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K Jul 31, 2019 Review updated:

I understand that running a TV channel is a business, and that a business's goal is to earn money. Cancellations or extensions of existing shows are primarily based on the number of viewers who watch a show. The more viewers, the more money that can be charged for advertisements. I know that no filming for The Last Alaskans was done during the trapping season 2018/2019. I have heard that those of you at Discovery haven't decided whether to revive the show in 2020, or to cancel it, but the lack of filming last winter is indicates that you are tending towards cancelling TLA.
Here's my elevator pitch to you. You have an opportunity to continue to broadcast a documentary that presents the most accurate view of how a few families survive in ANWR . As I understand it, there's no plot, and there is no voice-over. The show is about how these people adapt to the unforgiving climate in order to trap for a living. It's about what they think, what they talk about, and how they solve problems. In other words, it's about their lives. TLA is one of the very best TV shows (hopefully) running currently. It's wonderful, the photography is beautiful. and the characters [not actors] are thought provoking.
I know you need to make money to pay yourselves and your employees, but you also have a responsibility to the TV watching public to produce and transmit some excellent shows, even if they are not as profitable as the average show. TLA is a Rembrandt, it's a vanGogh. It is history that we need to retain. When oil and natural gas wells proliferate in ANWR, when roads are built to move parts and labor to these wells, when a port(s) is built to haul petroleum products to Canada or the Lower-48, when sewage and garbage plug up the Hulahula, Porcupine, Coleen, Kavik, and Kongacut Rivers the ANWR as it exists today will be gone. But by continuing to televise new TLA episodes will document historically the land, climate, and people who made their living in ANWR, as well as documenting the hard work that goes into trapping in true wilderness, such as splitting wood, repairing cabins, dragging water from a river to a cabin, etc.
How could you look at yourself in a mirror if you let TLA just fade away?


  • Ch
    chefgeorget Aug 01, 2019

    Please bring back the only accurate program on life in the anwr, The last Alaskans!!

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  • Ms
    Mstarkey Aug 06, 2019

    @chefgeorget Wrong decision to not renew this amazingly beautiful program. It’s been so educational, and nurturing to souls that need this kind of programming. You should be proud of this awesome program. So many people watch. I cannot imagine why it would not be brought back. Please reconsider. These are exceptional people we have grown to love.

    19 Votes
  • Ri
    Ricky Jones Aug 01, 2019

    Why would you cancel a show like The Last Alaskans, arguably the most accurate and realistic show of a dying breed of individuals who live far from civilization, but continue to film something like the Alaskan Bush People, the biggest farce on your network? I have never been more disappointed in your network than I am now. So sad.

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  • Sa
    Sandstorm18 Aug 02, 2019

    Why would you cancel the absolute best show on tv. Your move to the absurd shows like Naked and Afraid and the Shark nonsense are a disgrace to what used to be quality "discovery" shows. Now it is obvious you cater to the money only. I understand your need for income, but please bring back integrity in your programming. You are rapidly losing your fans.

    29 Votes
  • Pa
    PAGrammie Aug 02, 2019

    Please save The Last Alaskans Show. Except for Josh Gates shows, Discovery has been dropping the ball lately.

    26 Votes
  • Jo
    JohnJeffrey Aug 02, 2019

    I will add my two cents to this plea. I greatly value The Last Alaskans show. It is a show I look forward to each week. I am saddened by the idea of not having it available any more. Please reconsider any ideas to discontinue this wonderful show.

    25 Votes
  • Pl
    Plumberlady Aug 02, 2019

    This show along with the other shows, lets call them educational, that you show are all terrific. Some of them like Port Protection, and the one about the people who live on the ice on Slave Lake. These are the kinds of shows I could sit and watch all day. If you are cancelling TLA, please find another good subject like these people.

    14 Votes
  • Da
    Daisymae116 Aug 02, 2019

    @Plumberlady I agree but might add keep TLA ...Port Protection and CANCEL ABP. they are no more Bush people than me.

    11 Votes
  • Pa
    Paula Spranger Aug 02, 2019

    With all the horrible shows on television the Last Alaskans is my "refuge". Everything about it is beautifully done and it should continue to be on the air so more people can find it and enjoy it as I do. Please reconsider cancelling this show.

