Dollar Generalemployee

B Aug 02, 2018

As I enter the store the date of July 12th, 2018 around evening time, a employee black, male was out of conduct with me as the costumer. " HE YELLED !!! " AND SAID YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID. Bryan Anthony Phillips as the costumer look very strange as I look he look directly at me. The employee and I look very difficult as I look with a misunderstanding. As the customer myself Bryan look and was going to continue to shop. He continue to yell made a scene with other customers. So I Told Him my name and said you know that I own this dollar general on and of Roosevelt Dr. In Little Rock, Arkansas so I escorted myself out and let him know I felt attack, went to the police sheriffs office use the phone made a statement saying that I was just banned from the police station. Don't know the cashier at all. Not familiar with him from the area of Arkansas. All and all I reported the employee in to the officers no idenfication was know the reason why I was terminated from my facility. I never felt threaten in my own State from anybody and especially an Native of Arkansas.

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