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Complaints & Reviews

no reception, pathetic service!

I have paid for the connection however am still not receiving any signal. the customer care refuses to help, i have called multiple times. The only response i get is wait for 4 - 24 hrs, they fail to address the fact that i have waited for more than 72 hrs!!! Anybody interested in buying a slightly old (hardly used, no thanks to me) dish tv...

  • Km
    kmk_1976 Aug 25, 2008

    More then year I’m using the dish TV connection. Past 5 day my connection is not working. I had raised the complained 5 day before. Still nobody come to home and rectified the problem. I have called several times to call center # 1800-180-3474. Every time somebody will pick the phone they will ask the all the detail and address. Then they will inform that some technical person will visit my palace. But nobody turn back.

    This is worst service faced in my entire life.

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  • Sh
    shamiara khan Jul 13, 2009

    Since i bought ur platinum pack. Its already one month, that i paid for 6 months. But iam shocked to see the response. As it is showing, check your smartcard or call customer care. I tried both. But for few seconds the signal comes and again same thing repeats. Most shocking part is when i call customer care. It dose not take my moble no. or my Vc no. they say it is invalid. i can't understand that when i have paid 2000 Rs already then why iam not getting service.

    I bought dish 2 yrs back, faced lot of problems but what iam facing now is just horrible.Even the dealer is very rude to me. So please help me.
    Shamiara Khan
    VC no. 01504450700
    Mobile no.9436731780

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  • Ra
    Rajender prasad Oct 18, 2009

    i am using a dish tv. but my connection is disconeted for since 6 month. but i have use aish tv again. is shok part is my dish tv not a recharge pls take a this problem.so pls help us.
    Rajender Prasad

    my vc no.01505700364
    mobile no. 9911121709

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  • Am
    Amar Oct 23, 2009

    I will give you the email id of Dishtv Customer care, Just mail your concern their for quick resolution of your complaint along with your complete details like VC No, Address and Conatct Number.

    Email Id: [email protected]

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  • Di
    dishtvuser Jan 18, 2010

    Believe me people. Dishtv sucks. my advise to anyone who is going for DISHTV, please please please please please please don't go for it.

    I've never seen such a bad customer care as DISHTV's ... it really sucks. their attitude is simply wrong. I guess they are simply selling because of sharukh khan ads..

    They post sales is terrifying and their website will frustate you to maximum extent... every interaction with their customer care, will result in complete dissatisfaction.

    DISSATISFACTION is guaranteed with Dishtv, it comes for free when you go for dishtv.

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fraud services

I have subscribed for a scheme called 'dish maxi - new Delhi. At least 19 channels i am supposed to get under this scheme is showing 'conditional access' call customer care center. Now all channel has been closed by dishtv, nevertheless i already paid all amount which given by call center. I have called many times in call center but problems not resolved till date. everytime get the promise that it will be set right within 24 hours. But nothing happens. My dish tv no is [protected] & complaint no is 6968777 &7006679.

  • Di
    Dish TV Helpdesk Jul 11, 2007

    Dear Sushil,

    I thank you for taking time to write a detailed feedback on our services. I understand and apologize for the fact that we were not able to live up to your expectations.To ensure an action on this issue, would appreciate if you could send more details. Please provide us your contact number as you have already given your VC No. and Complaint No. We will check this from our end and get back to you ASAP.

    For further queries mail us: [email protected]
    Contact: 18601703474 , 01204443474


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  • St
    Stephen Sunil Sep 26, 2007

    DishTV is a fraud company. They are not a tall worried about the customers. The local dealer etech in chennai are another frauds. Never send a technician to fix the problems. They don't even pick up the mobiles. From manger Shakar to low level till tech Johnson all same irresponsible. They don't worry about the commitment they give.Such ridiculous customer care and a company.

    The noida customer care technician are cheaters, they some how escalate the calls. if they are not able to provide a solution they will put us on hold for while and disconnect the calls. One Mr Suresh, Sruthi and so on.

    I am only able to see a blank screen in my TV .

    Stephen Sunil.

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  • Pa
    Pankaj Apr 09, 2008

    contatcing customer care = banging your head in the wall
    Mr. DishTVhelpdesk
    complaint no.6921079 dtd.29/5/07 still not resolved

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can not see z network channels

I have paid about 2000 Rs during March2007 through ITZ cards. Even though i could not see Z network channels through Dish TV. I have re-downloaded my set top box.For that I have paid 150 Rs. extra. My previously purchased ITZ cards were not being credited.

Hence during last one year I have lost more than rs.3000 and even I could not see DishTV network.
My VC no is [protected].

