DirecTVfailed service appointments

S Jul 15, 2019

Our cable line came apart at the house and needs to be reconnected. Direct TV has made four appointments, July 1, July 9, July 10, July 12. NO ONE has ever showed up. Four missed appointments. It is a 2-1/2 hour drive to our house from Roseville, MN, then a 4 hour wait for no one to show up, then another 2-1/2 hour drive back to our main residence in Roseville, MN. Since you cannot provide us service, we are not paying your bill and should be let out of our service contract - since there is NO SERVICE. It has been 5 weeks with NO SERVICE. Also, your employees do not follow thru with what they say they will do. Our first phone call the end of June was to cancel the service completely. Ryan, in the customer loyalty dept, talked my husband into staying with the service for $55.00 per month for family, including a movie channel and all the sports channels. He was the one that set up the first July 1 appointment. Since that time we have been on the phone with your so called customer service departments, supervisor, managers, etc, no less than a total of 10 hours over various times to set up new service appointments. Each time we go thru the same horrible wait times and have to tell the story over and over to new people that cannot do anything. The latest fiasco was that they would give us the same deal that Ryan said he was giving us above, but for a mere $65.00 per month. Really, now to add insult to injury they did not give us what they promised - except at a higher cost. Supposedly they credited our account $75.00 and the latest phone call generated a 23.99 monthly bill for Family with a movie channel and sports. But it appears they extended our service contract, which they promised would not happen.

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