Dollar Generalbroken spray bottle; home window cleaner sprayer

K Aug 16, 2018 Review updated:

The first time I used this window cleaner the sprayer broke and I'm disappointed because it's brand new and I'm disabled and have a difficult time getting over to Dollar General since I do not have a car there is a number on the sprayer which is 18110 a e - 2 I don't know if that will help any I just wanted to let you know in case other people have the same problem that I do now I just have to put the window cleaner on a rag instead of spraying it on the windows just thought I'd let you guys know


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    Alexddx Apr 04, 2019

    I recently consider to buy that window cleaner too. But after I checked the reviews on the internet, I believe they do not work as it shows in the ad. Here is the review post:

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