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C Sep 16, 2018 Review updated:

I called to set up a extension to pay a past due balance for Friday 9/14 so my services would not be intrupted they said they could only push it out to 9/13 but but that would be fine I'd only have to pay them the past due amount that they said was due and everything would be I made the payment like I had said everything was good it was pulled from my bank account and got the confirmation email for the payment then Saturday night between 9 & 10 my services was shut off when I call to find out whats going on it takes 20 mins for them to find the payment in their system and they tell me they don't know what happened and got the run around and finally got told the new bill was generated after I made the payment and being shut off due to unpaid balance because the new bill that as of today Sunday 9/16 has not even been mailed because the mail does not run on Sunday. So in order to get my services restored they said I have to pay a bill I won't even see till the end of the week.


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    9wood Sep 16, 2018

    odd how they made it 13th and not 14th as you requested and gave you the no problem line to find out that they cut you off because of some bill they ignored to acknowledge
    there just paid seat warmers who know nothing beyond there script
    only care about being paid

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