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My brother took out a discover card in my name, discover sent the card to him at his address, he paid on it out of his bank account!! When we found out we did the right thing, we called, we filed fraud charges, we filed a police report, we sent certified letters, we put a fraud alert on our credit report. Disvoer is calling us, hounding us, calling our work, calling 4 times a day every day. They called our boss so many times we were let go!! And now they found us again and we already know we will get let go if they dont stop. Actually my brother took out three cards in my name, then called one up told them I was dead so he could transfer it to discover card. As soon as we found out we filed fruad charges.Thats when he quit paying on it, but my goodness they sent the card to him at his address, they sent the bill to his home, he paid it out of his bank account till we filed the charges, and now discover wont do anything about it except hound us to the point of losing jobs!!
I blame discover after all had they done something really simple like check a name to an address I would not be in this mess, now would I discover????????? You broke us, you hounded us, you got us fired, you continue to harass instead of going after my brother! we gave you his name, his address, his businesses he wons, we asked you to check the account he was paying you from, and your answer is we dont do that, this is in your name, you will pay or we will make you pay, and take your home, and get you fired, and make you suffer for the rest of you life.
Well thanks discover we really appreciate that effort, too bad the same effort is not applied the ### hole jerk that you sent the card to in my name!!

Resolved felony telephone harassment

Discover Card began calling our home 2-3 times a day in April 2010. They were looking for a person that we do not know, that has not had the phone number they are calling or lived at this address. After the first few calls, we made it a point to 'pick up' the phone and talk to someone as they had a error that needed correcting. Their repugnant refusal that we ARE the person they are calling and demanding our account information made us suspicious. So we asked them not to call back and immediately contacted Discover Financial via their web page and calling their 800 number. All that resulted from this is that they now have called us daily 5-6 times per day for this other person for a fraud protection inquiry. This past week they have called in excess of 5x daily Sun-Sat and will not stop calling.
I can't sleep anymore without turning off our phone. With a dependent traveling the US on college break, this is very un-wise. I have already lost several days of work as I was unable to sleep with them calling multiple times per hour once they knew someone was home. This is blatant telephone harassment, and I am not even the person they want to talk to.

  • Fe
    Felistorm May 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    THey can be reported for harassment with the multiple phone calls. I would encourage you to let them know next time they call that they are in violation of the fair debt collection act (as well as telling them again that they have the wrong person) and let them know they are about to be reported. Contact the better business bureau if you haven't allready. I wish you luck on this.

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Resolved apr changed for no reason

I was promised a 7% rate on a balance transfer from Discover. I needed a new roof, mine was leaking, so I took the offer and had several thousand transfered from Discover to my bank account. The 7% APR was suppossed to last a few years, just enough time for me to pay off the debt completely. Problem is that 4 months later they upped it to 24.99% interest instead!! I called and complained as I couldn't afford the new rate. They told me I had payed late on a payment. I looked into my records and found that I had actually payed the payment in question a full two weeks early!! I called back and complained again. They basically told me to get lost!! I tried to pay as best as I could but my husband lost his business and we were left penniless so I stopped paying and started gathering info to do a bankruptcy. However, Discover came in, one week before the bankruptcy was to be filed, with a lawsuit against me to make me pay something I cannot afford and didn't agree upon. This company is slimmy, evil and just downright dishonest. Never ever deal with them if you can avoid them. Their dishonesty and heartless cruelness is appauling.

Resolved lower payment plan scam

Here’s the problem: 1) Why should any consumer be required to give Discover access to his or her...

Resolved misplaced funds/customer service

I will limit this horror story to the most relevant details; a full recitation would be too tedious to write and to read.

On Nov.17 2009 I requested a transfer of $1000 from my Discover Bank online savings account to my local Wachovia checking account which I had previously registered on the Discover website to enable transfers between the two accounts.
Five days later I received an email saying that Wachovia had rejected the transfer and instructing me to call to resolve the issue. I was puzzled because my Wachovia account is and has been in good standing for many years. I called the Discover customer service number and the person who spoke to me was baffled when I told him about the email. He transferred me to another person (after a long time on hold). That person was equally clueless. Thus began an unbelievable ordeal. Over a period of days I was repeatedly transferred from one person to another, with long periods on hold, having to explain the matter from the top to each one.

