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Unathorized Visa charges

I bought the books about a year ago, have never been able to "login" to my online account OR connect with...

Book Scam/charges over and above book

Kevin Tredeau writes books he claims the government doesnt want him to sell about natural cures and weight loss. He also wrote another book on how to get grants. His books are not the tool to help you be healthy or cure a disease nor does he tell you point blank how to bet the government free money! It reads like this words, words, words.

The agent who takes your call offers you theirn newsletter by email for 5.00 a month and if you are like me you decline cause I dont really read my email. They charge you anyway. I called and cancelled explaining the reason that I never wanted it. They promised to refund my money. This never happened but since they stopped taking it I thought I would let it go. Several months later they took 89.00 from my account I called and complained. They apologized promised it would be returned gave a confirmation number in 4-6 weeks. In 4 I called Kevin had packed it in changed his number and ran off with my and who knows how many others money.

Dont buy the book and if you want the book get it at the store and not online or over the phone his company will nickel and dime you to death!!!

Cannot cancel subscription

After seeing the Natural Cures infomercial, I decided to check out their website. They offered a 30 day trial, for which I signed up. The site had some useful information, but not something I was willing to pay $9.95 per month to use. I sent an email to the address listed on their website to cancel the subscription. I did not get any reply. Next thing my credit card gets charged with $9.95. Decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and paid the $9.95. I phoned the company and left a message. No reply. Sent another email (to every address listed on their website). No reply. Another $9.95 is charged to my credit card. Then to rub salt into my wounds I get a "personal email" from Kevin Trudeau himself, inviting me to become a lifetime member. Again I emailed (this time including Kevin Trudeau) and phoned. Gain no reply. Another $9.95 is charged to my credit card. I have eventually contacted my credit card company who reversed the last charge and closed my credit card. This man is making a mockery of innocent, hardworking people. I would highly suggest- in fact I would instruct you not to subscribe or buy anything from Kevin Trudeau.

Scam billing

I watched an infocomercial and ordered two books from Kevin Trudeau Natural Cures and subscribed to their...

credit card charge

I have been charged $9.95 per month since, 4/08, on my credit card for a website that I have never used after ordering the Kevin Trudeau's Natural Cures books. I have called over and over again asking to cancel this, which they state in the phone call that they will, and as of my October statement I am still getting charged for this service that I have continually called to cancel and have not ever used. Can you help me?
Mary Kay Bohanek
work phone number: [protected]

  • Ca
    carlagorissen Apr 20, 2009

    hi mary did u ever get a reply from natural cures please let me know thank you carla gorisen

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  • Ca
    carlagorissen Apr 20, 2009

    hi mary have u ever heard from natural cures?

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I cancelled 6 months ago and they stopped sending letters but are still charging my account.I have called and let voice messages to no avail .

In August 2007 I ordered Book as advertised on TV. I told the person I spoke with that I only wanted the book and Not any additional offers she made. I was charged and received t he book and was charged $24.00. I have since been billed on my credit card for 2 NEWSLETTERS @ 9.95 each. I did not want these and I have asked that those charges be taken off my Mastercard account. I have tried to call the phone numbers listed in the "newsletters" to cancel but have not had any success in getting thru to anyone. Please advise as to what is going to stop this scam.

Scam and fraud!

A book was ordered; sales person convinced me that I should order an additional book, which I did (my stupid mistake) -- weeks & weeks passed before delivery, although my charge account was charged immediately. That should have been my clue that you were not a reputable company. When books arrived, they were a bunch of jibberrish -- "information" contained in them is a bunch of garbage. Repeated calls to your [protected] number are not answered -- I am put on hold, for as long as 30 minutes, & then I hang up.

  • An
    angelica Oct 30, 2007

    I've been tring to cancel the free natural cures newslitter for about two weeks now. Im being charged a mothly fee of $9.95 .I have five phone numbers here to call but can't seem to get anyone on the phone to help me. I realy like the books they sent me and paid for but i don't want them to cuntinue to take money out of my bank accout. please help!...

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  • Cl
    Claire Mar 05, 2008

    I ordered both books in February 2007 and they never arrived. I haven called the number dozens of times and been disconnected, left on hold for 40 minutes and finally promised a refund if I fill out and fax a form they mailed to me.

    I have faxed this form 5 times with no response over 4 months. It's been a year now with no books and no refund. This is the most frustrating and appalling service I have ever received. It feels like a total scam. Do not buy from the TV get the book in the shop if you have to.

