DirecTVrecording over content

M Sep 16, 2018 Review updated:

I bought the Canelo/GGG fight. Directv arranged to record it. It recorded over last years Canelo/GGG fight, which was in save mode. How can that happen?

Directv has essentially erased my property with their faulty recording capabilities. Had I known this might happen, I would have pressed the "record" button myself. The value of the 2017 fight was $80 and I was keeping it for a reason!

Directv must either return the lost fight from 2017 or, if unable, make it up to me in some fashion to show good faith. Perhaps free Sunday Ticket might take some of the sting from this irresponsible action. It is becoming easier to see why Directv gets such low reviews, even though your commercials make you out to be the god of television transmission. Do the right thing for a change and give a crap about your customer base.


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    9wood Sep 16, 2018

    I think you will be a trillionaire before direct tv ( at&) care or do anything

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