Dish Network / Dish.comtv services, dvr services, lack of knowledge of employees


I recently called you people about an issue I was having with my DVR nobody on your end in the escalated Tech Team could explain the question of why is it I could sit here and watch a program that was previously recorded from a channel that I am not currently subscribed to compared to I am unable to watch a previous recording from a channel that I am currently subscribed to when I put it in layman terms do you really need to have the original copy of the movie in order that make the copy work when you watch it the answer is no but nobody in your department is able to do that I'm done paying full price for my services I want to a refund as well as you guys sent a tech out here he was very nice and informative to my son but I did not damage the box nor the satellite and thank God I was not charged the tech fee but still since the tech was here I cannot access 95% of my DVR as I stated above as well as it's saying that the HBO channels that you guys are currently giving me on the free 3-month preview some of those movies that I can access it saying the channel is not subscribed and I need to press okay there for there something wrong I want a refund of my $72 that I paid tonight with the card ending in 769 and I want the rest of this month service to be free you guys have put me through hell and back I have a 6 year old that watches TV and now I have to erase my entire DVR and wait for those recordings to come back and hope like hell they come back on channels that I am currently subscribed to because nobody can answer my question above in the beginning of my statement

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