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Complaints & Reviews

poor customer care

Inspite of number of tele calls, SMS Complains, and requests regarding NO signal on my TV, the customer care of the company is Not bothering to take any corrective action. (Complaint No. [protected]).

Very POOR service and harassment to the customer. GOD Bless the Company.

  • Co
    Col Rozario Aug 10, 2008

    My subscription is up to 07-10-08 how do I pay by cheque for a further 6 months and how much.My VC No.is 015 01190264

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  • Ho
    Hotel Africa Avenue Aug 11, 2008

    dear Sir,

    this is to inform you that we have twentyfive connection. we paid the amount Rs.7500/- on 09th August, 2008 but my tv is not being connect to dish tv.

    for the last time we paid three month march 2008 but every month we are call and then he connected.

    the service is poor & we are not satisfied.

    we are call by all these person


    Mr. Gurmeet- 9873331616
    Mr. Anurag Gulati-9999797121

    these person know our problem but know one solved.

    we are the hotel & guest are stay and every guest complaint regarding television what we can do for them.

    thanks & regards,

    Rajesh saksena

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  • Ms
    M.Showriah Aug 19, 2008

    I am a Retired Defence Empolyee, Recently I gifted a setup box to my daughter has marraige aniversary gift and they had problem in activating it, hence they asked me to return it back, and the customer care made me run for so many days and yet the box was not activated and i recently got a letter from dishnetwork that i am using it illegal and i have to pay 25 lakhs and after receiving this letter i am in a shock and for what do i have to pay and from where will i get so much of money from. when i contacted the person from whom i bought this box, informed that the box was never activated and he has given it in written. and i we have sent mails regarding the issue to customer care sevral times and i do have the copy of them too. what else can i do about this issue? can anyone help me in this?

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  • Ra
    Rajesh Bharti Dec 02, 2008

    Hello There,
    Please refer to subject;
    My Dish TV has been stolen from my house.
    FIR has been lodged fro the same.
    DISH TV VC # - 01504233771.
    Date on which Set Top Box was stolen from my house - 5th June 2007.

    What I am expecting from DISH TV Group:-
    1. Is there any way to trace where the set top box is been operated these days.
    2. If yes then we will be in position to trace the theft.
    3. Is it possible that the people who has stolen the set Top Box will throw away the Card and use that set top box with different card.
    4. Do we get spare car OR Set top Box.
    5. If there are any other possibilities by which we can trace the stolen set top box with the VC number then please let me know.

    I have been following up this case since 15 month and I am not getting any concrete reply.
    I have been talking to your customer care center in Pune and in Chennai and no result has come till now.

    This is first time I am writing to you and expecting some solution to the problem.
    Please let me know if I have to go to consumer forum for getting the right solution

    Kindly send me mail with all the information.Your early reply in this regard will be appericated.

    Rajesh Bharti
    Mobile # 9890190219.

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  • Vi
    Vijay G Mar 12, 2010

    - I did the recharge on March 04, 2010, today is March 12, 2010, still they didn't activate my account.
    - every time they gave new Complaint Nos: 304092131, 34973910, 35099209
    - I did recharge of Rs 213 only, but I spend more then Rs 100 to reach the customer care. (simply they dissconnect my line)
    - the service is poor & we are not satisfied.

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blockage of free-to-air channels

I would like to bring to the kind notice of the board that I had purchased dish t.v. on 24/7/2006 by paying Rs.3990/ and opted for Zee Tv maxi package on monthly payment basis. My VC No. is [protected]. From 8th May 08 suddenly telecast of all the channels stopped without any clarification. I immediately contacted the dishtv, they informed me to pay some amount for viewing telecast of Free to Air channels. I told them that free to air channels are free and why are you asking money they replied that the company policy has been changed from now we will charge for FTA channels too. DishTv services are very poor and even asking money for free to air channels so this a clear cheating to DishTv subscribers. I want to surrender it immediately. Can any one help me to suggest, how to stop the fraud activities of Dish TV in India?? How to complain to government of India or application to a consumer court for charging the money for free to air channels even free DTH channels?

  • Ba
    balachandran May 20, 2008

    Dish tv signals are not getting due to bad alignment of dish. complaint lodged to call centre on 14.5.2008This. has not been attended even today i.e. 20.05.08, 2200 hrs. This is due to monopoly. Dish Karo; and problem ghar lao. what kind of help can i get from TRAI.

