DiscoverCardshady due date practices

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I have had a DiscoverCard for almost 10 years with the same due date for that entire time, always due on the 21st of each month.

I received my June 2009 statement and didn’t bother opening it until June 18 to pay my bill online. Imagine my surprise when I opened the envelope and I found they had changed my due date to June 12, so it was already past due!

I immediately called DiscoverCard to let them know I had not been informed of this and was told the notice was sent out 6 months ago regarding due date changes. She agreed to waive the late fee and she changed my due date back to the 21st. I paid my June payment at that time.

My July 2009 statement just arrived yesterday. Yes, the due date is now back at the 21st, but the late charge was not waived like I was promised last month when I called, PLUS my 14% APR has now changed to 26.99%. That is highway robbery!! They tacked on a whopping $374.00 finance charge at the new 26.99% APR – which was way more than my payment I made in the previous month. They also raised my minimum payment due to $360.00 - an amount I certainly cannot afford.

I called DiscoverCard again, and she again promised to remove my $39 late fee, but she said she would have to send the part about reducing my APR to another department.

What do you want to bet they don’t reverse the $374.00 finance charge?

A year ago when I checked my credit score it was a little over 800. I hate to see what it is now. I would love to file bankruptcy to screw DiscoverCard over, but I’d only be hurting myself.

If I had another credit card to fall back on for emergencies, I’d tell DiscoverCard to stick my credit card up their you-know-what.

My fantasy is to see DiscoverCard go the way of AIG and the others.


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      Nov 27, 2012
    DiscoverCard - Cash back bonus deceptive rules
    Discover bank
    United States

    I have been using Discovercard thinking that I am getting 1% reward... but read the reward rules carefully... you are getting .25% ...
    thsi si the rule that most people like me forget to look for deep in the discover site:

    For all other purchases you will earn a full 1% after your total annual purchase total exceeds $3, 000. Purchases that are part of your first $3, 000 earn .25%. Purchases made at select warehouse clubs, discount stores, and their affiliates also earn .25%. We do not include warehouse purchases or 5% category purchases in calculating your total annual purchases.

    So when you use your card at most big stores... you are not getting 1% ... It seems that we are dealing with Insurance Company with Deductiables now!!

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      Dec 19, 2012
    DiscoverCard - High Interest Rates
    Discover Card
    United States

    Please boycott discover card at all cost. They are not competitive with other credit card going interest rates. They will range 14-18% and higher. They do not ahve any reasonable hardship programs. Their goal is to suck you dry. I was paying a $100 a month for just a $8000 revolving balance. When I tried to grieve or reduce the finance charges due to hardship, they laughed at me.

    The customer service staff is heartless. I was a Dicovercard holder for over 20 years and it didn't mean nothing to them.
    I finally paid them off, and closed out the account, requested my name to be taken off their mailing list, and I will boycott shopping at Sears as well.

    Please do not allow yourselfs to fall prey to Discovercard.

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