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bogus reward program

I have a Discover Card. I redeemed my rewards dollars for an Enterprise Rent a Car certificate for $40. I rented a car at Enterprise Rent a Car at Oakland, CA. I gave them my Discover Card certificate. They accepted it. I did sign the rental for a total charge of $35. Later, I checked my credit card bill and I had been charged the full amount of $35 and no credit for the certificate. I contacted Enterprise. They said Discover refused to honor the certificate. I contacted Discover. They reversed the charge while they investigated. Later, I put the charge back on my bill with no explanation.

First, Enterprise should have returned the certificate if Discover would not honor it or, at a minimum, wrote me a letter indicating the same. They had my address.

Second, Discover performed a sham investigation into the matter and never provided a legitimate result of their investigation.

They should have a record of Enterprise attempting to cash the certificate. So I am out my $40 Discover reward and I paid an additional $35 for the car. Do not cash in your Discover rewards for these bogus certificates. Take the cash!

Avoid rental car companies. They are all operated like boiler rooms and charge customers for bogus damages.

  • Ed
    E Dench Feb 24, 2011

    This also happened to me - and I was very attentive every step of the way. I believe this is common practice. Zero chance I will pay the charges, I will file with the credit reporting agencies and escalate this if need be. -E Dench

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trillion dollar hold placed on bank accounts!

I had a Discover Card that I had an approximate balance of $3, 000. on. I had some unforeseen circumstances, mostly medical, that caused me to fall behind in payments. Discover turned my account over to an attorney, who took me to court. In the past two months they have received judgment on me for the $3, 000 with an interest rate of 21.99% and attorney fees of around $1, 000. I had offered to pay the attorney's $50.00 but they would not accept it, so that is why they took me to court, because they felt like I was not willing to pay my debt.

As of yesterday, 5-16, 08, the attorneys have placed a trillion dollar hold on three bank accounts that my name is on; mine, my mother's, and my daughter's. All of us are unable to access our accounts. I am assuming that the reason they are doing this is because they would not be able to garnish my pension (state law), and the other income I have would give them only $50.00, (25% of my earnings). My daughter's and my mother's accounts have the money to pay the debt, but it will leave both of them with nothing. The attorney had told me that Discover will not mess with you and it's obvious that this is true. It appears that they will do whatever it takes to receive their money.

My suggestion to anyone who is looking to have a Discover Card. BEWARE!!! If you lose your job or have an unexpected illness and are unable to pay your bill, expect to be turned over to attorneys. I'm sure that I am not the only one this has happened to and I'm sure I won't be the last. I have absolutely nothing good to say about Discover, their attorneys, or the tactics that they have used to recover a $3, 000. debt.

  • An
    Another Person May 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Credit cards aren't a free lunch and the don't take the dramatic step of going to court to collect until they have exhausted all other possibilities. Did you offer to make small payments with them? Did you simply ignore the bills and not even call to tell them what was going on? None of these companies WANT to go to collections, it's expensive and it means they lose a customer. They will work with you, but you have to work with them too.

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  • Je
    Jen Jul 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would consult with an attorney, especially if you dealt with Weltman, Weinberg, and Reis. These are junk debt buyers known for manipulating the courts and have been sued in all 50 states because of their illegal practices.

    I have a suit myself pending against Discover for giving them my personal info (when the account wasn't even mine). Can't sue the agency because no damages other than harassment and falsification of court documents to illegally phish for personal information to put people in your situation.

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terrible experience!

What Ever You, Do not Get a Credit Card from Discover Card. I always pay more than the minimum allowance...

usurious increase in apr by discover card

Discover Card APR interest rate increased to 24.99% - but nothing negative on credit report and all Discover...

it's another way of collecting additional fees from people

I went online to pay Discover bill for this month. I found they had charged an over limit fee of $39. I had paid minimum due amount and didn't understand why over limit.

I subtracted minimum due from previous balance and came under limit so I called Discover. They said even though I paid minimum due that when added finance charges it made it over limit. Now, she double talked on this issue. I asked her if that was the case why wasn't the minimum due higher in over to take care of it. She said they had no way of knowing what the finance charges were going to be so they couldn't do that. I said, "So, you can't but I'm supposed to mind-read and figure it out myself. She then went on to say that the finance charges are actually from the month before and that I should have some idea from what they were previously.

Now, if that's the case, they should be able to do the same thing. My guess is, it's another way of collecting additional fees from people. They know perfectly well that people will pay minimum due without thinking to double check the finance charges and will thus occur over limit fees, late fees, etc., etc., etc.

Who does one write to complain about this sort of business?

  • Jo
    John Nottingham Nov 14, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    And what a dirty credit card this has turned out to be, and on my trip~Misrepresentation of fees, lying, not helping with disputed charges at Motel 8, Pet fees not pet friendly, wanted $15. per cat, did not honor the coupon rate in the Florida coupon saver and Room Rates Misrepresented by Motel 8 at I-95 Saint Augustine, Florida in violation of Florida Statute 509, Misleading and False Advertising, no shower, dirty shower and no fan in Motel 8, noisy, smelled like chemicals, would not honor the $42. price and
    Discover Card ignores all material facts in this matter, and lets Motel 8 get away with it with charging me over limit fees in the hundreds of dollars, just hidden fees, extending credit overlimit not requested by the customer and the hundreds of over limit charges on the Discover card~Usary, Lying about taking charges off, lying about what is owed to them to bring it under the limit $6,100~dirty card Lying people now I will have to go court in Wilmington, Delaware, see a lot of class action lawsuits against Discover Card.