    Once complaint is lodged U chase the service team on telephone and spend lot of money. Service charges are not even receipted. Unprofessional service team and not even couteous.

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  • Sr
    S.RAVISHANKAR Aug 13, 2008

    Free to air channels should be available to subscriber since they have paid for STB.This matter to be taken as serious issue.

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  • Sa
    sandeepsureshpatil Aug 15, 2008

    why my freeto air channel are blog plese start the my free channel

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  • Sa
    SANJAY PATEL Aug 18, 2008


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  • Ta
    tariq Nov 14, 2008

    my vc mumber 015 0550 7376-9
    my setbox fta channel is block end my card but iam pakistani no slution card recharg plz active my fta channal thanks

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  • On
    O.NARSINGAM Jul 29, 2010


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  • On
    O.NARSINGAM Jul 29, 2010


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non reception of channels

I renewed my subscription for the dishtv package on 30.04.2008 by paying Rs.2160/-(Rupees two thousand one...

dish antenna not supplied


This is to bring to your kind notice that I had taken the address and phone no. of a dish TV dealer from their website.

Sigma Net Integrators (p) Ltd Shashi Khattar 2/27, Basement Kalkaji Extn.New Delhi - 110019 Delhi New Delhi(india) [protected] 011-[protected] sigma.[protected]@airtel.in

They took the cheque for amount 3990/- on 12th April 2007 and installed the connection on 13th april 2007 from a dish which was installed by the vendor for common purposes on roof top of the multi-storeyed society flats where I live.
They told me that my personal antenna will be given to me the day after.
But uptill now, I haven't received any.
I have contacted the dealer ( [protected]- Mr. Kirpal) and he has done nothing regarding it.
The sole responsibility for the dealer conduct is on DISH TV, I logged a call and was told that the dish antenna would be given to me when I shift to a premises which requires a private antenna to be
I have made innumerous number of calls to dish customer care no. and dealer but to no avail.
Please help me in this regard or else I shall be left with no option rather than going to the CONSUMER PHORUM for this issue.
My address and phone no. is:

Suyog Kumar Gaur
C-101, Vigyan Vihar,
Plot No. -GH-19,
Sec- 56
cell -[protected]

Dish A/C No. - 2121106

VC No.- [protected]

An early reply and action would be highly appreciated.


  • Ji
    jitendra panchal Feb 25, 2014

    Subject, :- I am recharge in dabit card but not recharge,
    My name is jitendra panchal I am recharge my Dish tv but not recharge my dish tv. I am recharge on 23.02.14
    i am recharge two time 320 Rs. But not recharge & my cut amount in my dabit card.
    Name : Jitendra Panchal
    VC No. ; 01518006560
    My emai. id ; [email protected]

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  • Ji
    jitendra panchal Feb 25, 2014

    Subject :- I am recharge in dabit card but not recharge.
    My name is jitendra panchal i am recharge my dish tv but not recharge dish tv. I am recharge on 23.02.14
    i am to time recharge 320 Rs. but not recharge & cut my amount in dabit card.
    Name ; jitendra panchal
    VC No. 01518006560
    Emai ID; [email protected]

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smart card not working

Our dish tv space is not working. Again and again402 check your smart card is coming onthe screen. Our subsciption is paid till october 2008. We are unable to see any channels since last one month. Wwe have shown this to technicians also and also we asked the customer care people. Whatever they said we have done then also it is not coming. Please listen to our complain and take proper and fast action to solve our problem

  • 12
    1295855 Apr 24, 2009

    Dear Sir, we have two seperate dish tv connections, but the irony of the whole thing is some channels are availablein one and it is not available in the other.I cannot understand how this is possible.You ask us to pay subscription for six months, and then sudenly you introduce a-ala-carte package and suddenly many channels are not available.

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  • Am
    Amar May 01, 2009

    As you told you have 2 separate connection, Do both the connections have same package or differrent. Second are these two connection comes under multi tv offer as in multi tv offer Parent connection will have all the channels as per your package but child connectiond will not have all the channels and for getting all the channels you have to subscribe for those channels separately

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poor service

I request you not to go for Dish TV satellite TV entrainment service. I have been facing issue from three months. The best part is Dish TV have collected money and now showing no interest in resolving the activation problem. I have been made to talk to Dish TV Call center and then to Dish TV rep in Bangalore called Ashok and then to Dish TV partner in Bangalore called Bangalore labs (Ravi and Srinivas) in a circular fashion from three months.

