelves leading to misleading prices. Either put items in the right place or change the tags.

The outside garbage is just always overflowing.

Clearly there needs to be something done with this store before it goes under. New Management and until that time the Regional Manager needs to oversee this store.

It has the potential to be a great store but you are losing customers at this location.

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