DirecTVI cancelled directv in august and am still getting bills saying it is active and being charged.


I cancelled Century Link and Directv in August 2017. Century Link sent me a check for over $200 because I always pay ahead. Directv said they would send a box for the receivers and chips. It never came. They keep sending bills saying we owe them. I tried to call the number on the bill and keep getting shut out when they ask for the phone number as it states the bill is overdue!!!
Now they say I have to pay for months and a $10 disconnect bill. No way am I going to pay or something Directv messed up!! When I asked to speak to a supervisor no one was available. I did not want to be angry with the person on the phone as he was not the one causing the problem, but it is very frustrating. I will not pay for your mistake. II will wait to see if the box for the receivers and remotes comes in seven days.

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