Please consider alternative option instead of Dish TV service

  • As
    Ashish Phuetla Aug 31, 2007

    The service for Dish TV India is Pathetic. It is not ust 1 problem, it is a series.
    1. Their Credit Card payment page takes details of your card and never returns proper result. It always returns in Server Error etc. with default internet explorer page.
    2. As you never came to know whether your payment was successful or not, they will ask you to pay again.
    3. Even after you have paid twice, your service will not get activated.
    4. You call customer care and tell them first line as "My VC card no is", they will override you and will ask you "Are you a Dish TV customer?" and then they will ask you to tell your VC Card no.
    5. Customer Care will never be able to call back, but in their opening statements they will not forget to ask you what is your contact number?
    5. Then you keep calling customer care over STD, everyday they will ask you to wait for 24 hours and to keep your set top box on for 24 hours.
    6. In case you want to launch a complaint, they will disconnect your call.

    The story did not end yet, as still I am not able to see the channels!

    Beware people!

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  • Ra
    RADHA NARAYAN Oct 30, 2007

    I took a connection at my residence in Dwarka in Delhi about 4 months back(01504555070). Subscription for 3 months was included in the new connection offer. After paying the subscription for one year about a month back, now I am finding that most of the pay channels are not being made available which are a part of the package. It is time consuming and waste of phone calls trying to get somebody who is bothered to solve your problem. The call centre is only registering complaints and assuring of prompt redressal but nothing changes.
    Will Mr.SUBASH CHANDRA, the so called dynamic industrialist do something or we have to forget the Rs.3600 paid and shift to TATA SKY?

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  • Di
    Dishtv Helpdesk Nov 01, 2007

    Dear Mr. Narayan,

    We thank you for writing your valuable feedback on our services. To ensure an action immediately on this issue we appreciate if you would be able to provide us your Contact No as you have already mentioned your VC No. Here. Please provide us complaint number (if any). We will check this at our end and get back to ASAP.

    dishtv helpdesk,
    email id: [email protected]
    website: www.dishtvindia.in
    contact no: 1860-180-3474 , 0120-4443474.

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  • Pa
    Pankaj Apr 09, 2008

    If cross check the various complaints the following is the standard language used in each reply not even a comma here or there

    We thank you for writing your valuable feedback on our services. To ensure an action immediately on this issue we appreciate if you would be able to provide us your Contact No as you have already mentioned your VC No. Here. Please provide us complaint number (if any). We will check this at our end and get back to ASAP.

    dishtv helpdesk,
    email id: [email protected]
    website: www.dishtvindia.in
    contact no: 1860-180-3474, 0120-4443474.

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  • Pa
    Pankaj Apr 09, 2008

    asap can strectch to one year & more

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  • An
    anil agarwal Jun 03, 2008

    the email adress i mentioned above is my and dishtv is on name of anil agarwal, i request u that my email id is not still added and when i call that see that my id is added or not, the duty officer says its added but its not, so plzz check that its added or not, if not, so plzz add immediately, and one thing more that when i call customer care all are saying in different way, one is saying another word and again when i call then another word i heard, so plzz check this also,

    i want to talk to the head of dishtv to speak more with him plzzz call on 6th of june because nowadays i am out of station, my vc no is 01501023801 and my no. is 9984184026

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  • Dr
    dr n. b. nandi Sep 22, 2008


    SUBJECT-poor service after installation

    I have two sets of dish tv in my home

    1) v c no. 01501099725

    2) v.c.no.01500136144

    one dish tv was not working properly

    I made complaint here to distributor by name pavaskar in Hubli, karnataka and i did e no. of e mails to you also

    Ultimatly I succeded to get repaired ofter three months

    so I didnot made renewal for one set inspite of your repeated message to renew to my mobile no. 94496 08980

    Now vc no.v c no. 01501099725 is not working since three days

    and I made complaint to your distribtor here in Hubli

    but he is snding any technician to get it repaired

    Please tell me how many months I have to wait this time?



