Dishtv India Ltdpathetic customer service!

R Review updated:

DishTV Network in India started with a lot of promise it was a undeniable success to a large extended for the following reasons:

1. Monopoly-No other Network was available other than the local cable network.
2. Lesser Investment Required- If you wanted to have a full fledged viewing, you needed at least a minimum of 4 dishes where investment cost was higher.
3. Huge demand in the Middle East Countries- There a huge demand of DishTV Boxes for Indian Expats in the middle east countries for the STB as NSS 6 signals are received here.

Even through the people have supported the DishTV in their endeavor, looking into the totality of the customer have been taken for a ride. When looking from outside it has been a house in disorder with a weak top brass so to say. Very poor customer care policies, keeping at arms length all its customers. May be they still think that they are running an old steam engine.

Major Drawbacks of DishTV India Network:

1. Pathetic Customer Service: I. Never responds to any query on the email even if you have logged in as a customer.
II. If you are lucky to get a email reply, don’t be surprised if it comes after a week.
III. Centralized operations sitting in Nodia and the poor quality of Customer Service Staff.
IV. Gets calls from only Hindi speaking Customer Care Executives when you not comfortable speaking in Hindi as it is not your mother tongue.
V. Online Credit Card Payment system never works.
VI. Transparency of you changing your viewing package not available.
VII. Major Drawbacks in the June 06’ Maxi Malayalam Package and Dec 06’ Maxi Package which cost you mush lesser with more of Hindi channels added.
VIII. No response to any account details and poor tracking to resolve issue.
IX. If you have Ordered 1 DISH TV MOD (Movie On Demand) you may be surprised to see that you would have been charged for 4 movies. You would know that only if you have viewed your statements online.
X. Most important thing is that, if a customer finds that his grievances are not resolved, they must give alternate contact details, so that the issue goes to the next level and is addressed there.

If you look into an over all picture, DISH TV India services has been very bad in terms of customer Care and this is not the view expressed by me but most of the Dish TV Customer whom I know. It is now high time that they come off age and pull up their sock under a New Dynamic CEO of ZEE Network or Tata SKY is going to score over you.


  • Ji
    Jigar Salot Jan 30, 2007

    I completely agree with this complaint about Dish TV - customer care. It seems some illiterate people are employed with low salary grades for customer care and also their pathetic web site and email id do not work 9999 out of 10000 times.

    It is difficult to understand their charges details and renewal options.

    Even if I am existing customer of DishTV, I will never suggest anybody for the same.

    Jigar Salot

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  • Ar
    ARVIND Feb 13, 2007

    Dish tv management never try to solve customers problems. Their customer care workers are careless persons. As they (customer care) flash 19011803474 number but no body care if you try to book your complaint. They didn't try to reply emails. But if you are in meeting they always disturb you by making a call "sir are you happy with customer care".

    Will dish tv india top management solve this attitude of their staff.

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  • Sa
    Satish Doreswamy Feb 18, 2007

    I 200% agree with above remarks. This is one of the worst Customer dissatisfaction, i have ever experienced. I feel Dish TV is not interested in business, and created to make loss for Tax gain purpose of Zee group.

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  • Un
    Unsatisfied Customer 2 Feb 28, 2007

    The service is lousy, range of channels is pathetic, and yes...the credit card payment system does not work. Their customer care (none exists) is pathetic. I am charged Rs.900/- from my card, no one responds to emails and no one answers the phone numbers given.


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  • Jo
    Jodh Raj Mar 01, 2007

    This is the fact that i have purchased Dish Tv last year but due to the negligence of the dealer, he have not submitted my form to dishtv office. Now my STB is getting signal as usual but after 4 to 5 sec. a screen opens and flash pls contact our customer care when contact the customer care he replies that sir your are not still registered with us, so we have stopped the your viewer ship. As this the responsibility of the dealer to submit the forms. Now i want to know from the Dish Tv that what can i do or let me know that how can i register with you now. The dealer from where i have purchased the STB he has closed his business. Beware of dishtv!

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  • Ra
    Raja Rao Mar 09, 2007

    Just agreeing to the complaint can not solve the problem.

    Please discuss if consumers can complain to TRAI or some similar authority for deficiency in the services...

    Also discuss, if we can use the same dish and "set-top-box" to receive connectivity from other providers like TATA sky or DD.