  • Su
    suresh May 24, 2008

    my vc no 01501424694 using dish tv frm last one year.from last one month no signal is recieving through the reciever and to complaint ur customer care is always busy and once registered a complaint(13027572) no response to the complaint also

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  • Aw
    Awadhesh Prasad Singh Apr 19, 2009

    Already I have deposited the half yearly payment Rs. 1700/- on 7.02.2009 against platinum package through Harsh Enterprizes, 13/2 GEL Church Complex, Main Road, Ranchi=834001, Ph. no. 0651-6001347, Cash memo no. 9146. Since I got trouble viewing ZEE Channels are not seen. Also not shown the amount against my SOB No. 0150071 4176.KIndly take action to transmit the Zee channels, sports channel and other english channels also.

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  • Ne
    NEEL KANT BAJPAI Nov 03, 2014


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non transmission of free channels!

I would like to bring to the kind notice of the board that I have purchased dish t.v. about one and half...

don't waste your money purchasing dish tv!

My bad luck i through my hard earn money for buying a dish tv, i have contacted to all concern person either dish tv people or dealer person, still of no use, when contacting at dealer point he says, tell us ur dues, to get the dues you have to go through the online site of dish tv, any how i try to log on there but still ever after 30 days waiting for the user name and password confirmation.

Second my dish tv is not even showing free to air channel, i dont know these dish tv people comes under Indian rules or not.

My dear friend i suggesting you not to waste ur money purchasing a dish TV.

P R Singh

  • Pr
    Prakash Amoli Jul 30, 2007

    I think Dish TV needs some serious change in attitude. They think just because you have been locked in as customers, with sunk investment, you can be treated like dirt. I am a victim of their callous attitude myself. I tell all my friends never to fall for their ad blitz. The moment you're hooked, you are cooked.

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  • Su
    Superpipe78 Mar 07, 2011

    Lost our local cbs station out of indy. they don't careand blame the tv station saying they want to much money for their station but all the other dish and cable companys came to an agreement with them and still carry cbs from indy. dish network sucks

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stb not activated!

I bought the dish TV connection on world cup offer March 19th 2007, i informed the dealer to activate the STB, he said he will do it and he did not do the activation. After so many calls and follow up with the dealer and customer care center in Chennai as well in Pune i got my Dish Activated on May 7th 2007. On june 16 2007 morning i lost all the channels i called up the customer care center they told me i have to Rs.2630 to get my dish TV activated. As i already mentioned earlier that i bought the dish TV in world cup offer with free subscription for 6 months. I am every day calling the customer care in chennai & pune to activate my dish TV they say it has gone to the concerned department, but till now no action has been taken it is almost a week now.

I have lost my money... I am behind Dish TV India to activate my connection but no proper response from them

I need to sue a case against Dish TV India.

B Kumaraguru.

  • De
    Deepak from chennai Sep 30, 2007

    Iam Deepak from chennai.Past 3 days iam not able to see sunnetwork tamil channels.I made a call to customer care to more that 10 times but no proper response,they just make me to wait for 10 mins in line and then automatically the line will be disconnected.Atlast one person called me and said your channels are activated (from the number 01204040000).But after that call Iam not able to see any tamil channels now.It is fully blank.Now iam keeping disvtv as toy to play...and soon i will thru into dustbin.My contact Number 9940656134

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  • Ra
    Ranjani Apr 09, 2008

    Is it possible to get another original dish tv remote. please send a replay

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  • Pa
    Panasaram Aug 12, 2008

    They dish tv customer service is too worst.I have problem from last 2 months.

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  • Sa
    samsam Dec 01, 2008

    my dish tv stb no 06b9abf39ds72042 plz what is vc card number help me

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persistent problem with dish tv india

I am having persistent problems with the Dish TV at my home.

I had bought the DISH TV in Chennai from Sony World in Feb end and initially itself it took a week for the guys to come and install the Dish. Finally when it was installed and it has not yet been 3 months and I have had the Dish TV conking off twice with the "No Signal Found" problem.

The first time it got fixed in 5 days and this time around for the past one week, there has been no resolution. The service centre guys came once and promised to come the next day and have not yet turned up. Saturday, after a lot of coaxing and following up, a person showed in the night and said that the "Clamp" was gone and will come on Sunday and as expected he did not turn up!!

I am frustrated with the quality of customer service that DISH TV is providing and I must say that this is really appalling how they expect to be a great provider with such a poor servicing network. I used to think that SCV is not a good option but the way things are going, I think it makes more sense to be with SCV.

I have also lost 15 days in the free 6 month WC offer thanks to these problems in the DISH and I will be the one to pay for no fault of mine. I do not know whether DISH TV will take that into consideration but considering the experience, I am sure they WILL say that it is not possible to re-reimburse and it is my ill fate.