    22 Votes
  • Ju
    judylouise Aug 02, 2019

    please save the last alaskans show love to watch it!

    18 Votes
  • Ri
    Rick10176 Aug 02, 2019

    I absolutely love this show I've been bindge watching since I stumbled across it I truly believe the show would have more viewers if it was marketed more anyone that loves the great out doors will be in love with this show and its reality stars the beauty of wild Alaska is breath taking and the show delivers the special bond the last alakans have with the land perfectly

    18 Votes
  • Kr
    Kristen Morrison Aug 02, 2019

    please do not cancel this show. I started watching 2 years ago and instantly became hooked. I will watch the re runs over and over. It's the ONLY show on TV that I anxiously await the new season. It shows a lifestyle that only a few will have the chance to experience. The people on this show are so inspiring and have become family. please keep it going. they have many fans who feel the same as I do.

    17 Votes
  • Mi
    Mil Drinkwine Aug 02, 2019

    Please don't cancel! Not a lot we like to watch on network channels these days. Removing TLA makes watching network channels less appealing. Again, we plead, do not cancel!!

    13 Votes
  • Ou
    Oughtabe Aug 02, 2019

    PLEASE drop the Bush People and leave the Last Alaskans on the air...

    23 Votes
  • Rj
    RJ Martin Aug 02, 2019

    It’s sad to hear that you are canceling The last Alaskan’s show . Truly a REAL life discovery of what it takes to live in the wilds of Alaska. I would think that’s why you call your channel the Discovery channel right !!! To see all the out pouring of viewers that have grown to love these folks is sad that you keep producing show that is about foolishness just downright stupid in my opinion. And not produce something that is believable and not to mention real says something of your channel. So if this is what we have to look forward to . I guess we all will have to stick together and call our cable provider to discontinue your service. Think about what you stand for and make the right decision here. We will try support channel’s that produce something that is real and believable. And not fake because it looks like that’s the way you are headed.Think about it !!! JMartin

    12 Votes
  • Mb
    M Ballbach Aug 02, 2019

    A great show like Yukon Men was already canceled and now you want to cancel The Last Alaskans but yet you keep a crap show like ABP on the air. What is wrong with the powers that be at your network???? You continue to film people that are nothing but fakes and phonies and cancel shows about REAL people that everyone really wants to see. Please reconsider your decision. This is one of the few programs on tv that I truly look forward to and watch the reruns over and over. M Ballbach

    14 Votes
  • Ta
    Tamara Bustos Aug 02, 2019

    I am so disappointed with the choice of cancellation. I firmly believe it has proven itself to be one of truest and most loved program I have ever seen. When I first found it I was captivated. This program alone is the most "real" type of programming to ever have aired on television. I truly loved this program and am heartbroken that there will no more to see.

    12 Votes
  • Je
    Jennykifer Aug 02, 2019

    Discovery is really starting to SUCK! What on earth would make you cancel a show everyone loves and was real yet keep the stupid Alaskan bush people show?? We all know the Browns are liars thieves and scam artists yet you cancel one of the very few shows people actually enjoyed watching just to keep the piece of crap brownstains on! The only thing worth watching on discovery anymore is any show with Josh Gates and the Last Alaskans way to go discovery on making g no one want to watch your channel anymore you bunch of money grabbing lowlifes!

    12 Votes
  • Ei
    Ei Crawford Aug 02, 2019

    Really another Alaskan show gone, roll in the car programs thdrd was one on today honest it was the same as fast n loud no need for more, you all no people enjoy the alaskan shows why do yous not care what we like, I enjoyed TLA loved yokon meñ adored the off gridders in rail rd alaska, and forget the name air Alaska I get itscold for the crew and the equipment yous need, yous all should no what these shows mean to us real people rethink thedecition take a vote dont bring g these families to our hearts then drop us and cast like a bag off dog do with a hole in it

    6 Votes
  • Re
    redheadfuru Aug 02, 2019

    why would they do something like this when they know it's making them money while the Bush guys..there making money for being nothing while TLA taught use something that is real