On the "Overview" page of my account on the Discover website it was indicated that Wachovia had rejected the transfer because they could not identify the account. I soon detected the reason: the disguised account number shown in the email and on my Discover page was twelve digits; my Wachovia account number actually has thirteen digits. To verify the mistake I asked one person to read me my Wachovia account number shown in their records. I was correct, one digit had been dropped. I pointed this out to each person I spoke to but it didn not seem to register with any of them.

At one point I became so exasperated that I demanded that the account be closed and an official check be sent to me. When I received the check it was $1000 less than my correct balance; The thousand dollars in question had apparently vanished into thin air. More phone calls--more time spent on hold--no rusults.

Incredibly over a span of forty-three (43!) days I spoke to thirty-six (36!) individuals by actual count. I estimate that I spent about five hours on the phone (mostly on hold) Twice I was told that the person would research the issue and call me back. That did not happen. Once I was told that if I wrote a letter formally closing the account I would be issued a check for the missing money. I sent the letter and received no response whatsoever. The last person I have spoken with told me they still needed to verify that Wachovia had rejected the transfer. This after forty-three days and despite the fact that they had sent me an email to that effect and despite the fact that the "Overview" page of my account on the Discover website clearly indicates that to be the case.

[email protected]#$#[email protected][email protected]$

This nightmarish experience was generated by a simple typographical error compounded by a shocking level of indifference and incompetence on the part of Discover Bank's customer service reps and by their apparent confusion over the banks processes. The matter is not yet resolved.

Discover is truly the Bank from Hell. Lawyers riding on elephants could not induce me to deposit another cent in this bank.

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Resolved fees on cds, money market

I have recently opened up a money market and two CD account with Discover.

I experienced terrible delays in processing my transactions, deposits, withdrawls and any other request, the customer service was the worst and arrogant reps at discover bank.

My check book was ordered and did not delivered to me for almost two months, and debit card never arrived for 3 months till I closed the account.

Due to this horrendous practices of Discover Savings (Bank), I moved out my money market funds. But, when I asked them to close my CDs and deposit the money back, there was so much of hassels they created that I have to send them in writing and only fax can be accepted.

When I send the fax as per their request, they told me after three days that I did not agree for fees. Yes, my fax clearly states that they have to any early withdrawl fees because I am closing discover cds because of their terrible customer service and delays in transactions.

The account manager kept me on the phone for few min to discuss it with her seniors or whoever, came back and said, they will not waive any fees on my CDs?. So, I have to send another fax clearly stating I acknowledge and agree for the fees?. Despite my request, the account manager did not help me.

Discover bank and their administration has to be investigated by FDIC, federal regulators and consumer advocate groups for their deception and cheating behaviors of innocent customers.

Resolved discover card screwing america backwards

Fellow Hardworking American Citizens, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GET A DISCOVER CARD!!! (Have a bake...

Resolved terrible experience

I just thought I would let you know about a public interest issue that you might want to pursue. Long story short and I can provide more details if needed

I applied from a mailer for a card got approved got the card sent to me and I activated it with a $6000 credit limit...

I procrastinated in doing the balance transfers (apparently there was a time limit) So I called they would not work with me so I suggested I canceled the unused card reapply for a new one (as you cannot have 2) and then not procrastinate I was warned that I might not get the same deal.

I did this and was declined !!!

The reason was my mortgage had not gone down!!!?!?!? I like many many others I am on an interest only but unlike many others am paying on time with no missed payments or even any payments late. If I was renting an apartment the payments to them would not effect my credit. So why within one month I have gone from $6000 to Nothing.

  • Ma
    MARIA E. SANCHEZ May 13, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a discover credit card which sam's club store offer. I do not have a delinquent account because the last balance was $3.47 or $3.11. I just use the credit card for buy a computer and a customer. Here in puerto rico we have an economical problem that delay the employees payments. I was receiving the half of my salary and that affect my economical status. Check if i have a pending balance with your company, i know that its all paid... I fill uncomfortable with your decision and disappointed... The reasons for your decision is not explained clearly. That is not fair for me...

