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After publishing five books with Dog Ear, I have finally been bilked out of all profit payments due me for 2019. It is impossible to get a hold of anyone for explanation, particularly Ray Robinson, the company's owner, who has refused to respond to numerous emails and phone calls. I have also spoken to other company representatives who merely refer me back to Mr. Robinson. This refusal to pay royalties and failure to respond to complaints has affected many other Dog Ear authors, resulting in its "F" rating by the Indiana Better Business Bureau and the revocation of its accredidation. I have also registered a complaint with the Indiana Better Business Bureau.

self-publishing package

Dog Ear Publishing has excellent intake information, and the product it produces looks very good. That's the upside. Now for the downside.

Dog Ear has not delivered book orders on time almost ever in the several years I worked with them. They say "can be printed within 24 hours", but usually is within a week. I paid over $100 for an expedited order, but the guy who was supposed to get the book shipment got a note the shipment would take an extra week - what did I pay for? Oh, and... Dog Ear did not send me the same notice. So I did not know the $100 expedited shipment would be late until a possible client called me furious I did not deliver books.

Worse is how the staff is. I have months and months of emails where they were like the keystone cops - sending me the wrong files to review (someone else's cover, someone else's file), sending me an old file when I had already sent back edits. I would respectfully return, work it out, but eventually they started to get testy with me. There was no one to raise the issue with because they are all friends there, really unprofessional, and the guy ended up defending the woman whose crazy emails I produced for him to see - he refused to read them. Acted as if he was above that sort of thing.

Their 888 number on the website sent me to a woman who acted annoyed and said I was supposed to select one of the number options, but there were no number options, and when I told her she was annoyed - not helpful. Again, a bunch of juveniles.

It's too bad. There are things they do right, but they are cynical about their clients' right to expect good service and clear commitments. I wouldn't suggest them to anyone ever.

Options include Create Space which is very good finally, or other groups.

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advertising fraud

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