Dish Network / Dish.comcustomer service - moving installation

We contacted Dish over two weeks ago to have our services moved as we have moved. We were told we would have to wait until today October 5, 2019 for someone to come out between the hours of 8:00 and 12:00. I immediately questioned this as your company advertises someone will come out within 24 hours. With much frustration, we have waited for our installation day to have no technician arrive without our window. After calling to check the status of the technician I was informed by the representative that the tech May or may not show up today. I immediately asked to speak with a supervisor. This supervisor was rude and stated that they could give me a credit of 40 dollars for us not having services thus far and $20 for the inconvenience of the technician not showing up. This absolutely infuriates me being I've had to take off work today - cancel plans - and miss a benefit that cost me over $400 for tickets because your company is clueless and doesn't know what's going on or where your technicians is. I let this supervisor know I would be contacting the Better Business Bureau and also speaking with my attorney if install didn't happen today as I was advised being you've cost me money and TIME! This guy sent me over to a woman named Rose with ID JZH. She is rude and should be fired as she has no clue what is going on either and quite frankly is a smart ass to your customers. This is not appreciated! She informed me that "oh someone will be out now between 3 and 5". Yet again, now we are missing other events due to this inconvenience

Bottom line is - your customer service is TERRIBLE, and your TV service is just as bad. I want a supervisor or your legal department to contact me regarding getting out of my contract because quite frankly I don't do business with rude people and unreliable peop

Oct 05, 2019

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