    MOBILE 9449608980

    PHONE 0836-2322204

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  • Pr
    pravin Oct 08, 2008

    my v.c no.01504366096 in the name of veeras.j.s. my cell no.9740520382. I have given complant for my set box is not working for almost 20.days, given complaint from 2nd Oct.08. so many compalint no. igot from the costomer care. but no.calls, noboby attended the complant till now.
    can y help me?

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  • Gu
    Guru Nov 05, 2008

    It has been over 3 weeks since I registered a complaint with DISHTV regarding my Set Top Box. And, I think the complaint has fallen on deaf ears because, there seems to be no action taken whatsoever till date.

    A lady told me that she would ask the engineer to visit my home to check the problem. And, after that, till date I haven't received any call from DISHTV regarding it.

    And, that is not all. The site (www.dishtv.in) returned a HTTP error when I tried to log my complaint. I later copied the E-Mail Id furnished in the site and took pains to mail them the complaint from my personal Mail Id.

    This is not just poor service, it also shows how careless, nonchalant and ludicrous the whole of DISHTV's service is.

    So, on the parameters "service", "support" and "feedback", I'd give DISH TV a 0.0 / 10.

    My advice to people who are looking to opt for DISH TV, please, please, don't commit that mistake. You will regret it very deeply.

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  • Ri
    ritesh786 Dec 01, 2009

    i m not happy with ur service.it's 2 months ago, i bought dish tv & now it have so much problem. most of times it shows that"conditional access" problem.now its showing "no signal found". I made complaint to your distribtor here in Bhopal To no.07554281003 but he is not snding any technician to get it repaired. Please take it is a seriesly.


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credit transfer to another card

Dear Sirs,

I renewed my VC:[protected] on 8th Feb 08 services was activated for 3 days on 12th feb 08 my credit transfered to some another card which is unknow to me, please check my statement of accounts on dishTV website, in my decoder I received message renewed for next 6 months but services are deactivated, I send several e-mail to customer care no proper reply and no action taken and also spoke to dish TV dealer who I paid cash Rs;2100/- but there is no solution, kindly help me what shall I do, Customer care-Never care's their customers they are not professional in dealing with customers

  • Ma
    majeem Dec 27, 2013

    01514894872 1860 24/12/2013 01514894847

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  • Ma
    majeem Dec 27, 2013

    NUMBER RONG 01514894872 RS 1860 DAET 24/12/2013 CARETNO 01514894847

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worst customer care

This is sujith writing from bangalore .

i am also experiencing the some problem with dish tv customer care.The dish TV set up box will take some 20 minutes to load up .I already registered a complaint against my problem...

I and my papa called customer care some 5 - 6 times

.they are saying i,it will rectified with in 24 hours.But not done till yet..At last we know some 6 to 7 customer care person names :) ...we talk with some guys like payal,sunil etc..

This people will make you cry :( .

I think of changing to some other networks like reliance or sky tv.Another thing they will take the set up back and they will pay you some 400 rupees ..I don’t know how this company will grow..
some poeple in money control saying they will became like airtel as this poeple are the first players in dish tv area...If you are maintaining not a good relationship to customer ..no company will prospers or grow..Customer is the king .

  • Aa
    aakaash Jul 28, 2009

    i completely aggree taht AIRTEH dish tv offers the worst & pathetic customer service to its customer. I myself made the biggest mistake of going for AIRTEL.

    First they couldn't install the dish as per agreed date, later started giving excuses of my city falls under Tier-III. I had to mail the zonal level officer to get in installed & this this took extra 7 dyas.

    within 10 days of installation they discontinued my service for reason - my acoount balance went into negative...how does that possible when i have 3 months of free subcription.

    AIRTEL Dish TV is cheating people, their customer servive executives lacks knowledge. All False Promises & Assurances.

    I request to people not to go for AIRTEL, instead try some other service provider.

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  • Am
    Amit Kumar Jaiswal Sep 12, 2013

    My Airtel Dish Tv Not Connected And Show The Error (B001)pls Help me

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cheating a dish tv distributor in india

Our E-mail from CEO to Area Manager, Bihar

Dear Sir,

We were approached by Mr. Saagar Kumar, your area manager for Bihar in October, 2004 for distributorship of Dish TV in Koshi and Purnea Divisions of Bihar. He painted a very rosy picture and hence we agreed on starting Distribution after paying the mandatory security Deposit of Rs. 20000.