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Fraudulent charges!

I ordered books from Natural Cures via the telephone. The customer service rep asked if I wanted additional items such as monthly newsletters, web access, other books, etc. I said, No, No, No repeatedly only to find out that they had automatically charged my account every month for a newsletter subscription and web access. My husband, who takes care of our bills, did not know that I did not authorize these charges, so he never questioned it or brought it to my attention. I only learned about it in December 2007, and this company had charged my account for the past 4 months! When I called to ask for a refund, I was told that they could only refund the last two months per their policy. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told they did not have one. After arguing with their rep, I was told that they could "pull my recorded phone call from my initial order and if indeed it shows I did not authorize the charges, they would refund the other two months". I was asked to call back in 72 hours for the results of the taped telephone conversation. To date, I have been unable to contact anyone in either of their phone numbers. I have waited for over 30 minutes trying to call both numbers. I would like a call or email from these crooks!

  • Li
    Linda B. Wade May 20, 2007

    I bought the books and the lady that I talked to tried to sell me a bunch of other stuff I didn't ask for and I told her that all I wanted was the books that I had called to order. And the books were all that I wanted now I am being charged for 5.95 for something that I have no idea of what it is for. Especially since I told her that I wanted nothing else. I would like to be taken off of what ever list that I am on. And I want to not be charged any more money of any kind for nothing that Kevin Trudeau is selling or offering of any sort. I would like a letter sent to me telling me that I am off of this list and also telling me that I will not be charged any more money for nothing ever. I have a copy of this letter That I will send to the better business bureau if I do not get a letter stating that I will not be charged for something that I do not wish to have. Thank you Linda Wade my address is 4046 East Freedom Circle Ooltewah Tennessee 37363

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  • Je
    jerroy hickson Nov 19, 2007

    I ordered the book the weight loss cure. It was not at all what I was lead to believe it was. There is a time limit. I have tried over and over again to reach them by phone. Sincerely, Jerroy (They don't even have my right name) It is Gerry Hickson.

    People be careful!

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  • Sh
    shirley fulmer Feb 28, 2008

    Monthly charge of 9.95 appearing on my bank statement, not authorized by me. I have been unable to contact them through the phone numbers provided.

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  • Li
    Lisa King Apr 02, 2008

    The very same thing happened to me. I am furious at this fraudulant company. It is bad enough that they try to sell you everything but the kitchen sink when you try to buy a book, and then charge you an arm and a leg to ship it. The newsletter charges are ridiculous, however. I never agreed to a newsletter, or at least I don't think I did.

    Kevin Trudeau should be in prison.

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  • Cy
    CY Jun 09, 2008

    If you are victim, DO THIS NOW!
    1. Firstly you need to present proof to your bank, show them that you have contact Kevin Trudeau's company and try to cancel the charges. Then, inform your bank to reverse those charges.

    2. Cancel your credit card. Get a new card from ANOTHER bank.

    In fact, I was a victim too, but I was able to get back my money. I have put together a short report detailing the whole process that is guarantee to get your money, you can read it here:

    anyone who needs help can contact me chiayee.lai[@]

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  • Li
    L. Irving Sep 27, 2008

    I need to cancel automatic debit being made to my account.
    I have never received a newsletter to date, however, my account has been debited ever since I submitted request for subscription.
    I called the only number available 800-237-1957 and the prompts made it impossible to get to a live person.

    The only option to start is to provide web login that I never had the chance to setup.
    I feel the company natures Cure intentionaly made it extremely difficult for customers to cancel their subscription that borders on illegal.

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  • Tj
    TJones Oct 28, 2008

    I'm having the same problem... What can I do.. I you are reading this, tell everyone not to buy this product...

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  • Pn
    pnutz Feb 02, 2009

    i've been trying to cancel my newsletter for natural cures for more than a year & cannot get thru on phone or online. i see it has been happening to other people as well. i keep getting billed on my credit card. [email protected]

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  • Ca
    CANINITE Jun 01, 2010

    I ordered the natural cures newsletter over the phone by mistake (I confused it witha similar infomercial - ultimate healing) . Even so, i was prepared to honor my committment until i experienced the following problems:

    - i was told i would have access to the website via my e - mail address but i was unable to register

    - i e - mailed the web site support and got an auto - reply advising me that someone would respond to my query "right away" - i never heard from them again.

