Dollar Generalconfrontational management/backpack policy

I Aug 13, 2018

Incident occurred at the Stow, Ohio Dollar General on 8/11 around 3 pm. I entered the Store, and was asked to remove my backpack. I refused, stating it was not a backpack it was my purse, and im not stealing anything. I had a couple hundred dollars of cash in my purse so I was not going remove it. I grabbed some sliced cheese and I asked the cashier wear the hand sanitizer was. She pointed in the direction were the person who asked me to remove my purse which she was referring to as backpack. I started in that direction to get hand sanitizer were I was confronted by the store manager Katie. She again said something about the purse/backpack. I told her I didn't need her [censored] today, I just wanted some hand sanitizer. As soon as I said [censored] Katie became really confrontational stating that i was not going to cuss at her. She was so close to my personal space that her breast brushed against me. Instead deesclating the situation Katie escalated it. She is not a good example as a manager and her behavior was very aggressive. My reaction to Katie's behavior was not appropriate however her actions need to be reviewed by her management. Below is the picture of the purse in question next to my son's backpack. Also I purchased the purse from a different dollar general location about a year ago, it was in the purse section. Below is the purse/backpack in question.

confrontational management/backpack policy

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