I would want to talk to a senior person who can help me out or better explain why this is happening in my case. I am not saying that you should resolve my issue in 24 hours, but I would like more pro-activeness and responsiveness - atleast a call a day saying that there was a major pressure and so we could not turn up. Services is a tricky industry and satisfying a customer is an art and am sad to say that DISH TV service guys are really novices at that. Hope that they improve as it will be good for them only and their future customers

As for me, I have decided that I will not recommend DISH TV to anyone asking me and will give them an offer to take mine if they really want the DISH TV

  • Su
    sunil solanki May 26, 2008

    my name is sunil solanki my dish tv vc no.is 01504177287 & my commplent no.is 13253467 date 17/05/ 2008 problam is non elinement my commplent not done tiil two day im going for commplent in trai{ TELECOM REGULATRY OF INDIA
    ]thanks for evry thing like you very carying me...sunil solanki...9818521521...add.155 A Top floor Vasant App.Vasant Vihar new delhi 110057...

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  • Gu
    Guru Nov 05, 2008

    It has been over 3 weeks since I registered a complaint with DISHTV regarding my Set Top Box. And, I think the complaint has fallen on deaf ears because, there seems to be no action taken whatsoever till date.

    A lady told me that she would ask the engineer to visit my home to check the problem. And, after that, till date I haven't received any call from DISHTV regarding it.

    And, that is not all. The site (www.dishtv.in) returned a HTTP error when I tried to log my complaint. I later copied the E-Mail Id furnished in the site and took pains to mail them the complaint from my personal Mail Id.

    This is not just poor service, it also shows how careless, nonchalant and ludicrous the whole of DISHTV's service is.

    So, on the parameters "service", "support" and "feedback", I'd give DISH TV a 0.0 / 10.

    My advice to people who are looking to opt for DISH TV, please, please, don't commit that mistake. You will regret it very deeply.

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harassment and disconnection issue

I had taken a DISH TV VC card in January 2007 for 6 months free in CAS affected area of Vasant Kunj. They...

services is not available

This is to notify you that dishtv services have been stopped despite making a payment of Rs.900 for the month...

pathetic service!

We had a strong wind in Ghaziabad on Sunday i.e. 6th may'07 evening. That was enough to kaput my 2 dish...

blocked free-to-air channels by dish tv!

Dish TV is using all dirty tricks for fleecing the customer. If customer wants to see only free-to-air...

poor service: abnormal delay in activation

I happen to be one of those hapless consumers in India, who has been really taken for a ride by DISH TV India as also its dealers and the so called Customer care.

Dish TV India apparently believes in the real definition of KUSHT MAR (alias Customer, in their parlance). I had paid one of the Ahmedabad's dealers a sum of Rs 4,115/- for installation of a Dish TV Connection at my residence. The Dealer made it a point to encash the cheque right the next morning at 10 : 05 AM (right about the time the banks open) however, on his own sleepy pace and after a lot of cajoling, landed up with the Equipment on 14th April, and that too after a lot of cajoling and coaxing. I thought that my ordeal was over, but alas, little did I know that it was only a beginning.

Even after a lot of chasing with their customer care as also with the dealer, till date (25th April), the sloppy company has not yet activated the Connection. Mr Dealer has now stopped taking my phone calls and the Customer care cares too hoots about ones complaints. I made it a point that the Customer care gives me a complaint number also, but even after lodging a complaint and getting the number on 15th of April, they have hardly done anything in this regard and i still have their Equipment installed like a White Elephant in my house without any activation. This despite the fact that the Customer care executives, in their own sweet glib talk, keep on boasting that the connection gets activated within 24 hours of the Connection.

So poor is their follow up on the grievances that the customer care doesn't even give an automated response on its official Customer care email ID in response to the mails sent from the Customers End.

With the kind of poor response the firm gives to the Customers, I would advise all the prospective Customers to be wary of the services and the tall claims made by the Company. Its been 15 days that the money has been paid and there has been no service activation at all at this end.

The Customer care is poorly organized and there is hardly any follow up on the same at Dish TV's end.


  • Sk
    S K Kohli Jun 13, 2007

    I shifted from Tata-sky to Dish TV during May,2007. I think I made a mistake. The Dish TV signals are extremely poor and are not suitable for viewing onlarge screen TVs. The signal strength is only about 50%.

    I wish the Dish TV management does something to improve the signal quality fast lest they may start losing customers to Tata-Sky or other newcomers.

    S K Kohli,

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  • Ai
    a i m Jul 03, 2007

    I was about to inquire about dish tv tomorrow, but after reading all this complaints i think I'll stick to cable. Its India and you have to at least wait 4 or 5 years for things to work with precision, and with good customer care, so thank you guys for your input on your problems, you saved me 3000Rs.