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  • Yo
    Yogesh Mar 15, 2007

    Yes, service from Dish TV India is very pure specially the customer care from DishTV is a horrible.

    but we do not know how can we escalate this issue to some one, who can help us is getting queries resolved? Can consumer court will be a good option.

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  • Mo
    Mohamed Iqbal Mar 15, 2007

    I totally agree with you all of you folks!

    Infact, CEO of DISHTV also would agree all the comments till to date. I guess its run by GOVT or semi govt ? That s the reason they are sluggish?

    Instead of writing comments like this... if any one could suggest to proceed further effectively? As to how to go aggressively on the way DISHTV responds (I know every one is laughing.. hey yar dish tv is not responding to any queries and that is issue here).

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  • Je
    Jeevan DSouza Mar 21, 2007

    I had a problem with the Dishtvindia. I was not able to watch any major channels except the free to air channels.

    I communicated with the Dishtvindia customer care through emails and they solved my problem within hours and now I am enjoying all the channels sitting in my living room.

    The actual problem was caused by the dealer, where I purchased the system, who did not got my card activated.

    I appreciate the dishtvindia team, the customer service and thank them for the best job!!

    Great!! Keep going with your best service!!

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  • Ku
    Kuldeep Dashora Mar 29, 2007

    Dishtv india ltd did not give you any solution. Dealer eat all your money they did not know this thing. My dealer in chitorgarh had feed all money of 3 months its maxy plan. But they executive give me answer what we do sir. I have receipt. Why you choose dish. Please buy tata sky. To life jinga lala.

    Instead of writing comments like this... If any one could suggest to proceed further effectively? As to how to go aggressively on the way dishtv responds (i know every one is laughing... Hey yar dish tv is not responding to any queries and that is issue here.

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  • Sa
    Sandeep S Rathod Mar 29, 2007

    My renewal date is coming near and I have been trying to make online payment which always fails, written mails but no reply for any of it. Such a hopeless website, poor navigation simply confuse the viewer.

    I'm wondering how are they sustaining so far in market even after TATASky is there. I'm very much upset with my decision of going with DishTV but I had no other option one year back. I'm quite sure I'll switch to TATASKY now!

    First of all the should get aggressive in marketing and in there administration or else they are out of market very shortly.

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  • In
    Indraneel Mitra Jun 09, 2007

    I feel very disgusted and harassed from the behavior of Dish TV Customer care guys. They cannot give a proper response, other than raising a complaint and saying "call us after 24 hrs if not resolved". I paid my renewal amount through HDFC credit card. Also I confirmed from HDFC that amount was being paid at 9 AM IST that day itself . But the amount was updated in DIshTv account after 48 hours. And also it showed a Internal server error when i clicked "Pay" in tech Internet site. But when i confirmed from HDFC the transaction was done. Every one has the same problem in my office. Does DishTV has proper infrastructure?

    Now even after the amount gpt updated, package not renewed even in 48 hrs. How they will do business. They are horrible and intolerable.

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  • Ha
    HARI Jun 21, 2007

    How do we guys make this a big issue is what I'm troubled with. I have fought battles with dishtv over paying online,which never happens. I even warned them of going to consumer court. But still they don't change. So i wanted to change to tatsky. But tatasky says i have to buy the whole set again. If the government doesn't encourage interoperability, how will customer service improve.

    Unless the system change where if i don't like dishtv, i go to tatasky and vice versa. These people will not improve the customer service. They know all they have to do is make the customer spend 4000 buying the equipment and thats it... they don't even care after that as they know indian consumer cant spend 4000 again to buy new service and the courts in india are helpless.

    My cable guy was better. Regretting for switching to dishtv.

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  • Ra
    Rana Bawa Jun 23, 2007

    There are some steps I could suggest.

    1.Lets go all out to tell anybody and everybody we know that they should not go for DishTv. Use the powerful medium of viral communications - use your email contacts.

    2. If there is some one who knows a lawyer - am sure sooner than later one would come along, once we email to all we know- we could seek his help to nail these bas...

    3. Call our cable operator and tell him to go to all his clients and let them know of our experience with DishTv (Tata would be no different). We can be the spokes people for the cable guys.

    4. Lets all also go to all the newspaper websites and write down our complaints. Seek all formats to create a huge stink - we can collectively sink these guys.

