Direc TV Satellite Service And Dvrlying and not returning refund


They charged us six hundred some dollars on my husband's card for the "cost" of the equipment when we were late on monthly payment and they initiated canceling service. We got the service back and asked for our money back. They said it would take a few weeks. We said why when they were able to charge our card right away? Why couldn't they credit it back just as fast? They said they would send the refund by check. So we waited and waited. Nothing. We called their useless customer service and were repeatedly lied to. They either said the money was on its way or they said it was being reviewed and would be sent soon. Months passed and meanwhile, they are, without our consent or permission, deducted our monthly charges from the money they took! When we complained and called customer service, they said the refund was on its way and it would be "escalated"--whatever the hell that means. Every time we called we got the same BS except when we threatened to cancel services. Then, they sent us to smarter guys in "retention." One retention rep said he was told our refund was escalated and we'd get it soon. We waiting. Again, no refund in the mail. Finally, we were so fed up, we terminated our service on November 1, 2008. This was after waiting over 3 months for a refund that they had told us we'd get in 12 days or so! Once we canceled, they were obligated by their own terms to send us any credit back within whatever many weeks it says on their agreement once we return the equipment. They said they sent us the boxes for the equipment. We waited. NOTHING. We called again and the rep said she would order the box be sent to us because there was no prior request listed. So we lost a few weeks. Then, we sent the equipment back and still no refund. Every time we called they said it was escalated and we'd get in any day now. Finally, the time listed on their terms passed and still no check. In fact, their customer service lied and did nothing for us. I finally got our refund back and I want all of you to know how. I somehow stumbled on a comment form that goes directly to the office of the president. By the way, don't waste your time trying to email Chase Carey. His listed email (in someone's prior complaint) doesn't work. So, I filled out this comment form (It's not on the directtv web site so I don't know how it still works). Within a few days, a rep for the president called me personally. I explained the situation. He was very apologetic, looked into it and said we should've gotten our refund a long time ago. Within a few days he refunded our money by CREDITING IT back to our card! Something they had said they couldn't do. Anyway, I forgot his name but here's the link to the comment form that goes directly to the Office of the President:

Good luck!

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