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  • De
    Deepak from chennai Sep 30, 2007

    Iam Deepak from chennai.Past 3 days iam not able to see sunnetwork tamil channels.I made a call to customer care to more that 10 times but no proper response,they just make me to wait for 10 mins in line and then automatically the line will be disconnected.Atlast one person called me and said your channels are activated (from the number 01204040000).But after that call Iam not able to see any tamil channels now.It is fully blank.Now iam keeping disvtv as toy to play...and soon i will thru into dustbin.My contact Number 9940656134

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  • Ra
    Rajan Gore Jul 06, 2015

    I am Rajan Gore from Borivali Mumbai, Past 12 days chasing to get problem resolved but Getting sick of the service provided to me by SAI DISH TV LINK service provider. Everytime getting answer that HD Box are not available. Still not getting proper answer.

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  • On
    Online _CST Jul 09, 2015

    Dear Rajan Gore,

    We are sorry for the experience you had. Please write to us about your problem with your VC number, registered mobile number and email ID at [email protected] and we will put all our efforts in trying to help you out.

    Online Team
    Dish T

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  • On
    Online _CST Jul 10, 2015

    Dear Rajan Gore,

    We hope your issue has been resolved. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. Please feel free to give us your feedback at [email protected]
    Have a nice day.

    Online Team
    Dish TV

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paid channels not working

Complaint against dishtv india Dealer code 18421, dealer mob no. [protected]. My dish tv's all paid...

non transmission of free channels which are mandatory as per the norms of government of india!

I would like to bring to the kind notice of the board that I have purchased dish t.v. about one and half years back by paying 4200/ rupees and opted for telugu channel package. After one year, I opted for monthly payment of subscription and had paid the same for 3 months. During 3rd month the telecast was stopped without any default from my side. I immediately contacted the dishtv, they informed that their records were not updated and would restore the same within 24 hours. The same was restored after 24 hours. The subscription rates were enhanced and I was never informed of the same. So far, I have not received even a single communication from dishtv either for my bill payment or for any other matter. I got vexed and contacted dishtv and asked them to telecast only free channels, which are mandatory as per the norms of government of India. The free channels were aired for some time and stopped. When contacted they said they told that they would not telecast and spoke to me in a rude manner. I told them I would proceed legally for which they asked me to do whatever I wish to do. I sent a legal notice through my advocate on receipt of which they had started telecasting the free channels. And now, all of a sudden again they have telecasting the same. This is very poor service from Dish Tv in India!

  • Vi
    Vijay Pratap Singh Apr 05, 2007

    My v c no is 015016772266. I purchased a stb in the month of november from patna. After one month my some of the channels has been discontinued. I contacted over phone to customer care. The customer care informed that you have taken welcome offer so u will not be able to view all the channel. After three months my all the channels has been discontinued. I contacted customer care to transmit the free channel the customer care told me that you will have to pay then the free channels has to be provided.

    But at the time of purchase i was told that u will able to view the free channels. I will suggest plz never think to bye stb from dish tv its a great cheater for customer. Never never bye a product from dish tv. Because i have seen a same kind of complaint from d narsimha gautam dated 13.03.2007, when he complained same type of treatment was done by dish tv but after serving a legal notice the dish tv started transmission of free channels. I also mentioned to customer care but the dealing person was not even ready to listen me. I also arranging to serve a legal notice by consulting the broad casting authority.

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  • Ra
    Ravi Kumar Kawatra Apr 17, 2007

    I too had the same problem with dishTV as at the time of purchase there was one package named Dish Freedom (Hindi/Punjabi ) in which one has to pay Rs75 /- per month for Zee + Sony + along with other channels including free channels now on query I am told that package have been revised to Rs 100/- but without Zee+Sony and other lucrative channels. Is this not CHEATING?

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  • Ra
    RAJESH S ANTHONY Jul 01, 2007

    Re: Dish TV India

    I fully agree with most of the complaints. I had subscribed to dish tv only with the idea of watching 'god tv' and other relevant christian channels but unfortunately you have stopped telecasting them though they are free to air channels. Why??? I feel you are biased in a democratic country like ours. These channels have been a great help in our daily walk of life. The programs encourages us to be positive in our daily life and make us better citizens of our country. Moreover the prayers offered on these channels for the sick and dying are remarkable. My humble request with folded hands is to restart these channels immediately once again. Thanks in anticipation.

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  • Sa
    S A Haider Jan 06, 2008

    My VC No 01500204754, I wanted Q-TV channel on Dish TV
    which the company is not providing me, previously this
    channel was available on dish TV, I have given email but co.
    is not replying. Due to non availabilty of Q-TV Iam not renewed
    my subscription due to which all free to air channels were blocked along with paid channels. This is not fair, govt. has
    announced that free to air channels should invariably made
    available to all subscribers whether they subscribe or not.
    Please forward my complaint to dish TV India.