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  • Da
    Dayanand Tripathi Jun 27, 2007

    Being employed in Service Industry, I am surprised on the services offered by Dish TV. A Dish TV connection was installed at my place before 6 Days and was supposed to get activated within 24 hours after its installation as assured by Local representatives at Lucknow. So far we have not received any input from dish TV customer services. Now I am feeling cheated by Dish TV and would appeal to every one to never purchase Dish TV. I would like to invite some other customers with me to sue Dish TV officials in Consumer Forum. I would initiate my legal proceeding in first week of July hence please join me so that we can stop Dish TV in taking unwanted advantage.


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  • Sa
    Satish Jul 02, 2007

    Who buys a Tata Sky is just a MAD fool like me. I thought TATA which was a house hold name in India for trust and Indianess would cheat Indians in such a bad way. All the promises and other issues with TATA Sky. Buy Tata sky when everything like ones mentioned below are resolved.

    1. I was promised that the Sun Network and host of other channels will be available in one month (January).
    2. All the channels being shown are decreasing by the day.
    3. Watching all 100 channels includes regional channels irrespective of language you know.
    4. Package the costliest and just a waste
    5. When asked over the phone to Call center he just says TATA Sky has never promised channels will be shown.
    6. Its easy to take Tata sky but cannot come out of it.
    7. You have lost the relationship of the cable operator who would listen to your woes if not resolve it.
    8. The Call center just say TATA sky can be transferred to any of the friends.
    9. Packages not at all lucrative and end up [buying the whole package of Rs.300
    10. Maximum Cable operator charges is 250 for all the local channels.

    Think 1000 times before you buy a TATA Sky or Do not go for TATA Sky.
    You have many other options. Better to be with Doordarshan’s DTH. DD Direct Plus. Totally free!

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  • Pr
    Preeti UNIPHIL Jul 28, 2007

    This is Dish TV - Think before choose...

    1. Activation after Install - May be more than one week even after your repeated request.

    2. Disconnections unlimited

    3. Service - Never reply emails , calls attended rarely.

    4. Behavior like Government employee.

    5. Charges more than cable operators.

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  • Im
    imran khan Aug 03, 2007

    I am sherzaman from Pakistan now a days our cable operators install dishtv which was blacklisted but now these are 100% working on cable and when i can check it on the site of dishtv it shows block in piracy.

    How it can be possible can any one help me ?

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  • Vi
    Vipul Jain Aug 11, 2007

    There is no Customer Care Deptt. in Dish TV. I am subscriber of Dish Tv since last 6 months and suffering from various ill services of the co. which are quoted here.

    1. After installation, my subscription started in a week, as against promised 1 day by the dealer.

    2. After just 25 days of activation, my Set Top Box stopped working with no power in it. When complained to the dealer and the Customer Care, I was told that the old STB are being replaced by the company with the new one due to technical fault. I deposited the STB with local service provider and promised to get a new in 3-4 days time. The same I could get after 25 days that too with rigorous follow up every alternate day.

    3. I was charged for these 25 days as well when i was out of service without STB. Complained for credit but as usual no response.

    4. Height of dissatisfaction : I paid my subscription with at par cheque in their local Sky Pack drop box. this was done according to info provided by the customer care. The payment was dome by account payee cheque favoring Dish tV India Ltd. and has been debited from my account. The same is not reflected in their accounts records and my subscription was deactivated due to non payment. When complained (I think I have made highest no. of calls to Dish TV CC in my teletalk history of last 15 years), i was said to fax ot mail scanned copy of bank statement reflecting the payment. I did so on the given ID, and surprisingly the response came from the CC deptt. that we are taking action on your complaint. After 15 days of the confirmation mail, the problem is not resolved and my services are deactivated sine last three months till today.

    What lousiness one can expect from a service oriented company.

    My sincere request to all the readers think THINK TWICE BEFORE BUYING DISH TV, because the decision of buying it though Thoughtlessness.

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  • Du
    Durai pandian Sep 10, 2007

    I am fed with DISH TV's customer care. I am trying to renew my subscription from one month. Still i am not able to do! When i register in their website , it gives a confirmation number and says that login will be sent to my E-mail. I never got any E-mail from them (not even confirmation mail) . I tried registering again (at least 4 times i did) No Use !

