Direct Expressfraud suspension

G Jul 03, 2019 Review updated:

I keep calling customer service because for some reason my card is under fraud suspicion. Whenever I get a live agent they claim they can't hear me and hang up. I've called four times from two different phones and it's the same hearing problem each time. Meanwhile I have funds in my account that I can't access! What am I going to do????!!! I can't access my funds!


  • Li
    Lisa Frost Jul 09, 2019

    Having the same problem. Social Security said they could not do anything and to just keep trying them. Please post if you find a way to resolve problem and we will too!

    FYI: We also tried to register for an online account access and despite several attempts just kept getting errors. VERY FRUSTRATING!

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  • Je
    jeslea71 Jul 09, 2019

    Write a letter to the Governor's Advocacy Office. I had to do this as my parents are both getting hit with charges. Can never get ahold of anyone and then when you do on hold for hours. They cancel the card then hit them with a fee to send out a new one. I also sent a letter to the Better Business Bureau. They are taking all of their money and its so frustrating. They took $968 off a card that wasn't even activated and then said it was taken from an ATM in Florida. They live in Oregon and haven't been to Florida in over 20+ years. Everyone needs to start sending letters to their governors, Social Security Administration, or the President. It's sad that a company the Federal Government uses for Social Security Benefits is ripping off its customers.

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  • Sb
    S.Banks Jul 10, 2019

    I too am having this same problem.I just received a new card and can't access my benefits because the card account has a fraud suspension lock on it.Ive Been calling their 800 number for 2 days now and can't get a soul to answer the lines.I have never had a problem with direct express until now.This is ridiculous.If anyone else is having this problem and can offer a solution please offer it, Thank You.

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  • Ca
    Casey Couch Aug 02, 2019

    @S.Banks Yes I'm going through the same thing as we speak who did you get in touch with to get the freeze off and did you get the money on your acct correctly? Or did they rip you off?

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  • Ke
    Keshia T. Oct 07, 2019

    @S.Banks Im having the same problem which I know im the only one using my card. So now I have to wait on another card. My bills have not been paid. s surviving on prayer and a miracle. Something is fishy about this🤔

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  • Di
    Diana Erickson Aug 08, 2019

    This is the second time that money was taken out of my sister's Direct Express account right after she got her social security disability check deposited. They completely wiped her out. She is mentally ill and contemplating suicide. Our government has been aware of this fraud for quite some time now. Thousands of Americans who rely on their Social Security checks are losing everything. Direct Express charges people every time they send them a replacement card even though fraudulent activities we're done on their accounts.after two days she finally talked to someone and they told her it would be 90 days to do an investigation and she may not get any of her money back. She will not be able to pay her rent, pay her cell phone bill or even buy food. I can't believe this is happening in America and nothing is being done even now the Social Security administration is aware of it. I am appalled.

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