    I want a clear explanation.... Im a customer not a delicuent...

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Resolved possible scam to get one to activate fraud protection

I signed up for a Zero Percent card with Discover. Recieved my Cards in the mail and activated the cards. 2-3 months later I recieved a paper stating that my account cards had not been activated. When calling the number on the paper it asked for my Social Security Number. I promptly ended the call. I called Discover directly to inquire as to whether my cards had been activated and they stated that they were. However, since I recieved this paper, someone was trying to access my account information and I should sign up for fraud protection. I have seen other complaints about Discover Card signing users up for Fraud Protection that they feel they did not authorize. Could this be a method they are using to do this? The number I was given to call to "activate" my card was [protected]. Anyone reciving something with this number should be cautious.

  • Ja
    Jamdowner Sep 25, 2009

    I just had the EXACT SAME THING happen to me!!! I signed up for a zero percent balance-transfer card from Discover earlier this year and activated the card as soon as I got it. I got a notice in the mail today (Sep 25 2009) saying the following:

    "The new Discover card that we recently sent you has not been activated. Please contact us today by calling 1-866-238-9489 to confirm you have received your card(s). We plan to send you a replacement card if we don't hear from you by 09/25/09. For your security purposes, your card must be activated before you can begin using it."

    The notice had my name, address and the last 4 digits of my card number on it.

    I called Discover immediately to double check that my card was active (which it was) and that they hadn't issued another card (which they hadn't). But as soon as I explained to the representative why I was calling and that I thought I had received a possible postal mail credit card scam she went into immediate hard sell mode in trying to get me to sign up for Discover's Identity Theft protection service at $9/month. She said that since it seemed as if someone was trying to access my account then I should at least sign up for a couple months and then cancel when I felt I didn't need it anymore. She even went as far as to say that she'd give me the number to cancel while I was on the phone so I would know that it was an easy, straightforward cancellation process.

    The entire call felt like a high pressure sales tactic so I stalled and said I needed to think about it but would call back later once I'd made up my mind. Instead, I immediately jumped on Google and found this review with someone having the same experience as I did. This is all very fishy to me... I would hate to think that Discover was running a scam to scare people into signing up for extra, unneeded services. It doesn't help their case that I also just received a copy of my new account agreement with all the changes mandated by the new credit card laws coming into effect. Seems like Discover is trying to drum up extra revenue if you ask me...

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  • Nd
    Ndy Dec 26, 2010

    All of those Credit Card Insurance plans are scams. Not one will ever do anything except delay the payments. They don't really shut off the card even, so whats the point to it. you already had that much protection before paying extra for it.

    Cut every credit card you have up in pieces and close the accounts.

    Transunion and Equifax are the electronic crimes reporting companies in charge of your credit ratings and these electronic accounts. But they are companies founded by Casino owners ! Casino Fraudsters are supposed to be in charge of the Nations credit ratings ?

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  • Gl
    Glenn Clayton Aug 04, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That is what Discover has been taken to federal court for theses past years< Now they are tying their cards to the homes of old people!

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Resolved very upset

I paid for a service called the Account Protection. The terms was if I became unemployed or disabled they couldn't add interest or late fees or any fees to the account for two years. I would be charged monthly on my card to pay for the account protection. Now I did come unemployed and I informed Discover that I was unemployed and at that time they should of activated the protection. I'm now being taking to court and sued by Discover. I feel as though they're unfair jerks. They took the money and didn't provide the service at all. I'm very upset and feel like I was screwed over by this company. I think everyone should be aware of this.

  • Bo
    bobtheman Aug 15, 2009

    Account protection is typically provided by another service. Did you make sure you weren't supposed to call someone else to get your benefits?

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  • Al
    Alkemy Jun 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    As someone who currently works with Payment Protection Insurance, you have to speak directly with the insurance company, and the number would be listed on your statement each month, next to the transaction where you paid for the insurance. Calling Discover and telling them you're unemployed doesn't do much, you have to let them know you have the insurance and ask to have it activated.