    I called them up to the number given in their website for Southern region! ' Incoming calls are restricted for this number' thats the message i got ! I couldn't reach them in any of the number !

    I sent a mail to customer care . I was happy to see the Automated acknowledgment that my query will be responded in 24 hours ! I never got any response !

    If you expect better customer care service , never go for DISH TV

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  • Sk
    Skitter Faia Sep 23, 2007

    I absolutely agree...The service is pathetic. When u think it cant be any worse, it gets terrible.

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  • Ma
    mahesh Sep 26, 2007

    This all my e mail that i send lots of time and never reply.

    ----- Forwarded Message ----
    To: [email protected]
    Cc: [email protected]; [email protected]; dish anjali <[email protected]>
    Sent: Tuesday, 18 September, 2007 12:20:13 PM
    Subject: II nd reminder for refund dealer deposit

    ----- Forwarded Message ----
    To: dish anjali <[email protected]>
    Cc: dishtvindia <[email protected]>
    Sent: Tuesday, 21 August, 2007 8:49:53 PM

    Ref: VIT/DTV/SEC-R/001/07 Date:4/6/2007


    Shree Tejas Shreemali,

    Commercial Dept. (Accounts),

    Dish TV India Ltd.,


    Dear Sirs,

    Sub. : - Refund Deposit Rs. 10000/- as per agreement.

    With reference to our agreement executed on 27th Jan 2004 article no: 4.16.1, our security deposit of Rs.10000/- will be refund after three years. Our dealer information as under:

    Company Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Dealer ID: xxxx

    Agreement Date: 27/1/2004

    Application No: xxxxxxxx

    So, we request you to refund our amount early.

    We already send the all copy to ahmedabad office but they did't reply till date.

    We send all on June2007.

    This too late to refund or nor reply.

    We never aspect this kind of serivce from company side when we ask for refund.




    Call: xxxxxxxxx

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  • Ar
    Arun Kumar Oct 18, 2007


    That means you will not be able to create Login Password for your on site renewal... and also you have contacted to customer care as wel... then I suggest you to mail them on this Id [email protected] as I have seen this id on this forum only and also some comment from them where customer problem have been resolved b them... so please try it once... hope your problem will be solved.

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  • Am
    amar yashpal Dec 13, 2007




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  • Ss
    s shankar Dec 16, 2007

    Dish TV claims that they have 180 channels as on 16.12.2007.
    I would like to have the complete list name wise of all channels tallying upto 177 numbers & get it verified as i get only about 157 channels though i have subscribed to all package. Why false publicity - lies and tall claims.

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  • Ra
    Raman Dec 21, 2007

    Dishtv customer service is really bull ###. I have registered complaint for last 6 days on daily basis and i am getting service till now. The irony is that i moved to dishtv only 15 days back and last 6 days i could not view any channels and they pushed me to dark and could not even know what's the news around.

    Please consider if someone really thinking of going to dishtv.

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  • Ut
    Uttam Singh Rauthan Jan 17, 2008

    The service of DTH is very poor and unsatisfatory whereas I am also a subcriber of this service, but not satisfied.

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  • Ut
    Uttam Singh Rauthan Jan 17, 2008

    I also unsatisfied from the service of DTH whereas I am also a subcriber of this service.

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  • Sh
    shahin Jan 23, 2008

    the dealers eat all da money and never pay and submit the forms to the main office shhain

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  • Dv
    D V Mehta Jan 31, 2008

    IV Reminder (Final Notice)

    Dear Mr Praveen Kumar
    c/o customer care desk
    Dish TV India Limited


    Dish TV India Limited
    Essel House
    B-10, Lawrence Road Ind Area,

    Toady ie 31.01.08, yr service rep (untrained and highly ir responsible fellow) Mr. Ranjit Tel-9873931024 visited my place and after his visit the channel's display is totally disrupted. The picture is a blurred one and you can not recognise whether it is positive or negative of a film.
    After a few seconds the screen becomes like a display of water colors mixed by a child.

    I complained to Mr Ranjit again on his moble phone given by him. He misbevaed on phone and disconnected the line.

    On one hand you make Shah Rukh Khan as yr brand ambassador and on other hand such types of service rep form yr cusomer care team.

    Please refund my amount paid with in a day otherwise I shall be forced to take legal action at yr risk and cost.

