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I called today because I have a 775 error code. I was on the line for over 30 mins just trying to get to technical help. I was told they would have to send out a technician. The technical help said they could fix the problem, first find the sim brick. They said it is in the basement. There was no sim brick in the basement. because we could not find the sim brick, a technician would be out Saturday. Today is Monday. Then I lost it. The woman said well if you can't find the sim brick then I will have to send a technician and the first available appointment is Saturday. I had Direct tv before and never had this problem. Since ATT took over it is almost impossible to get any help and you have to spend anywhere from a half hour to ninety minutes on the phone, giving the same info and being passed from person to person and asked the same info. I spent ninety mins a few weeks ago just trying to send back one receiver that we were not using. I finally gave up and hung up. I went through five different people and no one knew how to send it back. I am so sorry that I went back to direct tv


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    9wood Aug 13, 2018

    your just a disturbance to them don't you know
    they as at&t does give scripted non answers and excuses
    they can careless about anything except being paid
    I would file a complaint with the better business bureau
    as any complaints you make to direct tv over the phone will just get ignored and laughed at

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