Then he prevailed on us on making an initial purchase of 100 units of STB , LNB & Dish apart from 100 VCs by giving us false impression of market demand and promising dilution of these stocks before Dec' 04.

But till February, 2005 we saw dilution of only about 50 units inspite of our best efforts and in face of no cooperation from the Area Office. At that time we asked the area office to take remaining stocks at that time and relieve us from distributorship. Mr. Saagar promised to take back our stocks but without our knowledge started transactions through other distributor without taking back our stocks.

When we protested we received an intimation from company cancelling our distributorship and blocking our online account. Now we were stuck with our stock and due to blocking of online account unable to dilute our stock.

The prices of Dish TV hardware was dropping continuously. When we tried to reach Mr. Saagar he was incommunicado.

Finally after much effort around December' 05 we got your area representative Mr. Shamsher Quasimi to meet us at our office. He along with your local distributor Purnea Cable TV drew up a settlement wherein items were to be transfered to the New Distributor "Purnea Cable TV" at prevailing price. The difference was to be paid by your company. Also he promised immediate return of security deposit.

He was not approachable after Dec'05.

In January '06 we went to your office to meet Mr. Saagar Kumar promising us immediate implementation of settlement but to no avail.

We have waited for so long in good faith but honesty is not forthcoming from your officers.

Please act immediately on our demands or we may be forced to take legal recourse now.

The details of our demands, ledgers and stocks are put as annexures 1, 2 and 3


For Mahalakshmi Distributors, Purnea
Rajesh Chandra Mishra


ANNEXURE 1- Our Demands as per your commitments

* Return of Security Deposit with Interest since June 2005.

* GRN (Goods Return) of 35 units of STB+LNB+DISH at Rs. 3999 (prevailing price then) with Interest since June 2005 when our account was blocked preventing further sales or material transfer.

* GRN (Goods Return) of 43 units of VC at Rs. 400 (prevailing price then) with Interest since June 2005 when our online account was blocked preventing further sales or material transfer.


ANNEXURE 2- Ledger of Dish TV companies for our transactions

M/s Essel Agro Pvt. Ltd.
Date Particulars Credit Debit Balance
08-11-04 Payment to EAPL via DD No. 775830 380946
22-11-04 Invoice No. 1144 dated 13-11-04 @ Rs. 3999 x 100 pcs 399900
22-11-04 Credit Note No. 166 dated 13-11-04 18954 0

M/s New Era Entertainment Network Pvt. Ltd.
Date Particulars Credit Debit Balance
08-11-04 Payment to NEENPL 40000
22-11-04 VC @ Rs. 400 x 100 40000 0



0438AAH29TS09451 0438AAH29TS09452 0438AAH29TS09453 0438AAH29TS09454 0438AAH29TS09455
0438AAH29TS09456 0438AAH29TS09457 0438AAH29TS09458 0438AAH29TS09459 0438AAH29TS09460
0438AAH29TS11121 0438AAH29TS11122 0438AAH29TS11123 0438AAH29TS11124 0438AAH29TS11125
0438AAH29TS11126 0438AAH29TS11127 0438AAH29TS11128 0438AAH29TS11129 0438AAH29TS11130
0438AAH29TS11721 0438AAH29TS11722 0438AAH29TS11723 0438AAH29TS11724 0438AAH29TS11725
0438AAH29TS11726 0438AAH29TS11727 0438AAH29TS11728 0438AAH29TS11729 0438AAH29TS11730
0438AAH29TS11461 0438AAH29TS11462 0438AAH29TS11463 0438AAH29TS11464 0438AAH29TS11465
[protected] [protected] [protected]
[protected] [protected] [protected]
[protected] [protected]
[protected] [protected]
[protected] [protected]
[protected] [protected]
[protected] [protected]
[protected] [protected]
[protected] [protected]
[protected] [protected]
[protected] [protected]
[protected] [protected]
[protected] [protected]
[protected] [protected]
[protected] [protected]

renewal & restarting of connection

My subscription was ending on 15th jan but connection was cut on 14th jan .Even after paying yearly subscription on 15th jan wide order no UR-15/01/08IG-[protected] & receiving sms from dishtv that payment of Rs 3481/- and after complaning to the officer on 15th & 16th jan 08 connection is not started.I have preferred Z-Marathi package.Last year Connection was not operative for 3months due to rainy season & I was given compensation for 15days oniy.In the year 2006 from june to october 15th connection was not operative due to transponder failure in rainy season which was replaced at our cost.Dishtv management is careless for customors --- Abhaykumar Chitnis Vc No [protected]

  • In
    Indra Pal singh Nov 03, 2014

    Dish TV connection number 01501853352 .
    No reception . Screen showing Error 301.