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Resolved fraudulent practices

Discover card fraudulently added a protection plan to my account with out my authorization. When I contacted them in regards to this they said I approved them over the telephone. I have never spoken to them over the telephone and by all means avoid answering their phone calls to avoid rude representatives trying to force feed you products or services. I was appalled by how sneaky this company could be. I do not make purchases on my card and haven’t for years. I send them automatic payments each month to pay off my balance and neglected to review my statements for which I thought had no activity. To my dismay, they had been charging me for this protection plan. I think it is wrong for a company to be able to do this to a consumer. The red flag was raised when they lied to me and said I spoke to them over the phone when I am the only one who has access to that telephone number and ignored answering every one of their calls. I believe this company should be looked into and recommend all consumers to review all statements with them to make sure they are accurate.

  • Ko
    kodi0901 Feb 16, 2010

    Be careful when setting up automatic payments with discover card. My husband set up payments on his card at 200.00 a month about a year later he asked why his balance wasn't going down, I looked at the bill and it said we had a late fee. When calling them they said that He set up the auto pay after the due date. their solution was to give us 1 month of late fee back, we feel the customer service rep knew that they were setting it up after the due date . Now one year later when our interest rate should go down because of paying on time they called today to tell us that we missed our feb payment, we have not recieved the bill! They asked if we had problems with our mail man, i said no, we have a problem with a company that intentionally does not send a bill so that we end up with a late payment and our interest rate will remain high because of it. needless to say when we get our tax return back we are paying off and canceling the card, it will be the happiest day of our lives to not have to deal with such a dishonest company. As for those persons who work at discover I am guessing you are paid to post on these complaint sites to try to make Discover look better, it doesn't work.

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Resolved shady due date practices

I have had a DiscoverCard for almost 10 years with the same due date for that entire time, always due on the 21st of each month.

I received my June 2009 statement and didn’t bother opening it until June 18 to pay my bill online. Imagine my surprise when I opened the envelope and I found they had changed my due date to June 12, so it was already past due!

I immediately called DiscoverCard to let them know I had not been informed of this and was told the notice was sent out 6 months ago regarding due date changes. She agreed to waive the late fee and she changed my due date back to the 21st. I paid my June payment at that time.

My July 2009 statement just arrived yesterday. Yes, the due date is now back at the 21st, but the late charge was not waived like I was promised last month when I called, PLUS my 14% APR has now changed to 26.99%. That is highway robbery!! They tacked on a whopping $374.00 finance charge at the new 26.99% APR – which was way more than my payment I made in the previous month. They also raised my minimum payment due to $360.00 - an amount I certainly cannot afford.

I called DiscoverCard again, and she again promised to remove my $39 late fee, but she said she would have to send the part about reducing my APR to another department.

What do you want to bet they don’t reverse the $374.00 finance charge?

A year ago when I checked my credit score it was a little over 800. I hate to see what it is now. I would love to file bankruptcy to screw DiscoverCard over, but I’d only be hurting myself.

If I had another credit card to fall back on for emergencies, I’d tell DiscoverCard to stick my credit card up their you-know-what.

My fantasy is to see DiscoverCard go the way of AIG and the others.

  • Ma
    masooman Nov 27, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been using Discovercard thinking that I am getting 1% reward... but read the reward rules carefully... you are getting .25% ...
    thsi si the rule that most people like me forget to look for deep in the discover site:

    For all other purchases you will earn a full 1% after your total annual purchase total exceeds $3, 000. Purchases that are part of your first $3, 000 earn .25%. Purchases made at select warehouse clubs, discount stores, and their affiliates also earn .25%. We do not include warehouse purchases or 5% category purchases in calculating your total annual purchases.

    So when you use your card at most big stores... you are not getting 1% ... It seems that we are dealing with Insurance Company with Deductiables now!!

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  • Ge
    gerizee Dec 19, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please boycott discover card at all cost. They are not competitive with other credit card going interest rates. They will range 14-18% and higher. They do not ahve any reasonable hardship programs. Their goal is to suck you dry. I was paying a $100 a month for just a $8000 revolving balance. When I tried to grieve or reduce the finance charges due to hardship, they laughed at me.

