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J Nov 27, 2018
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My husband and I have been DirecTv customers since 1999. We found DirecTV to be a reliable system and have been pleased with the programing and service. November 9, 2018, we decided to bite the bullet and upgrade our ancient Standard Definition system to the new Genie 2 high definition, DVR system.

The new system was installed on November 10, 2018. From the moment it was installed the trouble started. Though the satellite dish, Genie 2 and 2 clients were installed properly, the computer system did not update to show it. Instead it reflected the old standard definition boxes. Because, the old equipment was still shown in the computer, we were unable to receive the high definition programing and the Whole Home recording system.

Over the course of the last three weeks we have had John, Darryl, Steve, Yvette, Magee, Chris and others over to the house in an effort to fix this problem. We have spent countless hours on the phone with many service people in the Philippines, Las Vegas and Montana. We have recounted our story, many, many times to members of the AT&T Support Hotline, AT&T Technical Support, Technician Exception Center (TEC) DTV Support, Loyalty Department and Last Chance Repair Department. Everyone is sorry that we are going through this nightmare of an upgrade.

To correct the problem, new installation work orders have been entered into the system on November 7, 9, 10, 11, 13. 14. 15, 19 and now the 26th. I have been told, the thought is that by putting in new orders and then clearing them out the problem will correct itself.

At times the system will work and I must say when it does it is very good but, this only last for 3-4 days at the most and then we loose the HD channels and Whole Home DVR system again

All employees have been very nice and polite. They have all assured me that the problem will be fixed and are sorry for the problem. I have been told an "update" takes place in the computer system periodically and then the old standard definition equipment is reflected again. However, no one seems to know exactly why the old equipment appears again. So, new installation orders are entered into the system again and again to bring back the proper programming.

The problem is still not resolved and there is no end in sight at this time.

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