Dollar Generalmy name is bryant russell c.o. o. of rich state records

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My wife works at Dollar General in China, Tx. Her name is Kimtress Scott she took over this store six months ago a horrible hand down, the store was atleast 2yrs behind a up hill battle which she took in stride. For the last six months she has put in countless hours to get the store right now she has began to see a balance and now being attacked by your company style of bizzness and the stress and unhealthy load Dollar General has placed on her four or five times a week open to close a very unsecure area which is racist not given enough hours to properly run the store taken her personal life totally away and she has a 15 yr old daughter who she has been separated from because of the job she cant be a parent not involved in her childs life period because of long job hours all that matters is the buck the dollar forget life huh? I need to be talked with ive studied the labor laws and Dollar General is using loop holes well but not good enough so many violations from safety, security, racism and so fourth I can go on and on.


  •   Oct 20, 2017

    You're a CEO??? Your English, spelling, grammar and punctuation are that of a sixth-grade dropout.

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