    D.V.Mehta (BE, MIE, AICWAI, FICA, FIV)

    Chartered Engineer, Cost Accountant, Arbitrator, Govt. Valuer
    Location: J-130 I Floor, Right Side
    Kirti nagar, New Delhi-110015
    Tel: 25169999, 9811410407
    VC No.: 01504859404
    set top box: 0784ABF34DS11998
    Package: 6 months maxi

    ----- Forwarded Message ----
    From: d v mehta <[email protected]>
    To: [email protected]
    Sent: Tuesday, 29 January, 2008 9:27:35 PM
    Subject: Reminder: Non functioning of set top box- Not attended

    Reminder Please

    Dear Mr Praveen Kumar
    c/o customer care desk
    Dish TV India Limited


    Dish TV India Limited
    Essel House
    B-10, Lawrence Road Ind Area,

    The concern service rep did visit the premises today ie 25.01.08 . He did the following actions:-
    1) Re-oreinted the dish several times
    2) Test checked with his own STB as yr supplied STB was not being configured.
    3) Test checked with his own receiver

    But he was unable to set right the problem.

    After 6 PM in the evening the problem exaggerates and the signal strength and signal quality reduces to 2%

    With the kind of service you are providing, DISH TV shall be collapsing soon.

    If you are not able to set right the problem then please refund my entire amount with in 2 days
    otherwise I shall be compelled to take the legal action

    For your ready reference the list of channels not being recd are as follows:-

    Channel No. Channel name
    108 star plus
    109 star one
    112 sahara one
    216 sahara filmy
    318 9xm
    413 hbo
    414 tcm
    426 fashion tv
    429 zoom tv
    435 voyages
    513 boomerang
    562 ndtv india
    564 sahara samay
    565 india tv
    603 ndtv 24x7
    615 cnn
    616 bbc world
    630 zone reality
    659 star cricket
    661 espn
    700 play tv
    731 tv 5 monde
    750 zee jagran

    I have mentioned only the main channels which are viewed normally on cable.

    D.V.Mehta (BE, MIE, AICWAI, FICA, FIV)

    Chartered Engineer, Cost Accountant, Arbitrator, Govt. Valuer

    ----- Original Message ----
    From: customer care <[email protected]>
    To: [email protected]
    Sent: Friday, 25 January, 2008 4:53:10 PM
    Subject: Fw: Non functioning of set top box

    Dear Mr. Mehta,

    Thank you for writing to DishTV.

    This is in reference to your mail regarding Stb not working properly.

    We would like to inform you that as per your mail we have forwarded your request to concern department.

    Please note your Refrence number as 11032224.You can call our customer care number 0120-4443474 or our Toll free number 60013474 (only through BSNL landline telephone) to confirm the status of the complaint.

    Assuring you the best of services. Looking forward to a long and healthy relationship.

    Continue experiencing the new TV entertainment with us.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Praveen Kumar

    Customercare Desk
    Dish TV
    "The future of T.V. entertainment"

    We are pleased to inform you that we have added a new feature ‘My Account’ page on Dish Interactive channel (999). This will give you details on the status of your
    last payment made and your next renewal date. To access, My Account, go to menu, scroll down to my dishtv space and view your account status.

    This week on Movie On Demand - (24 – 30 January, 2008)
    Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar Product Code : 50261
    Jab We Met Product Code : 50262
    Wild Hogs Product Code : 60172
    Invisible Product Code : 60177

    To order a movie, SMS MOD <your 11 digit VC number> <movie product code> and send to 57575.
    To know the product code, please watch Movie on Demand channels (Channel Nos. 50, 51, 52, 53, 54)

    For further information on Dish TV, you can visit our website or call our customer care number 0120-4443474 &
    60013474(along with 3 digit STD code) & 6001347(along with 4 digit STD code) [Accessible from all landlines except MTNL/BSNL lines]
    or our Toll number 1860 180 3474 (only through BSNL landline telephone). You can also use our SMS service for inquiry. For any Customer Query Type:
    DISHTV space CQ
    space < Type Your Query > send it to 57575.