    - i clicked on the "community" button on the web site to see if other users could help me negotiate the site but i got a message "oops! Page doesn't exist"

    - i then got an order confirmation e - mail that did not identify: item(S)
    Shipping charge
    Total cost billed
    Also, they advised that the 'shipment' had been sent 'by post' but they did not provide a tracking number like other companies do.

    - when i called the phone number they provided a message advised that no - one was available "due to technical difficulties"

    - i sent an e - mail advising them to cancel my order but they did not acknowledge receipt

    I cannot believe this business is allowed to operate in this manner, yet it does. It is also worth noting that they provide no information on their customer satisfaction policy (I. E. Cancellation, refunds, etc.) . Nor do they provide a phone number so you can be assured that your concerns have been heard.

    D. Active

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I want to cancel my subsciption

I have called the customer service numbers [protected] and [protected], and on both numbers u get the same recording. The product ID number does not exist in the places that the recording says it does. There is no product ID number on my invoice or on the newsletter. I have waited for over an hour for a customer service representative to speack to me at these numbers as the recording promises the next available representative will be on the line please wait. This is ridiculous. Why would any customer of any company, good, or service have to wait any more than a few minutes. This is terrible service. I don't understand why it would be so difficult to speak to a customer. I ordered three books from the Natural Cures commercial, and thats all I wanted. I want my subsciption cancelled NOW and I should not be charged for the longevity it takes for this company to cancel my subsciption to the Natural Cures Newsletter. I can be reached at my email.

  • Ki
    Kim V. Nov 02, 2007

    I ordered a book through a commercial as well and received a 30 day free membership to Natural Cures and a newsletter subscription. I didn't received the newsletter and decided to cancel the membership. Unfortunately it wasn't within the 30 day period so my bank card was charged $9.95. I called customer service, was on hold for 30 minutes and didn't get to speak to a customer service rep. I called again later that day and was put on hold. I accessed their website and followed the instructions for cancelling membership. I received a message that the account has been cancelled and to call customer service to complete the cancellation. Again, I called customer service and was put on hold. I then received an automated email from Natural Cures that acknowledged my message had been received, assigned a ticket number and that this will be assigned to a customer support specialist soon. Approximately two weeks later I sent another email stating that I hadn't received a phone call or a confirming email that my membership and subscription had been cancelled. No response from the company. Two weeks later my bank card was billed again, twice in one month! Once again I emailed them informing them I was going to notify my bank to not allow any further charges and that I was going to report them to the BBB. No response from the company. At that time I notified my bank that I wanted to dispute this charge. I tried to contact the number the bank gave me for this merchant (ITV Direct) and got an automated voicemail that "the telephone system is being modified and to contact the person I'm trying to reach by email or cell phone". I called the bank back and had to cancel my bank card and have a new card issued. I have also filed a complaint with the BBB. This company has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB. They have had 738 complaints in the last 36 months and the Federal Trade Commission won a preliminary injunction against the company for alleged deceptive advertising. The FTC alleged the company made numerous false and unsubstantiated claims and that they likely made unauthorized charges to consumers credit cards.

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  • Ci
    Cindy Stice Jan 02, 2008

    I also am very unhappy with Natural cures. We ordered a book eight weeks ago and still have not received it. We were billed for the book and also an additional $9.95. I called to question the additional charge and was told it was for the newsletter - which we very specifically told them we did not want. The lady told me she would remove the charge, but I am still waiting for that to happen. I called eight days ago to find out why I had not received the book and was told that it had been shipped that very day. (How convenient!) We still have not received the book. I would recomend to anyone not to do business with Natural Cures.

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  • Ja
    Jamie Jun 14, 2008

    The newsletter can't be stopped, it's purposely set up so that it's impossible to cancel. Go straight to your bank, that's what I had to do. I filed fraud charges and the bank took care of it. Eventually the newsletter stopped coming.

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  • Ke
    Keith Smith Sep 04, 2008

    I agree with all of you on this I have the same promblem, I spoke with my bank and they told me there is nothing I can do, so I am thinking of closing the account and changing banks. does anyone know any other way to fix this or get any of my money back?

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  • Ch
    cha1 Feb 28, 2011

    i ordered a book two weeks ago and guess what, no book theses idiots its already hard enough out here and there robbing people, i guess i can just start my own website an claim to sell things then take peoples money and dont send them [censor] they should be closed down, , mmmmmm i think i may look into that. there thieves and need to be shut down!!!