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  • Su
    suresh Mar 25, 2008

    The Dish TV India has cheated me by blocking the set top box and thus denying access to FTA channels.This is clearly against TRAI regulation which says:


    The Regulation no. 8 in Chapter II which says:

    8. Prohibition to disable Direct to Home Set Top Boxes.----- In case the
    direct to home subscriber does not owe any dues ( including any arrear
    towards installments of hire purchase scheme or arrears of rent for the Direct
    to Home Customer Premises Equipment of such operator) to a direct to home
    operator, such operator shall not disable the Direct to Home Set Top Box of
    such subscriber who does not intend to continue to opt or avail direct to
    home services offered by such direct to home operator and uses or intends to
    use the Direct to Home Customer Premises Equipment for viewing the direct
    to home services of Doordarshan or any other direct to home operator.

    They have used the DD's packages for promotion purposes and now they are cheating customers by blocking the set top box.

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  • Av
    Avik May 19, 2008

    This is to bring to your kind notice that I have purchased a Dish TV from M/S. Neeru Electronics, 2, Main Market, Malviya Nagar New Delhi -110017 dated the 14th April 08, the invoice number for the same is 13166, book number A-264 and the price was Rs 3, 200/-. The warranty for the Dish Tv was for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The copy of the bill and the warranty card is annexed alongwith my complaint.

    The same day late evening, my installation at ¼, Sector – 1, Pusph Vihar, New Delhi –110017 was completed, by the time the technician left it was around 9.30 at night, and they hurriedly left. Later on switching on the television I discovered that I could not receive around 15-20 channels and many channels were not clear.

    This problem became more serious as a result of which many channels were not available and those that were available were not clear due to which it was not possible to view them. I made a complaint for this at the Dish TV customer care in the fourth week of April, the reference number for the same is 13032387, and after two days somebody came and left without rectifying my problem.

    Again, I lodged another complaint at the customer care, the complaint number for the same is 13086004, on 8th of May. A technician came to my place after two days, but could not rectify the problem again and asked me to write that my LNV is not working in his job card, he assured me he would replace it, he left by saying that he would bring this to the notice of his seniors at the service centre at Malviya Nagar Khirki Extension. He also informed me that my problem will be sorted out only on Monday as that was a Saturday. He left by saying that he requires to change the LNV.

    Nothing till today has happened, I have been waiting for the technicians to come and do the needful. When I ran out of patience, I called the dish TV service centre on the following numbers 9212412101/9212412102, on Tuesday dated, the 13th May 2008, but the response that I got was very cold from there, the person misbehaved with me and said that we cant replace your LNV, if we do replace then I have to make another payment of Rs.200/- for the new one. I informed him about the new connection with warranty, but all my efforts went in vain.

    Again during the 14th & 15th May I made regular calls, and each time the person would say he would make it done by the same day, but no technician turned up at my place. I have also made a call at Neeru Electronics, at Malviya Nagar, he called up somebody but even his efforts did not help me out. Later no follow up was made from Neeru Electronics.

    Another complaint was lodged at the customer care the complaint number is 13113011 but even on this complaint no action whatsoever was taken by Dish TV. Dish TV has made no efforts to address my grievances and has supplied me with a faulty set.

    There has been a grave deficiency in the services of Dish Tv to the effect that they have supplied me with a Dish Tv set which is malfunctioning and faulty and is not working properly. Inspite of my repeated requests and complaints, Dish Tv has taken no effort to rectify the problem till date and have instead completely ignored my complaint.

    I would request that in view of the above the Dish TV should be either replaced or in the alternate a refund of the price of the Dish Tv set which is Rs. 3, 200/- should be given to me.

    I would further like to request you to give me suitable compensation for all the mental, physical torture that I have undergone due to the misbehavior of Dish TV and also provide me the cost of the complaint.

    With Warm Regards

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irresponsible service

I have been trying to get my channels activated for the past 3 days and every time i talk to their service center I'm told it will take another 24 hrs.

All you people trying to subscribe to the DISH TV service, please stay away. They do not have a proper complaint management system. The guys sitting there are just playing with some tools and have no clue whats going on. They don't care if you are getting the service or not. Every time you want to talk to their supervisor, you are told they are busy. And they will call you back. No one has called back since last 3 days.

I seriously would not recommend their service at all. Its just a nightmare. Just try calling their customer service number and you would know what i am talking about.

  • Dr
    Dr. K. Rameash Mar 23, 2007

    Yes, It is true. Pl. don't go for DISH TV. The customer service is very bad. They are using the customer care to disturb the subscribers.