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  • Me
    Melissa Dec 09, 2008

    Get a life, you stayed at MOTEL 8, you sound pathetic anyway...geesh, you sound like someone who has no business having a credit card John...

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  • Am
    amftgb Mar 24, 2009

    Minimum payments are based on 2 to 4% of the account balance. Future interest rate charges are not considered in the minimum payment amount. Users of credit cards need to think about this. If you have a balance of $2900 and your limit is $3000 you will be in trouble if you only pay the minimum amount of $60.00 when your interest is figured at 29.99%. After your payment is made your next months balance will still be charged your interest and your balance will be over $3000. The next thing you know is that you have mysteriously gone over your limit and are now incurring fees. Common sense, minimum payments only get you in trouble and you have to do some basic math to stay in control of your credit accounts.

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discover cards customer service is on the decline

My family has used discover card almost exclusively for years. In the past few months, we have had problems getting our statements in the mail. Most of our cards are paid off each month in full, some by bill pay and others by mail. The statements by mail seem to be the problem. For the past two months the statements were not received. I brought this to the attention of discover card customer service. Again this month I did not receive a statement, but received several weekend phone calls from discover card collections telling me that my payment was 47 days overdue. When I received the phone call on Sunday, I explained that I was called a few days ago and informed of the specific amount and had mailed a check in for that amount in full and that I had not received a bill or notified of the amount that was due prior to the phone call. The first Rep could not explain to me why I had not received the statement notification, but recommend that I call my local post office regarding the problem. She stated that she would remove the additional charges and she verified the amount of the check that had been mailed. I assumed that all was taken care of. Well several days later, I received another call from Discover card collections regarding the same payment. I explained to the Rep what was discussed during a previous call from them regarding the same payment. She stated that the record did not show any adjustments previously agreed to by the first rep and that I did not tell the previous rep that I had mailed in the payment which was not true. She demanded that I tell her the exact amount of the check. In other words she accused me of lying. I was shocked.

My family has been using Discover card for years. We all have excellent credit. But for their lousy mailing procedures, we would not be at odds with them. It is clear to us that Discover card?s customer service is on the decline. We plan to seek better customer service and I have no doubt that our outstanding credit record will not hinder us from locating other replicable credit card services.

  • An
    [email protected] Oct 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    IF YOUR TIME IS IMPORTANT TO YOU, NEVER USE CAPITAL ONE CREDIT CARD. They are the worst in the industry! For the 4th or 5th time in a few months, they have put a hold on my credit card for no reason. It is so embarrasing! I am waiting in line to pay the cashier at a supermarket and the card gets declined. I know that there is plenty of money on the card, so I called the customer service number. Guess what? I am transferred to India, where I could barely understand the customer rep's thick Indian accent. I had to repeat my card number several times, then she argues that the number I gave is not a legitimate number. I said, "What?!" I am reading the card that you, guys issued me and I have been using this same card for years. Then, she puts me on hold for several minutes. Upon her return, I remind her that I am still holding up the line at the supermarket and people are starting to glare at me like it's my fault that my credit card is having problems. The service rep asks me to repeat the credit card number 2 more times, puts me on hold for 3 more minutes and then says that there is no hold on the card and for the cashier to try to run it again. For the 4th time, the store cashier runs the card and again, the computer screen says that the card is declined. I tell the service rep this, and she still insists that it is not on their end, but on the store's end. The cashier runs the card 2 more times. Same thing. I ask the service rep to be transferred to a supervisor and she says in "an-i-don't-give-a-crap" voice, "I can't transfer you until I exhaust all the troubleshooting possibilities. What are the last 3 digits on the back of your card?" I give her the number and she says, "That is an invalid code". Again, I shriek, '"What?! I am simply reading the back of my card and I have used this code and this card for years? What is going on?" She says (amused), "Hold the line..." Again, I was on hold for several minutes, then she comes back on the line and said, "I don't see any problem on the card. Run the card again... Maybe this time it will work." I ask the cashier (who at this time, is now glaring at ME), to run the card one last time. Guess what? Card is still declined and the phone goes dead!

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  • Mi
    mike donato Dec 28, 2008

    you need me email me better ok?
    why did you declinced 12 year ago i'm very good buying for me you said i already apply what i do ?
    please tell me email me any time ?

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  • St
    Statham Oct 22, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had $2000 of transactions I didn't make. They are not giving my money back.

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  • Pa
    Paula cobbins May 11, 2019

    Discover blocked me from calling, them and question about their practices anyway I had a third party call them and they discuss my account in length with the third party on line I should, have been notified that they, had blocked me from calling them to discuss

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