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  • On
    Online _CST Nov 04, 2014

    Dear Indra Pal Singh,

    Thanks for voicing your concern. Please be assured that we working on your problem and we will get in touch with you at the earliest. For any further clarifications, please write to us at [email protected]

    Online Team
    Dish TV

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movie on demand - vc [protected]

I have ordered movie on demand "jab we met" and paid rs.75 / - through itz cash card for the same, but dish tv debited 3 times for the same movie to my account. I lodged a complaint with them regarding this vide complaint no. [protected] and requested them to reverse the excess debit of rs.150 / - but nothing happened. I hereby request everybody not to order movie on demand with dish tv as they are least bothered to resolve the issues of customer.

Ravunnikutty v. K.

  • Pm
    P Manoharan Jan 03, 2008

    I am not able to see any channels from 10.12.2007 and even after complaint no action has been taken so far.

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  • 30
    3075660 Jun 21, 2014

    pls active fresh tv paid movie movie cord 80 for my dish tv my vc no 01516130887

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conax - conditional access

I have subscribed for Dish Maxi and I have made arenewal for One full Year by paying Rs. 3,000 & odd.
I am surprised to get Conax - Conditional Access message in all pay channels inspite of paying for one full year of subscription.
I have called the customer care and they promised that my package would be refreshed and I will start getting these channels within 4- 24 Hrs.
I am shocked to say that nothing happened within the promised time.
I would just like to know why I am getting this Conditional access message inspite of paying one full year subscription fee.
Such service is not expected from Dish TV.

  • Ri
    Rishabh Dec 13, 2008

    I m also facing the same problem in my tv.

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dishtv customer care

dear sir, the customer service of dishtv has improved a lot when compared before now a days the customer...

dish tv - useless service!

I am having Dish TV connection under VC No. [protected] since Oct'05. The same was renewed in Oct'06. Due to faulty payment options by Dish TV through Net Payment I paid the subscription twice. However the company kept quite for 8 months and on my complaint refunded it without any interest or apology.

In Nov'07 I again renewed the subscription for 1 quarter by making payment through net. The company failed to activate the network inspite of payment. On my complaint the company informed that the dish-welcome package costing Rs.162/- p.m. will be activated. However till date nothing has been done. The company's executives on the Toll free no will just register the complaint and give the complaint No. On further complaining the Company will ask you to contact the local dealer Mr. Agarwal. Better not to speak of the local dealer.

My appeal to all public is not to go for Dish-TV because they are interested only in attracting consumers with the help of brand ambassador Shahrukh Khan without offering any services.


  • Di
    Dishtv Helpdesk Nov 21, 2007

    Dear Mr. Vaidya,

    We thank you for writing your valuable feedback on our services. To ensure an action immediately on this issue we appreciate if you wold be able to provide us your Contact No., as you have already mentioned your VC No here. Please provide us complaaint number (if any). We will check this at our end and get back to ASAP.

    Email id: [email protected]
    website: www.dishtvindia.in
    Contact No: 1860-180-3474 , 0120-4443474

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  • De
    Deepak Dec 11, 2008

    I totally agree with the comments of Mr. Mgvaidya. I am a dish TV user since 2006. In Apr 2008 i shifted to Delhi, since then I am not able to use my Dist TV connection properly even though I am recharging it every month without any delay. When ever i contacted Dish TV they suggest me to contact local dealer. The local Dealer send someone to correct the problem, some time it works for few days after that i face the same problem.