    They will disturb you daily by calling you or sending SMS to your mobile to pay the subscription charges, even if you pay regularly.

    Please don't give your phone number to them. They are absolute NON-SENSE people.

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  • An
    Anupam Datt Mar 29, 2007

    I have paid Dish TV for Maxi Plan which is suppose to show me all the channels they have. I am not receiving even half of the channels for which they have charged me. Even after so many complaints there is no response form their side. It has already been a month regarding this problem and despite so many complaints to the service centre and customer care there has been no action. They are charging me for the services which they are not even bothered to deliver. Very poor service!

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  • Ni
    Nitin Shahade Apr 13, 2007

    Hello All Subscribers of DishTV of India,

    I am one of the unfortunate customer (sure they have too many) who would like to keep all who have subscribed for "DISHTV" as pls think before u continue as a subscriber, since last one year i am a member & repenting to be one. The services that they (DISHTC) are rendering to the Customers by are just horrible & it's a nightmare when you call their so called Customer care. I am scared to call the Customer care (SO CALLED) of DishTV, as instead of resolving problems they give you more problems. They will make you wait for 15 minuets + to listen to your one query but they will not resolve your query at all when you ask them, they would just give u a complaint number for your query & that is all after that all is forgotten about your problems.

    1) Since Spet'06 even after paying the subscriptions, every week the paid Channels (STAR CHANNELS) would be cut off, on calling to check with them they would not give you any reason, but would tell you to to keep your set box on for 24 hrs on one particular channel, you do so & find nothing has happened, Sio again you call them , again the so called parrots of dishTV would come online, they would again give a complaint no. & tell you to do the same thing again. After a week then we would find the channels working. Again after a month the same story is repeated as you find the channels are disconnected again. Pls note this is still going on every month for 1 week.

    2) To my bad luck I have one more connection & there too the same problem.

    3) Now that I have shifted the two connects & had requested for multichannel scheme, I have requested this on Mar'23rd 2007 wide email, I get an email saying that my payments are due so they cannot do this before I pay (this is the only email I have received so far from them, as it was related to their payments), i informed them that since there are two connection in my name the other channel account had a balance credit of Rs 900/- & that they should deduct that account for the required 1 month subscription. After checking the account today I find that they have deducted that amount from one of my accounts which had credit but yet have not converted to Multiconnections. So I called them today afternoon again, asking as when this would be done as I had requested this on 23rd Mar'07. To my surprise the Parrort (Call center rep.) of DishTV states that we are giving you a complaint number & it will be done. No reason given as why this has not been action for last 3 weeks, You ask for supervisors, they same answer you get every time, they are busy? wonder doing what? As not one complaint are they able to resolve properly.

    Till now they have not converted my two connections two multi connections but have collected the payment dues promptly.

    So friends & subscribers please be careful while dealing with customer care of DishTV.

    Nitin Shahade.

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  • Si
    Singh Jul 24, 2007

    I urge all of you to not purchase DISH TV connection. These guys will suck your money and will not vomit also. These guys are pathetic in fact whole DISH TV INDIA is pathetic. I ashamed that we have such company in India who really does not care about customers.

    A very very very Pathetic.

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  • Ra
    Ravi Kumar Karlapati Jul 26, 2007

    I have paid to credit card. How to know the status?

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  • Ja
    Jayakar Chandran Feb 12, 2008

    I fully agree with the complaints voiced by the Dish Tv customers. I got my dish tv connection during their launch days. A guy who represented their local dealer called Bhaskar Rao ( Bangalore ) collected the advance amount promptly after inspecting the installation site. After a long wait, he sent his technical head one goonda called Thomas to install the dish. That guy came around 9 pm with no tools and was asking for even a screw driver from me. He struggled for a few hours and finally walked out saying since Im living in an apartment and my house dosent face the east, I wont be able to get the signal at all. When I argued, the goonda tried to take the SB card and leave. Fortunately, I was alert enough to get it from him. Next day, I could catch up a local guy and got it installed in just half an hour though I had to shell out some money.I wrote to dish tv to refund the installation charges since I did the installation through another technician. No action from dishtv as was expected.The service is pathetic. I wish Shah Rukh Khan makes a visit to each of us being cheated by dish tv, before he actually endorses dishtv.

    Whoever is planning for a new connection, please go ahead and buy tatasky. Dont ever think of dishtv.

    I am sure unless they vastly improve their services, they will be out of the market very soon.

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most ridiculous service

I have moved from Gurgaon to Hyderabad. I am desperately trying to contact DISTV call center for installation. They promised big things like moving is piece of cake etc etc. Now, I talked to them on 1st of March, they said someone will contact me within 24 hours but, no one turned up yet.

I tried the call center number [protected] , [protected]) and no one is picking the call (either it say sorry phone busy or sorry no one is picking up). First time faced situation like this.

