Discovery Channelkilling bigfoot

S Jul 25, 2019 Review updated:

I would like for y'all to bring back the show killing bigfoot, they are the only people out doing the hunt and work to show people what kind of preparation it takes to get after these critters. The hunts they go on are real. Other bigfoot shows are entertaining as well but these killing bigfoot guys are the real deal and you don't have to worry about them killing one these things are incredibly hard to get a glimpse of much less get a shot at. Tell them to change the name to make you happy I already know their not gonna kill one you have to see it first. I hunt these things also not to kill one bit have enteraction you can get the bigfoots to eat candy and peanut butter easily but to get one on a therm is very exciting. These thing can get extremely big and powerful but don't seem to want to have a face to face interaction killing bigfoot are doing everything they possibly educate the public on a creature that science hasn't proven to exist but they do and the government knows they do. Thx.

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