Dollar Generalabuse of authority


I was employed there almost a year store manager keep cutting my hours for no reason. I could only work days so he cut my hours he aloud certain workers to miss to day almost every week. He had a assistant manager that only wants to work days. I have all my text with communication with store manager. He also had been talk about me to customers I was a part time key holder December would have been a year. The girl that keep missing days he gave her more hours than me. He keep his assistant at about 35 or more hours. The full time lead quit working he refused to promote me up. I should not have had to quit my job I been at that store the longest #11839 and I loved my job 23 hours a week I have copies of all schedule cause he keep changing them. This is not fair at all chris hillman loved to to about employees to each other. I new he was trying to make me quit when he cut my hours cause that’s what he did and bragged about it.

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