    The customer service staff is heartless. I was a Dicovercard holder for over 20 years and it didn't mean nothing to them.
    I finally paid them off, and closed out the account, requested my name to be taken off their mailing list, and I will boycott shopping at Sears as well.

    Please do not allow yourselfs to fall prey to Discovercard.

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theft and betrayal

I ordered flowers for Mother's Day from FTD and paid for them on my Discovery Card. A month later I noticed a $12.00 monthly charge on my Discovery Account from an unknown company. When I called the Discovery people they were quick to explain that when I bought the flowers I either checked a box or failed to check a box that lead to the purchase of some type of service. I asked them to reverse the charge but they refused suggesting I call the people who had scammed me. The Discovery Card rep then pointed out their phone number was listed on my Discovery card statement.

In forty years of credit card statements I have never seen a company phone number listed in the statement. Obviously Discovery Card is aware of the scams perpetrated on their customers and have found a way to pass complaints back to their customers who spot the scams. They abandon those too weak or too trusting to find the rip offs and seem satisfied to collect interest on phony services that have never been requested or delivered.

And the flowers were never delivered on time, FTD send me an email and offer a discount for late delivery which I accepted, but the flowers were never did arrive and I did get a credit for the purchase but the $12.00 charge would have gone on forever if I hadn't caught it.

  • Cr
    CreditVixen Dec 07, 2009

    Oh my goodness, you are hilarious. First of all, it is DISCOVER card, not DISCOVERY. And the so called scam you are referring to is from a company most likely called RESERVATION REWARDS OR COMPLETE SAVINGS, they bill under many different names.
    I did some research on this and found out pretty quickly. You can even search this complaint site for info. I shop with Shutterfly and they offer me this promotion every time I check out, please read the web site people!!! You probably did click on the check box without reading because you wanted to save $10 off your flower purchase. Do not blam Discover for this scam, please file a complaint with the Attorney General about this company. Just google RESERVATION REWARDS and you will see exactly what I'm talking about. They make millions each year off unsuspecting customers like you.

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  • Bi
    Bill Johnson 417 Jun 16, 2013

    Discover Card also rips off it's investors and even the taxpayers. They got themselves labeled a bank in 2008 to get TARP money. Instead of cutting expenses and acting responsibly, they decided to start sending 53 of their employees on trips to Key West twice a year, Las Vegas, Aspen, Miami, New York, Hawaii, etc. every year since. They are called the Local Markets group, and get paid to travel at least once a month to pretend they are putting up Discover stickers! The management knows this is happening, and won't stop it. They are still traveling, partying it up, and doing nothing. Most take a friend or family along, most of them do nothing at all but travel and stay at home getting paid in between trips to lay around. Unreal in this economy! It is criminal!

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Resolved balance transfer

On March 13, I responded to a mailed offer from Discover to open a card by requesting a balance transfer. As of May 22, that request has still not happened – despite numerous calls to the customer service center and e-mails.

At each instance that I have spoken with a Discover representative, I have been told that the issue is “in process” and to give it another 4-5 days. Finally on, May 6 I was sent an e-mail from Discover saying that the matter had been resolved and that Capital One had received the balance transfer. Capital One shows no such record, and is of course still billing me. Given that this matter has been going on for over two months (rather than the “up to two weeks” time period advertised on your website), I have to assume that I am being lied to.

I had no idea that Discover had such a terrible track record. I guess it pays to do a little research before accepting a credit card offer!

I am requesting a release from my balance transfer request - both with customer service and by writing to the corporate headquarters:

Carlos Minetti
Executive Vice President, Cardmember Services and Consumer Banking
2500 Lake Cook Road
Riverwoods, IL 60015

Harit Talwar
Executive Vice President, Card Programs and Chief Marketing Officer
2500 Lake Cook Road
Riverwoods, IL 60015

The lesson learned here is to NEVER do business with Discover Card. They flat out lie to you.

Resolved overcharged

I was a Discover Card member since 1987 with an excellent history of submitting payments days if not weeks before the posted due date. Last week I received my statement and to my surprise discover the interest rate on the card had increased to 29.9%, when I contacted Discover Card they informed me that they had increase the rate due to a couple of late payments, one missed the due date by 2 days and one missed the due date by 3 days, because of this they have the right to increase the interest rate.

