DirecTVcancelled upgrade appointment and didn't notify us.

D Nov 27, 2018

We scheduled an appointment to upgrade to 4K Directv boxes today Nov. 27 and tech was a no show. I went to online chat and got nowhere dealing with bots and was assured of a call back.
When "speaking" with the bots I kept asking the question "what colors are on the flag?" to prove it was a real person. Every time they responded "let me transfer you to a supervisor" (3 times). Finally after 3 "supervisors" the reply was "white, blue and red". Anyone in the US would have responded red, white and blue. That question was answered for me.
After no call back I called customer service and got bounced around for 40 minutes (apparently since we started with Directv before the ATT takeover). Finally spoke to a rep who was nearly illiterate and had them ship the boxes for self installation.
I found out that the appointment was canceled by them with no notification to us. I sat here all day losing a days pay waiting for them. They could not give me a reason for the cancellation. The rep said that we were rescheduled for the 31st. I asked of December? She replied, no of November. I explained that there has never been a 31st in November. She replied, Oh. Then she explained that there were no appointments available in my area. It wasn't a problem when I placed the order. I called Tuesday and they offered Friday of that week. I explained that was not convenient for us and scheduled for today which was 10 days later but appointments were available every day for those 10 days. But somehow today was cancelled for me.
I'm beyond pissed. I'm ready to switch service tonight but will wait until after the first of the year to shop around. I've worked in customer service for 20+ years and this was the WORST service I've ever received except for one time returning a defective kids toy at Wal-mart.

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