    Basically I have 3 problems:

    1. Alignment of dish is not correct (as per my understanding)
    2. The set top box takes 30 mints to get up (cust care says its a s/w upgradation prob.- while local dealer says its power supply problem and would charge 400/- rs)
    3. I am using the full channel pack for my dish TV - even though there are no of channels which are not included into it. They can be taken separately by paying 15Rs per channels. Then what is the meaning for full package.

    My contact no is 98183 11777 - Deepak, if someone from dish TV have time to contact me for the problems.

    1 Votes
  • Ja
    Jason Feb 06, 2009

    Hi, I am a customer service trainer and have read Mr. Vaidya's concern & troubles, BUT what's interesting is that his complaint looks very genuine after reading the resolution provided by helpdesk.
    VC No. 01500522302 since Oct'05... renewed in Oct'06. after 8 months refund is made...
    In Nov'07 again renewed...for 1 quarter...activate not done...he is expecting dish-welcome...Rs.162/- p.m, that he knows...till date nothing has been done...So we know it's not working...has already logged complaint...His dealer is Mr. Agarwal...
    His VC will give his address... he has called so many times, hence they would have captured his valid contact no by now...Complaint no. would be tagged with his VC...accounts needs to be corrected as per the complaint dates...concern we know...
    Why are we still asking for contact no and complaint no and further delaying service to him.
    We need to remotely start his service...if not possible...immediately send engineers and get his service going, apologize...compensate with goodies...and assure good services.
    Follow up his call recordings and update agents, set up better bucketing & service procedures, take corrective actions...ensure this doesn't repeat itself...AND YOU ARE BACK IN BUSINESS.
    Customer service and complaint resolution is an art, and you have to take ownership & walk the extra mile to fetch delight for your customers who are your business partners as well.
    Thanks & God bless.

    0 Votes
  • De
    deepak Feb 25, 2009

    Now a new problem, the dish TV website it totally dead. I used to make payment for recharge online through net banking or credit card. This time I am trying to make payment since last 15 days to dish TV every time it shows "this page cann't be displayed". I am trying to make payment at least 50-60 times since last 15-16 days from home/office/through my friends but this page cann't... Now they have deactivated my connection because of non-payment. While writing to them they say apology we have temporary problem with the web site - interested thing is the web site is used by all over India and also for making payment to dish TV. Either they have illiterate or no idea about the dissatisfaction of customer or revenue loss. Deepak -98183 11777

    0 Votes

poor after sales service

My connection has not been working for the past 20 days and the dealer by the name mr babu k (Dealer id...


I bought a dishSatellite net Dish System with 6 months Subscription
from Agent of DISHNETfor my Mother ManyMany days Back and they told
me it will be activated within 24 hours but it is still not activated
Can You Call TeL; [protected] and talk to Mr Kumar (KUMAR ELECTRONICS)
And Tell him We want Immediate activation as It is not GOOD to do like
He Knows my Name
System was E-281 Narain Vihar,New Delhi
I am Bit Concerned May be it is Fraud
You Can talk to DishTV as well
Tel:6001 3474
Actaually Mr Kumar Gave me a receipt having SAF no: 2541478
Viewing Card no:[protected]

Let me know after talking to him


Can You Send E mail to---


Anil Kumar
E -281 Naranina Vihar
New Delhi-28

  • Di
    Dishtv Helpdesk Nov 07, 2007

    Dear Anil,

    We thank you for writing your valuable feedback on our services.

    To ensure an action immediately on this issue we appreciate if you wold be able to provide your VC No and Contact No. Please provide us complaint number (if any). We will check this at our end and get back to you ASAP.

    dishtv helpdesk
    Email: [email protected]
    website: www.dishtvindia.in
    contact No: 1860-180-3474 , 0120-4443474

    0 Votes
  • Ma
    mannar balaji seshadri Nov 13, 2007

    I have found the customer care center to be very helpful in solving my problems whenever I have encountered.

    You people are doing a great job.


    0 Votes
  • Ms
    m.suderson May 26, 2008

    i request you to cancel our dishtv connection because we are not satisfied by the service provided by your dealer AV SOLUTIONS banglore. secondly even sanskar tv is being disconnected which is very important for us. so its a request you look into our problem and find a solution for it. v have 4 set top box their vc no.01504563097, 01504562446, 0150456733, 01504563095... thanks... waiting for your reply

    0 Votes

false promise & pathetic call centre

I was informed initially while applying that if i pay monthly 300 i will get all the channels...