After continuously trying for Five days, I called the Noida number (STD for me). Someone pickup the call when I asked him why no one turned up answer was, wee have sent it to dealer they did not come, what can we do?

Huh what can we do means? He then told me he is forwarding my call to senior executive. I waited for 3 minutes no one picked up the phone.

In this duration I have sent them two mails but, did not get any reply. See the mails below. Don't go by the promises this is first hand experience of buying DISHTV and moving with it. It's horrible. I am going to through it and take some cable service or might give a try to TATA SKY.

I am DISh TV subscriber VC number is XXXXXXXX. This is a new connection installed in Gurgaon in October. In December, I was suppose to move out of Gurgaon. That is why I did not make the payment. I was not sure whether I'll continue with DISH TV or not.

Now, I moved to Hyderabad and fixed my mind to continue with DISH TV. I talked to one dealer last week Ravi Electronics, Koti, Hyderabad (Ph - [protected]). He asked 300 RS for installation. That was surprising, as DISH TV claims 200 for installation and that was the charge in Gurgaon. Here in Hyderabad it seems dealers lobby exists.

I agreed for paying 300 RS, finding no alternate as other dealers also quoted the same amount. Finally after two days, he sent one person who couldn't do the installation because he came without drill machine. By the way, that person was looking like completely untrained person.

Then two days back on 27th Feb 07, I talked to DISH TV customer care center [protected]. Got the complain number XXXXXXX. I was told within 24 hours engineer will come and install the DISH.

About payment, I told the customer care executive, the moment it gets installed I'll pay for my subscription. As your engineer shall give me the feel of service provided by DISH TV. Now it's more than 48 hours no one contacted me.

I am trying the above number since yesterday (28.02.07). either it shows busy or no one is picking up the phone? I got another number from net [protected] but, faced the same response.

2nd Mail


Are you guys suppose to reply or not? Today, I called your noide number (STD call for me). The customer care executive simply asked me to hold while he transfer the call to senior executive. Because, I asked him whose responsibility was to track the dealer and send a person to my place for installation. He transferred the call I waited for 3 Minutes no one picked the call.

Now, it's time. I should tell you that I am going to drag DISH TV in the consumer court. This mail shows I am trying to contact DISH TV desperately but, not getting any response from DISTV.

  • Sr
    Sreeni Apr 09, 2007

    Quality of Dish TV customer service is bad. They say that all dealers accept cash /cheque and their Hyd office says that only two dealers in Hyd accept the payments. Their web service is pathetic. Most of the pages give errors. Payment by credit card on the web is a big joke. Most of the times it gives errors and some times when it throws errors the payment gets processed. Figure it out.. Worst payment gateway that I have seen.. Kudos to dish TV India.

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  • Gu
    gurucharan singh Jun 08, 2007

    I paid my dish tv renowell amount to their distributer on 28-5-2007 (786rs). But my setup box deactivated.

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  • Vi
    Vivek Kumar Tyagi Jan 05, 2008

    I have shifted from G.Noida to Gurgaon , my account was expiring on 20.1.08 but I paid 900 and got it renewed for 3 more months , paid 300/- for installation of connection in Gurgaon but dish is not working fine and my several desperate requests have failed to set it right can someone please help me and restore correct quality of connection.
    Vivek Tyagi

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  • Ba
    baddu Jul 01, 2009

    dish tv customer care no

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  • Ba
    baddu Jul 01, 2009

    dishtv hyderabad no entha

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  • Am
    Amar Jul 02, 2009

    Dishtv Customer care numbers

    Customer care number 1860-180-3474 or 60013474,
    Please prefix: 011 for North, 022 for West, 033 for East, 044 for South
    Or 18001803474 (toll-free)
    Or 0120-2445665 (STD)
    Or 0120 -4443474 (STD)
    » From all other phone lines Northern India: 011-60013474
    Southern India: 044 -60013474
    Eastern India: 033- 60013474
    Western India: 022-60013474

    Email id: [email protected]

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  • Ja
    Jain Thomas Pala Apr 17, 2011

    Dish TV payment gateway is horrible

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  • Dr
    Dr.Khushboo May 16, 2011

    The most non customer friendly system.
    Everyday some problem or the other would come with solutions not before a week only after repeated calls to the customer service.
    Never come across such pathetic set-up ever.
    Strongly advice everyone to never opt for it

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faulty system, customer harassment

I had subscribed a dishTV set through one of my friend from India in November, 2006. After 3 months of smooth viewing I paid the annual subscription charges and soon after that from Feb.'07 there was an automatic software upgrade programme that kept appearing on my TV. On the first day of the upgrade it took a few minutes and all programme started as usual. Soon after a week of the first upgrade, a second upgrade began and continued for more than 8 hours when I had to switch off the system. Thereafter, an error in upgrade kept coming on the screen and the automatic upgrade began and continued for another 12 hours.