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Unauthorized charges

Kevin Trudeau - Natural Cures

I ordered the weight loss cure book and now my banking account is being charged for some newsletter for 9.95 a month, I did not authorize this transaction, I had to get another atm card just to stop the charges, and I was in overdraft because of the charge. Something needs to be done about this guy and his miracle cures. And you can't get a hold of anyone on the phone cause nobody answers the phone, I was on hold for hours for three days in a row and the website is phony also, someone needs to put a stop to this advertisement.

It is a scam!

Healthy Natural Cures

I have been through so much with my self health taking care of my mother's health and my brother's health as well.

My mother had cancer. Kemo was taking her under. The medication prescribed to help with the nausia was over $725.00 per week. Her Income was $1,200 per month her insurance would not cover this medication. She has high cholesterol/blood pressure. arterial disease etc.

I have rheumatoid and osteo arthritis I have had it since I was in my early 20's . It is very painful I use many medication some of which are very hard on the kidney's & Liver. I suffer with depression and panic attack disorders.

I also take many medications for this as well. High Cholesterol and meds.

I found my brother with a stroke and severe brain damage. He had laid for 15 hours before I found him.
He had a 2 to 3% chance of coming through brain surgery I authorized the surgery to take place. Then I was told he would never have a meaning full life. He was on all sorts of meds.

I thought wow this book will be great. I can help all of us and save money as well.

I have found this book to be a total money making joke. It leads to other web sites to get the cures. The sites you will have to join and pay again.

I could never get my money back from the Natural Cures Book.

It is a scam. It is no different then rackatiering. Selling a box with a tv in all to find a molded model of one.

No different then selling raffle tickets for a raffle that does not exist.

Total rip-off website and book

His company charges my credit card $9.95 every month for a newsletter Natural Cures that I do not want nor do I receive it, yet because I ordered his book - which is a total rip-off - he has my credit card number. I do not want his stupid newsletter and I want my money back and to quit charging my account! The number you call to get it canceled is a bogus number and the website they give to cancel is also a bogus website!

  • Lo
    Lori Jun 09, 2008

    I don't know where to start, Kevin claims he is out to help people and not for the money, with that said he is all ready rich from his books alone.I thought i was getting a great product to help me with my heart problems i was born with, and i read the books from cover to cover, it's a joke, unless you are rich like him you could never do all he tells you to do and he keeps giving you his website to go buy more of his useless stuff.If he thinks this is right is not, he's very deceiving and should be put out of business.All these books do is scare you from living your life and that is wrong, I think he thinks he can out live what God has planned for him but he won't and neither will we as humans.Please stop reading and buying his garbage, live your life to the fullest. Thank You Lori

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  • Cy
    CY Jun 09, 2008

    If you are victim, DO THIS NOW!

    1. Firstly you need to present proof to your bank, show them that you have contact Kevin Trudeau's company and try to cancel the charges. Then, inform your bank to reverse those charges.

    2. Cancel your credit card. Get a new card from ANOTHER bank.

    In fact, I was a victim too, but I was able to get back my money. I have put together a short report detailing the whole process that is guarantee to get your money, you can read it here:

    Anyone who needs help can contact me chiayee.lai[@]

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  • Pa
    Pam T Mar 31, 2011

    I got this book as a gift and was excited for about first 10 minutes. After reading it I realized that the author does not give any useful information but rather just advertises his website and a newsletter for which he is charging additional money. There are NO actual cures, treatments, and such in the book.

    I am glad I got this book as a gift and did not order it myself through their infomercial: I found many people struggle with canceling their subscriptions, being charged outrageous fees for shipping, and not receiving books at all. What a sham.

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  • Mo
    molliewollie Mar 31, 2011

    This guy was taken to court and banned from health related infomercials for a period of time. So then he started doing real estate infomercials that were just as bogus...something like how to become a millionaire through real estate. Now he seems to be doing the government money out there for everyone game. He is a jack of all trades and master of none, just a phoney. No book he ever writes will be real, unless it's something like "my life behind bars".

    0 Votes

Beware of this scam!

While visiting Kevin Trudeau's Natural Cures website at, I signed up for a "FREE"...

Additional unauthorized charges!

I ordered his newest book and was charged and additional charge of $71.40 on my card which was totally...