    8 Votes
  • De
    Dee Ann Edson Aug 02, 2019

    Please, simply, please bring the Last Alaskans back on. They are like family. A good, true, honest, real down to earth show a family can watch together. A show that inspires dreams, hope, love and caring for the land and the connection with it. We love these people, we love their life, the country, their real stories and day to day life. Please bring them back on TV. Dee Ann Edson in Indiana

    9 Votes
  • Sh
    Sharlyn Dalby Aug 02, 2019

    Please don't cancel The Last Alaskans. Out of all of the reality shows out there, TLA is the crème of the crop. Why would you cancel your masterpiece? I've been a fan since the first episode and it's set to record so I never miss it. You've given us a glimpse of a much simpler, natural way to live. Please don't take it away.

    10 Votes
  • Sh
    Sharkn Aug 02, 2019

    Cancel TLA and I automatically contact my service provider and drop Discovery Channel... You keep a show like Alaskan Bush People a bunch of hillbilly stuff and cancel a great show... Ridiculous

    9 Votes
  • Da
    daveinthebush Aug 28, 2019

    I watch this show more than any other. As an Alaskan myself I love the show. The ridiculousness of shows like Alaska Bush People is insulting to Alaskans. Please restore the show.

    12 Votes
  • An
    Anastasia555 Sep 22, 2019

    I can’t believe you have decided to cancel The Last Alaskan while you renew Alaskan Bush People!! ABP has to be the worst show on your channel while you cancel TLA which was the best show on your channel. I looked forward to watching TLA week after week and absolutely love this show. It shows the real lives of hard working honest people trying to make it in tough conditions in the Alaskan wilderness. While you continue to renew ABP who don’t even live in Alaska and haven’t for years!! Due to your greed and stupidity you have lost a loyal customer for the stupid decisions you have made. I’m sure you have and will continue to lose customers!! You obviously don’t care about what the customers want!! You have done your customers a disservice and I will never again watch your channel!!

    9 Votes
  • Di
    Didean Oct 07, 2019

    I am so disappointed that you chose to cancel the Last Alaskans. I looked forward to watching and was captivated with their lives. What a disservice to Bob Hart's legacy.

    7 Votes
  • Do
    DonH1 Dec 19, 2019

    TLA is hands down the best show on TV. If you cancel I'll just watch the episodes I have recorded.
    What a shame.
    Cancel the Bush People and keep TLA!!!

    4 Votes
  • He
    Heart's Revenge Jan 22, 2020

    I know that they cancelled the program because of Steve Irwin and so called family crapola that Animal Planet er... Discovery wanted to replace the TLA program with. That program was outdated the day Steve died (no disrespect to him, he was that show and nothing will ever replace him as Discovery is about to discover). It's like trying to replace Bob Harte, the man was as real, and projected the same each and every time he was featured on the show. That's a rare element in "reality" programs today because of the need for greed trumps actual real people: Real people doing and saying and acting, not as if real, but as real'; because they are real, unscripted, and in an environment we all know where their scripted acting would be a deadly result if some clown, so called reality actors (already mentioned above - whistle and point) would soon find out if they were shoved into that environment and forced to face the harsh cold reality they find themselves in.

    Me? Well I haven't watched Discovery, Animal Planet or any other DIscovery related Channel since they cancelled TLA. And will not ever watch them again. Boycott them! They want rating instead of rantings. Flip right on by these greed driven almond petit fours; if you're programming where you live is anything like mine, there are 100's of other channels. Maybe Bob's Harte's death can mean something better. I'm quite sure he would endorse this move, if he were still here. And I'm quite sure all those who have appeared on the program would endorse it.

    3 Votes
  • Bu
    Bunserelli Jan 29, 2020

    You canceled The Last Alaskans??!! Are you people at Discovery crazy? You keep The Alaskan Bush People, but cancel the best show on TV? You really don’t have the public’s best interests at heart at all, do you? You’re not deceiving anyone with that absolutely fake show, yet when you have a real show, you cancel it!! Insanity!

    5 Votes
  • Pg
    PGH101 Feb 22, 2020

    Please continue the "Last Alaskans" it has been more interesting than Life below zero! You all at Discovery never really did a ad campaign for the show,

    3 Votes

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