I inquired if the interest rate could be lowered as the payment delay could have been due to slow processing or delayed mail delivery. I was told that the interest rate could be lowered to 24% but that was all they could do, even despite customer loyalty and 22 years of steady reliable payment. Outraged over Discover Card's extreme lack of customer service I canceled my card and will pay off the balance before week's end.

My advice is to shop around prior to signing up with any credit card company, many have low fixed rates and care about their clientele, credit unions typically offer some the best deals around, always check the amount of interest you are being charged and immediately cancel any credit card company trying to rip you off with unusually high interest rates and by all means beware of Discover Card, may their unethical business practices put them out of business.

  • St
    Steven Mar 24, 2009

    Discover Card lowered my credit limit to just above my balance. Even though I had a perfect payment history, this was not a problem, bad times in all. Then Discover Card charged the regular interest fees to my account for my current balance. This was normal. But because the interest went over my new credit limit I was charged an over limit penalty. Can they really do this? This is not acceptable! Creating charges by adjusting the limit and all without my knowledge of these events. If they lowered my credit limit and the interest went over my limit, I would be happy to pay the amount over limit because I pay this anyway, but to tack on extra fees is just a scam. Big business should be stopped from behaving as if they can do anything to the consumer and the consumer just has to accept it. Banks are already out of control but the credit card companies are more out of control. I missed just one payment to my JPMorganChase Visa by two days and they set my interest rate to 29.99%. I will not ever do business with them again. But some people are stuck with it because of a high balance and have to payoff four to five times the amount of the balance causing them to go into bankruptcy. I was told that this is just how business works. My thought is that this is greed out of control and anything but business. One mite think that the banks have had this planned for awhile.

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  • Am
    amftgb Sep 04, 2009

    Hello? Being late is being late. All credit card companies and credit unions do this raise APR after a couple late payments. Did you not read your terms?

    -1 Votes
  • Cr
    CreditVixen Dec 07, 2009

    Your credit line was most likely decreased because of MAJOR changes in your credit rating. That is how banks and creditors assess your risk. It is part of doing business and having a credit card. Please get prepared, now retail banking is going to follow this pattern and start monitoring customer's credit score and report when you have a checking or savings account, not just at the time of opening.
    The economic world is different, we may not agree as consumers but banks have to determine if you are credit worthy, older generations paid their bills. Our generation would rather charge up credit cards on their $4.00 starbucks coffee, pet grooming and doggie daycare, expensive clothing and HD TV's that they don't really need.
    I work in the credit card business, trust me, if you could walk a mile in my shoes, you would understand!

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  • Ta
    TammyBarrette Oct 01, 2010

    I have also been a loyal member for several years and have never paid my bill late... I always pay at least 1 week prior to the due date online.
    This past January they notified me by mail that they were increasing their rate to 21.99%, or I could opt out which would mean I would have to close my account. I closed my account. Since that time (February 1, 2010) They raised my interest rate to the 21.99% even though I opted out and closed the account. I have been calling every month asking why they still have not changed my interest rate back to the amount I was at before the error occurred and I am told the same thing every month. "We are sorry for the inconvenience although there is nothing we can do as this is being researched and will be cleared up within 1 to 2 billing cycles" 7 months of hearing this [censor] now... If I stop paying the bill, they will just raise my interest to 30% and then it will never be put back to where it was originally. I feel I will never be able to pay this crap off because they continually screw with me.
    I am now contacting a lawyer as I am no longer going to pay for their mistakes...

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Resolved unauthorized charges

Around 2005 I switched to online payments for most bills, including Discover. I didn't realize at that time somehow they decided to start charging me for protection insurance. I was looking for a receipt so I pulled the entire years worth of billing of the website and found I was paying for some sort of Discover Protection.

I called Discover and Discover Enterprise. It took 5 transfers, 2 disconnects and a about an hour to find I supposedly signed up for an insurance plan that I never agreed to. I asked who my agent was or when I signed up only to find it appeared about the same time I started the online payments. The charge never shows up when you pay your bills that way. It was small enough I missed it.