When I called up the Noida centre, they checked my VC and confirmed that there is an error in my system and I have to take the box to my dealer for physical upgrade. It is definitely impossible to carry the box all the way to India for the next 6 months.

My question is why doesn't the system inform us about the next upgrade through some text and how long will that take. I have already lost the six months of my subscription now until I carry this box back to India. Will DishTV take responsibility for this occurance and renew my subscription for another 6 months until I start using it again.

I will now definitely not recommend this to any of my contacts. This is a pure harassment of customers.

  • An
    Anas Khan Mar 13, 2007

    I agree with the above comment.

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  • Ma
    Mahendra Gupta Sep 03, 2007

    I am also having same problem with my KAON set box . Now also i am having same software upgradation (ERROR prblem). Upgradation will be done automatically.

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shoddy services!

I’ve been looking for fora to share my anguish over Dishtvindia’s service so members are aware of...

billing irregularities!

I had my VC valid till 31-12-2006, and from their internet portal they had advertised that any one can renew 60 days prior. So I decided to renew on 11 Dec 2006, for one year. I must be renewed till 31-12-2007, but these officials renewed my VC wef 16-12-2006 for one year till 15-12-2007. How can my VC be valid for two payments from 16-12-2006 till 31-12-2006? They give no satisfactory answer and say their system cannot allow.

Also their Package DHCP Dish next Dec 2006 shows 2393.00 Rs for one year. I had paid Rs 3193 Rs for some additional channels. They have not activated my additional channels but claim I still owe Rs 343 to them. Isn't it atrocious? Where is my 1143 Rs. They cheat!!

Least of all they are discourteous over the phone and don't reply to my numerous mails and their web complaint portal.

I am fed up with their response and so I voice this in this forum.

  • Kr
    KRISHNA RAJ Apr 03, 2007

    Yes, Kumar, they did the same to me.

    For Dish Maxi, I paid the yearly subscription of Rs 3600 and they have renewed the services only for 6 months. As per Dish TV, the dealer from where I bought the set, did not pay them some Rs 981, which Dish TV deducted from my subscription renewal of Rs 3600. Any number of calls, letters to them is of no use.

    Dish TV people and management are nothing but a bunch of cheats.

    Customers: please do not go for Dish TV... you will have to face the same kind of treatment later.

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  • Yo
    Yogesh Apr 12, 2007


    Please don't go for dish TV. I am fed up with their services. You can notice at any given point of time they will not transmit all the channels. And their Customer care is just a junk of people worser then any government organization.

    Take my words, TATA SKY is a lot better than Dish TV.

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  • Ra
    radhika May 20, 2007

    I strongly agree with the above statements. I bought the connection in this jan 2007 and just like mr krnishna raj i also opted for maxi package and now these guys have taken out some of the channels even before my 6 month subscription. Its completely ridiculous as they made a false claim that i have committed to pay "another" 300rs for the package. Their customer care is horrible they give you an ultimatum of 24 hrs that the problem is going to be rectified as they very well acknowledge the problem is at their end only. Their customer care is pathetic as they are also worst than a government department!! They unnecessarily harass and torment a customer even though we pay all the money together. This is cheating a customer!

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  • Km
    kmldep Dec 28, 2007

    i want to disclose a news about case which i file
    in consumer court against playtv ,zeetv,ministry of
    information tecnology,sajid khan(host),javad jafri and
    airtel.this case is in gurdaspur consumer forum punjab.
    the case is that i win 11 lac rupees in a tv show
    HOUZEE which is displyed on zee tv and playtv on 13
    nov 2005 at 1200 noon and cut 16 rupees from my mobile airtel number as ticket amount.they comit me to pay my amount
    with in 45 days but they do not do so.they call bombay
    to present me in show but they also do not do so.after
    the show they come to me and ask me that we for got to
    present you in show and feel sorry.
    they ask me to go back
    to gurdaspur (punjab) your check we sent you with in
    the week but they do not do so.i file case againist
    the show .the show do not pay any amount to their
    other winner and airtel also made such fraud with
    their customers and they do not pay any tax to
    goverment which is aleast 33% and there are more than
    6 to 11 winners of 11 lacs more than 10 winner are 5
    lac and more 10 winners are of 2 lacs and others .i am
    very thank full to you if you take neccessary action
    agains the playtv(www.playtv.in). and publish my news to the news paper mumbai. for more information contact at given address

    MOBILE 9876242287

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fraud business practices!

I am DishTV subscriber. I was unable to view some of the paid channels and I telephoned on 19.1.07. My...