    ----- Forwarded Message ----
    From: d v mehta <[email protected]>
    To: [email protected]
    Sent: Thursday, 24 January, 2008 7:56:56 PM
    Subject: Non functioning of set top box

    Please register my complaint for non functioning of set top box

    Subscriber: D V Mehta
    Location: J-130 I Floor, Right Side
    Kirti nagar, New Delhi-110015
    Tel: 25169999, 9811410407
    VC No.: 01504859404
    set top box: 0784ABF34DS11998
    Package: 6 months maxi

    The problem is there since date of purchase ie 30.10.07

    If you are not able to attend to the compalint then please arrange refund of the amount paid in advance

    D.V.Mehta (BE(Elect.)Hons, MIE, AICWAI, FICA, FIV)
    Chartered Engineer, Cost Accountant, Arbitrator, Approved Valuer (Regd. With Income Tax Deptt.)
    Insurance Surveyor & Loss Assessor (Engg.,Marine,Misc.)

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  • Al
    ALOK PILLAI Feb 18, 2008

    I agree with all of them about the service of dish tv. What can be alternative can we use same set of box for tata sky.

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  • Kn
    K.N Bhardwaj Mar 10, 2008

    We have Paid the subscription on 8th of March but none of channel is coming still now. We called the customercare but the call was holded for about half an hour and we had to pay a large bill of phone also. Email wasn't also replied!

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  • Sa
    Sandeep Chopra Mar 14, 2008

    Pathetic service:

    Customer care worst.
    Complaints redressal -Minimum one week required.
    Poor network of getting recharge .
    After paying through easy bill it takes one week to activate.
    God help you if your set top box malfunctions.
    WISH Karo & Wish Karte Raho.
    Shahrukh Khan should visit this website .

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  • Ja
    Jayachandran Apr 04, 2008

    I became a DishTV customer around two months back. My VC number is 01504116742. While traking the connection, i had to pay Rs 5000/- for the set-top-box and other connecion charges which to my best knowledge includes the taxes too. The process went about at good speed till tyhe point of taking money from me. But once i have made tha payment, these people have shown their true colours. The equipments were fixed in lightening speed, but to get the connection activated, i had to fight another war against the DISHTV customer care and the Dealer. They made me resend my documents and all the stuff, and i got my connection activated only after 4 days(approximately). So far a great acheivement after paying Rs 5000/- in ready cash.

    Now i will come to my present problem, on April 2nd, due to heavy rain, the wire which was connected to back of antenna came off, and as a result our connection was gone. I knew these people will take the issue on their stride and would not even move a single finger to send in a technician till they please. But still the vulnerable customer, a more civilised name for present day common man, have minimum options to turn to. Finally i called them up by 9.00 PM at night and registered a complaint regarding this.(Complaint number : 12337527). At the time of registering the complaint, i mentioned my available timings also, so that the technician wont be having trouble coming twice, just in case if he was unable to find me. And now when i am typing this mail, the time is 12.07 PM on April 5th. Till now i havent received a call from them asking about the issue. Also i have made around 7 to 8 calls to the customer care requesting, begging, demanding service. They laughed at me. Every time they gave the same lame reasons. Yesterday i lost my patience, i called them from my mobile (i can submit the proof which will be my detailed mobile bill) to ask about the still unresolved complaint, they made me wait for around One and half Hours on call, while they played by transfering the calls to each other.

    Sir, i dont know what to do in this situation, i am hurt, insulted and helpless. These people are supposed to be service providers, but in fact this is the situation most of the customer are facing. I dont want this to go unpunished or unnoticed. Is there any organisation which can help the helpless customers like me ? Or are they allowed to roam aroundd freely, abusing the theoritical word DEMOCRACY. I think this is high time these people are taught a lesson. Or else the sentense which we have been studying from school level "INDIA IS A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY"should be changed to some thing else.

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  • Hi
    Hitesh Malik Apr 12, 2008

    I totally agree, DO NOT BUY DISHTV, it is absolutely pathetic, just for getting a slighlty denser picture, you would have to go through a lot of frustration and spend a lot of money on dishtv.

    To let you guys know, every 2 week some of my channels on dishtv go off air, when i call them they say that, your dish needs to be realigned, for every visit they charge close to RS200. I have lost a lot of money on this, moreover the people who come onsite, are so pathetic and rude, that u dont wanna speak to them, after calling them for n no of times they do not respond, like if they are least bothered.