Well, knowing how fast Discover is when you miss a payment or goe over your limit. Fee, fee, fee. I thought they would be able to deal with this either on the phone or on line. Turns out I have to submit a letter to some PO box and was given two different boxes in 2 different states that might eventually read my letter. I called Discover back and made sure she actually stopped the insurance. Turns out the first woman didn't. Since this seems to be normal business practice of Discover and their insurance program, I filed a full complaint to the Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner's office and requested they place an immediate cease and desist order with them today. I don't know if it will ever be followed up on or not but I'm tired of being ripped off by big companies. How many others have been screwed like this? If you got hit with this scam, file your claims with your Insurance Commissioners too. If we can't get our money back we're going to make them pay with forfeitures to our states.

  • De
    DeeDee Lloyd Dec 24, 2008

    I have cancelled the credit card and they still keep charging to my account. I have called & can never reach anyone. It's a 9.99 charge every month & I want it stopped.
    Thanks for your time.

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  • La
    Laurie Dec 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
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    Verified customer

    report them to the Federal Trade Commission and Office of Thrift Supervision
    You have to do both agencies - not just one or the other

    They have been ignoring you - they cannot ignore the federal government

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  • Ju
    Julia Jan 13, 2009

    This has been ongoing since 1999 and the harassment and extortion this bank has committed is unreal.

    In 2004 I investigated an unfamiliar trade line on my credit report with Discovercard. They told me to send a letter in writing including my name, address, social, and any account identifying information to correct the information.

    Within a month of complying, I started receiving calls from their office claiming I owed $6, 000. I told them the story, I did not recognize the account and was looking for information about the debt, how it originated, copies of signatures, sales receipts etc. to establish the true identity of the account holder. They told me at that point they added my social to the account and 'good luck' getting it removed. So much for amicably working to have the false information corrected.

    I received a barage of harassing phone calls which all met with a copy of a letter asking for specific notarized information and signatures about the debt. This continued from 2004 - 2006.

    In one follow up call in 2006, it was finally admitted I answered their 'challenge' questions incorrectly and obviously the account was not mine. It was admitted on the phone that in 1999 they sent a pre-approval of credit in my name to an address I no longer lived at. They admitted the account was opened fraudulently. I requested something in writing indicating the trade lines would be removed. The woman was hesitant, but wanted to help and about a week later I got a very generic letter stating they instructed the credit reporting agencies to delete the trade line as the account was 'unverifiable'.

    My state has a 6 year statute of limitations. It MUST drop. WRONG - Discover card sold the account to their junk debt buyer Weltman Weinebrg and Reis and that is another complaint all by itself with their illegal business practices and history of consumer fraud around the US.

    So Discovercard gives my personal information to a junk debt buyer and the calls start again. I send only a copy of my letter stating the account was unverifiable, as well as a copies of the unanswered letters requesting information dating back to 2004.

    The junk debt buyer elects to participate in the illegal use of court documents in an effort to phish for information. They put the documents in the name of 'Jane Doe' (obviously they don't know who legally is responsible). Then they put it in the name of someone else with the same first name/different last name than me - I don't even know this person. Then finally they add my name to it on the third attempt.

    So here it is 2009 and I the credit reporting agencies refuse to delete the trade lines and allow re-aging of the account to make it appear as a recent charge off.

    I write letters of complaint and Discover tells the Department of Banking I fabricated the 2004 document and refuse to comment on the illegal re-aging and still refuse to produce any validating documentation to reflect the ownership of the account and any associated charges.

    Still - pending.