To my surprise i am getting only the hindi channels english channels and punjabi channels ( god knows why punjabi channels)...

1. Why cant i get all the channels if i have paid for it...
2. If there is any change in the tariff plan, why is it not communicate...

Hope Dish tv does not expect customers to keep the channel' dish interactive' on all the time to know there info...

When i called up the customer care... some parrot amit picked up saying that you were offered full channels and what you are getting is full channels expect for the others. This guy was not at all understanding, rude and no customer service knowledge... I am planning to g legal with this kind of service...


  • Ar
    Arun Kumar Oct 08, 2007

    Dear Friend,

    I think you have subscribed for Hindi/Punjabi maxi package... therefore you will get Hindi, English and Punjabi channels only... and also for a sum of Rs.300 for maxi package you will not get all channels... you will get channels as per your package that you have subscribed for.

    And all this information is available on their dish interactive channel... about change of package and others.

    0 Votes
  • Aj
    Ajay Paste Oct 08, 2007

    Dear Arun Kumar,

    I guess you are a part of Zee Dish tv union...

    1. My subject line says false promise. I was offered 3 packages.. 270 and 300 . Wherin 300 was for all channels.
    2. I never opted for punjabi channels.
    3. " And all this information is available on their dish interactive channel, about change of package and others." I already mentioned that they should not expected people to keep that channel on to get to know the offers. Specially when i was clearly informed about the offer i opted for.

    0 Votes
  • Ar
    Arun Kumar Oct 18, 2007

    Mr. Paste,

    Just to tell you very clearly that first I am not a part of any union or some thing like that... and also ...

    1. Please will you tell us where it has been mentioned that for Rs.300 you will got all channels (ie 170) offered by DishTV....so that if this is the case others will also be befitted with that.

    2. If you have never opted for any package then by default the package is Hindi/punjabi for all.

    3. Also to know latest happening you have to on that channel and have to see that... because what i came to know... is that you are not updated at all and also Please before commenting on any body try to get real fact first... and if you don't know that... then don't criticized or Blame others if they are showing you the real picture.

    0 Votes
  • Gu
    Guru Nov 05, 2008

    It has been over 3 weeks since I registered a complaint with DISHTV regarding my Set Top Box. And, I think the complaint has fallen on deaf ears because, there seems to be no action taken whatsoever till date.

    A lady told me that she would ask the engineer to visit my home to check the problem. And, after that, till date I haven't received any call from DISHTV regarding it.

    And, that is not all. The site (www.dishtv.in) returned a HTTP error when I tried to log my complaint. I later copied the E-Mail Id furnished in the site and took pains to mail them the complaint from my personal Mail Id.

    This is not just poor service, it also shows how careless, nonchalant and ludicrous the whole of DISHTV's service is.

    So, on the parameters "service", "support" and "feedback", I'd give DISH TV a 0.0 / 10.

    My advice to people who are looking to opt for DISH TV, please, please, don't commit that mistake. You will regret it very deeply.

    0 Votes

before one yr of purchase smart card not working

I broght diss TV Nov 2006 Spt 2007 its smart card is not working it is saying 402 check smart card. when i called customer care after so much waiting (you will never get connected to toll free no.) they are saying contact dealer and buy new card.they had such bad customer care rather than trying to resolve my problum they leve to me find solution

  • Ar
    Arun Kumar Oct 02, 2007

    Dear Friend,
    Nothing to worry about that...its just a smart card error.....just what you need to do it....take out your smart card and clean it with cotton and insert it once again.....and then switch off stb and restart ....it will work fine.

    0 Votes
  • Am
    ameen Jun 05, 2008

    Yes it works. Thanks

    0 Votes
  • Na
    nayeem Jun 05, 2009

    I brought dish TV Nov 2006 Spt 2007 its smart card is not working it is saying 402 check smart card.the above comment is also not working.We tried cleaning the smart card with cotton n had on the stb but still it says 402 check smart card.can anyone kindly guide us what to do regarding this since no response from customer care also...

    0 Votes

renewal problems!

I tried to renew my dishtv subscription for VC No. [protected] using www.dishtv.in and ITZ dishtv cash card...

no response from customer call centre

Our VC no [protected] of dish tv there is no access of too many channels, we have made payment through...

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