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  • Sh
    sharad Goel Apr 22, 2008

    This service is worst - worst - worst - pathetic- I just dont have words to say them... I'm really pissed off, I got their DTH from big baazar scheme,

    My life's biggest mistake, that till today's date I 'm just calling customer care to activate my account and they just have one line with them - "SIR PLEASE WAIT TILL 4 HRS - 24 HRS YOUR SERVICES WILL BE ACTIVATED"






    whosoever is running this business is just causing harassment, agony in customers against them...

    GUYS, need your help suggest me what can I Do?????

    I HAVE ALREADY SPEND LIKE RS. 500 on phone bills to cal them
    RS. 300 for recharging

    and like Rs. 1000 for that DTH Device.

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  • Sh
    sharad Goel Apr 22, 2008

    This is Dish TV -

    1. Activation after Install - more than a month

    2. Service - Never reply emails, calls attended rarely.

    3. Behavior like Government employee.

    4. Charges more than cable operators.

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  • Di
    Dimple Apr 29, 2008

    Pathetic Service is all i can say … I want to forward this link to my colleagues and friends and recommend not to subscribe to Dish TV . The Customer care officers are rude to the hilt . Every time the Antenna turns ( this can be caused by a slight wind) you have to realign it and pay for the service along with tax . This reminds me of the TV antennas we used to have once television was launched in India . The toll free number is just for show - from that line you can never reach The customer care . every time for silghtest of things you have to call the paid number and add to you telephone bills given their in efficient staff and long hold time. No one responds to the mails that you send to the customer care mail id .
    I think these guys needs to be taken to consumer court

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  • Ar
    Arun Kumar Singh May 17, 2008

    I am taking new connection of dishtv from near to my home from dish tv athorised dealer in bangalore.I paid six months subscription amount Rs 3590/ the time of installation on 06/05/2008.After 1week my my dishtv was disconected.

    DAY - 1
    When I called up to the customer care he is that I registered your complain and gave me ref no. and told it will be activated within 4-24 hours.But it was not happened.

    DAY - 2
    I called them again after 24 hours then are saying your address proff is pending.Then I send my address proof by my email with attachment.
    DAY - 3
    Then 3rd day it was not activated.I called again to customer care.On that he told your is with me but there is not any details of your payment.I allready make six month subscription amt Rs 3590/- to their authorised person who came to my home for installtion.I told them I allready made your payment to you person.Then he told it was not reached to us.You should contact with them.Then I told there is not my fault i paid to their authorised person Idonot have time to contact with the the person.I send mail again by full detail to whom I paid the amount with all address and contact.Then they replied that we are not received any amount from your side.Please give details.
    DAY - 4
    I called to their authorised Dealer and checking my details he told address proff is pending.Again I send them my address proof.Also I wrote a mail to customer care that if my connection is not activated today I complain to consumer court.They replied me another ref no of my complain.At evening I called again to customer care and asking about my complain status he told your is activated another 4-24 hours.

    Now I cannot wait I spend 1months subscription fees of dishtv by making call and sending mail.By five dayes I cannot able to see a single channel.Owner of Dish tv should check there customer service.

    And lastly one slogan for Dishtv --- Dish karo kabhi wish mat karo----

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  • Ta
    Tanmoy Ghosh May 18, 2008

    I have been a subscriber to Dish TV since Jan 2007. right from the time I paid the dealer the subscription amount, I have been facing constant problems with the service offered from the company.

    The most severe of these problems being frequent disruption of transmission because of alignment issues. The situation has aggravated a lot in May 2008. I have lodged complaints on 6th, 14th and 18th of this month for stoppage of services. There was no response from your side for the complaint of 14th. Its been 4 days that I have not been able watch TV. When I called up the customer service department on 18th, I was greeted with a very careless and irresponsible executive by the name of Sarvesh Tiwari. He was constantly laughing during my conversation as if making fun of my plight. After waiting for 4 days, he still expects me to wait for another 48-72 hours before the complaint is resolved.

    When I asked him that I need to speak to the manager concerned, I was told that there is no manager present on the floor at that time. This is very surprising. Does this mean that Dish TV leaves the customer service centre at the mercy of executives who donot have the proper etiquettes about talking to troubled customers? I asked him for the name of his manager. At this, he told me he does not know the name of his manager. On pressurizing a lot he said that his manager’s name is Ankur. But he does not know his last surprising again!!

    The latest complaint number is 13291669 dated 18th May 2008.

    Hope that this feedback will help in arriving at a permanent solution to this issue.

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