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  • Pa
    Paul Feb 19, 2009

    I set up automatic payments with discover for 2 of my 3 accounts for 4 months, because i use various accounts to pay i didn't want it to last longer. After 4 months Discovercard not only tried to debit my checking account again but kept doing 2 times a week for each account adding up charges on my bank account for insufficient fund carges over $500.00. Discover also charged me for bounce check fees. It got so bad i had to close my account and now my back is coming after me for the charges. when I spoke to a supervisor after about 100 calls in a month from Discover, she said she would make an adjustment to offset the charges, but the adjustment she came up with was to remove there fees only not my bank fees. I sent the letters and never had a response other than 4 or 5 calls a day to the office where i work. When the call they don't state the call is being recorded and when I tell them I am going to record the call at my end they hang up. The calls have gotten so bad that I lost my office position and I was told that if the calls don't stop I will be let go. Various people at the office have stated to Discover Reps that they are calling a business and the Phone does not belong to me so do not call but that Doesn't stop Discover. They have also discussed the issues with people in the office.

    If an attorney is out there that can help please let me know.

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  • Ma
    Marcille Lawrence Aug 26, 2009

    This is not a complaint about Discover Card. However, I was told to check the progress of case # 4068145762 at this site, and I cannot find any place that I can submit my inquiry. Help, please. I do not know if I should pay the disputed amount by the payment due date, or if I should deduct the disputed amount. I do not want to have penalty and interest added if I pay the wrong amount.
    Thank you,
    Marcille Lawrence

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Resolved scam and cheating

Opened a zero percent account. We've paid the bill every month on time. Out of the blue on the most...

Resolved dispute of charges

Ever been over-charged by a legitimate merchant for a legitimate purchase and had everyone fail to give you...

Resolved lost payments!!!

I recently called Discover to confirm why my November payment had not been posted to my credit card account...

Resolved unauthorized billing is not posting and/or backdating transaction dates for purchases. On the website, it is not possible to see a current balance within a few days of the end period. No matter what I do, I cannot pay off the balance 'in full' because they do not disclose the actual balance due and do not post recent transactions in a timely manner such that I may pay off the balance before the due date.

Example: I purchased an item on Sept. 15. I logged into the website on the 16th. The transaction had not posted to the 'recent activity' portion and the total balance for purchases did not reflect that activity. Therefore I concluded that the transaction had not gone through. I paid the entire balance that was available on the website on Sept. 16. On Sept. 17 I logged in and printed out the recent activity section, which still showed no items purchased on Sept. 15, but did show that I paid off all open transactions in full and there was a zero balance on Sept. 17 (the last day of account period).

On Sept. 18, the first day of the new account period, I logged in to see that my statement of account for the previous period showed the charge from Sept. 15, which was never accounted for on the website. This means that there WAS a balance, but that balance was NOT reported to me until AFTER the closing period under which I may have paid it off.

I went to the printable statement for the period ending Sept. 17, and lo and behold, the charge from Sept. 15 magically appears for that date of Sept. 15, which is inaccurate because it did not show up on the website on that date or on the two business days after (though another charge does show up on the 16th) under the recent activity or outstanding balances sections.

This is backdating transactions to make it seem like I carry a balance each month. It exposes any subsequent charges to double cycle billing practices by this company.

To Discovercard: Stop backdating transactions. Your website earlier this year did account accurately balances up to the due date and you changed that. If transactions do not show up on the website prior to the end of the billing cycle, they should not be charged as part of that billing cycle or reflected as being 'posted' at that time when in fact they were not posted.

I have time-stamped PDFs of the website and the transactions to back up this claim.

This is a fraudulent accounting practice and needs to be stopped. It is an attempt to expose previous cycle activity to double cycle interest rates for any future balances, by not allowing consumers to completely pay off their balances within a cycle. Since Discovercard changed their website earlier this year I have been unable to EVER pay in full before the end of the grace period, as there are always transactions that did not in anyway show up on the website or in the recent activity balances due section, but did show up on the statement AFTER the period was over, complete with inaccurate posting dates.

  • Ba
    bajaskier Dec 04, 2008
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    Sounds like Discover has been taking lessons from GE MoneyBank.

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  • Yo
    youngsolomon Jan 22, 2009
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    Verified customer

    Discover Card cheated me by jacking up my interest rate from 9.7% to 23 % b/c I missed one payment b/c they send the bill late. And I've been keeping watch, they'll send the bill late every now and then, or not send it all at.

    You would think it might be the postal problem but I have two credit cards and it occurs only with Discover. i have since then closed my account with them and is looking to file complaints with whomever I find that'll listen to me.

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