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I was under the impression I had all the college football game in my subscription I am trying to watch the Fresno State vs New Mexico State game in 686-2.

The lady on the phone could barley speak any English and kept me on the phone for 51 minutes and I asked to speak to a supervisor 4 times and she wouldn't transfer me to a supervisor. She then transferred me to a quality assurance number it rang a few times went busy and hung up on me. The customer service rep ought to be fired she had no idea what I wanted after explaining it to her several times.

My account is associated with the number [protected], she told me I had the whole college football package so I'm wondering why I can't get 686-2

Please help !!!

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    Is this a direct tv website???

Sep 28, 2019
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  • Wh
      Oct 02, 2019

    I have been a Loyal Members of Direct TV for over 10 Years and have always payed by bills on time. The other day by TV was cut off and the reason why was I failed to pay my September bill. I freely admit that I failed to pay Sep bill but the reason why for some unknown reason Direct TV has quit sending me a bill. NO PAPER BILL or even a E Mail.So I'm sure like a lot of people I have to pay a lot of other bills. So if i don't receive a bill I forget t o pay that bill.
    Let me regress I contacted your company by phone. (Witch took me over 25 Minutes to get though) and when I did I was told that I had also failed to pay my June bill. I did some back checking and she was right. But if you had sent me a bill in July I would have rectified the situation. I explained this to your associate but she didn't want to hear my reason for missing my payments. After me explaining this to her several time over the next 20 minutes I finely gave up and payed the $40.00 in late fees.
    The whole point is if you send me a bill I will pay it, if you don't I probably will forget to pay you. If you look at by past payment history over the past 10 years you will see that i have always payed my bill on time. So I feel that my not paying my bill is more your fault then mine and if your going to charge me $40.00 in late fees. I feel have no choice but to take my business elsewhere, So if i am not reimbursed the late fees I will take my business to cable or maybe Dish network.
    You probably could careless, from what gather form your associates that work for you. You have one week to return my late fees. I am giving you the Benefit of the Doubt. Maybe I contacted a bad associate. Your custom service Department SUCK's

    Edward Whitman, Act number [protected]
    buy the way I contacted your company several time over the last few months and told them that I was no longer receiving a bill, I was told that the problem would be fixed. Didn't Happen.

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