Dollar Generalemployee, I think a manager female with dark hair.

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I went in to buy some sugar packets for my coffee and this lady says all bags must be at the counter, which is fine but all I had in it was my tobacco and tubes. I make my cigarettes and collect cans to recycle I find on the way to and from. I even showed her what was in it. It was a cloth Aldi grocery store bag. I went to Kroger instead to get my sugar packets after telling her "NOT EVERYONE is a shoplifter " and walked to Kroger's instead.
I always loved DG, but not this store anymore.
Years ago in the 43214 zip code, I worked at the one in Graceland Shopping Center off of N. High St. before a Target store got built there. Now DG got moved to High St. and Morse Rd. behind TJs restaurant. The last 4 is 1782. Holiday Seasonal until Christmas was over. I lived at 22 w. Cooke Rd. #G, 43214.
Staci Wade

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    Kroger receipt for sugar pkts...


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    Use_CommonSense Aug 19, 2018

    They have every right to deny you to carry your bag around the store regardless of your intentions. Because if they give you special treatment then what if someone who would use it as a chance to steal sees you and goes up and screams "oh you let them but not me?!!??!?" and then they get all the ability to steal because you felt entitled to be able to do as you please.

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