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DHL - 1802030403 / Need compensation for my shipment

Fangshuzhe S on May 22, 2017
发件人: "Anetha Vallaitham Pillai (DHL MY)";; 发送时间: 2017年5月16日(星期二) 下午4:45 收件人: "刘双财"; "FangShuzhe"; "Alberto Nole (DHL PE)"; "Ornella Arroyo (DHL PE)"; "ext-sbg_dhl_gmail_com"; "ext-dhl_pmk_gmail_com"; "yee5123"; 抄送: "Miguel Quesada (DHL PE)";...

DHL Express Canada and DHL Global Canada / items ordered and paid for, not delivered

Morgan F Calvi on May 17, 2017
I have ordered three items through Amazon. The carrier was DHL. They refused to deliver my packages and demanded money for custom fees. I paid custom fees (besides the shipping and amount of the item--sellers are responsible for custom fees. With 9 pages of complaints, I am surprised thi...

DHL / waybill:6987173594

v.sailaja Vaniya on May 13, 2017
Chennai 13.05.2017. To The deputy commissioner of customs, Courier cell Bangalore. Subject: request letter for waive of noc/bis. Respected sir, We had visited bis office for noc/ clarification certification in velachery, chennai on 26th apr. They said importing product is not...

DHL / An order that was "lost"

Court2042 on May 1, 2017
My husband ordered me a tee shirt and it got "lost". I emailed the company and got no reponse. I know that the order was actually stolen by an employee of DHL. I have called the company that the order was from and they are replacing it and it better make it to me or I will be filing a...

DHL / Invoicing

Brooke1998 on Mar 10, 2017
Received a package in November of 2016 and got a call yesterday (March 9, 2017) about an outstanding invoice. Checked all my records (I'm the receptionist for the company) and couldn't find anything record about either DHL or the vendor the package was from. Got an emailed copy of the...

DHL / Worst!!!

Paraddish737 on Feb 8, 2017
I decided to use DHL because I thought they were reliable! I used to hear a lot about DHL and people said that they were safe to use and DHL themselves claimed they had high quality service. In my opinion DHL is nothing like that! I sent some documents via this service and paid over $200 for...

DHL / Refused coverage of broken item in shipment

Christopher Wornum on Feb 3, 2017
I filled out and submitted the DHL claim form as requested with a lot of trivial information (package weight, sender address and other information DHL already has). After waiting a week a get your response, you are directing me: " to either contact the shipper, or the party from whom you...

DHL Philippines / My shipment with airway bill no 1771770722

Elias Siegue on Jan 29, 2017
My shipment order from www.Rexbo.Eu, arrived in the philippines last janyaury 14, 2017. Nobody contacted me about my shipment which held in the bureau of customs until i call their office in manila. I was told that i have to make a letter to bureau of customs for an informal entry since, i...

DHL / Shipping

Chris Stortz on Dec 16, 2016
I ordered 16 Yeti cups in mid November and paid more than $330.00 via Wish.com My local DHL contacted me to deliver them on November 28 without a signature. When I said no to that request, my package was never delivered. When I called to check on the status of my package, the DHL rep wa...

DHL / Delivery service

Sofia Duncan on Dec 1, 2016
I've had a third and final issue with DHL. It seems to me that they just create extra work for themselves and do not release the parcels. - First parcel was held for a month, because they kept saying that my duties need to be paid, but they were paid in person!!! (they could not find the...

DHL / Line Leads

Fed Up Worker on Nov 8, 2016
I currently work for bayer on 1st shift and i never worked in a place of business where people are supposed to lead by example but talk to you any kind of way just because they are permanent and don't wanna help get the work out i am a very hard worker and cannot work in this type of...

DHL / No delivery

Larz98 on Jun 23, 2016
I posted a parcel using dhl international to karabuk, turkey early may 2016. And still has not been delivered. No one from the company ever responds to you. The email to their customer relations team does not respond at all. Not even an acknowledgement or phone call. Its been weeks and i...

DHL / Stolen Package

Margie Robertson on May 5, 2016
I ordered 2 Coach bags from the U.S. When tracking it, the shipment showed as "delivered" on April 25 at 6:39 pm. This is impossible. First of all, there was no one home on that date at that time. I personally was at the library studying. Secondly, the lady driver claims that the recipient...

DHL / Custom clearance issues

Anna ZZ on Mar 9, 2016
Dear Sir/Madam, I sent a box of french chocolates via DHL express to my friend in Bangalore. It was supposed to be a pleasant surprise, not a nightmare to handle. Indian Customs still keeps this box for "custom clearance" for days, requesting my consignee to provide additional...

DHL / DHL Deferred Payment

Reviewer32130 on Feb 8, 2016
Received an invoice from DHL for $14.32 import taxes and $11.00 services for paying those import taxes for clearing customs. Those charges should for deferment payment should be decreased or eliminated because DHL makes delivery of foreign items daily in large quantities. Therefore I will...

DHL / Unethical Behaviour

Zoe T Dlamini on Jan 25, 2016
Poor Courier Service and exhorbitant charges: DHL My parcel Waybill # 7716580292 was couriered from South Africa - left South Africa - on 06 January, 2016. Delivered to me today on 25 January, 2016 at 13:47 following several e-mails to DHL and finally getting assistance from one Edith...

DHL / I have paid for a Laptop cellphones I have not received the items and correspondences are no longer present

Shadrack Lungu on Jan 22, 2016
Hello Shadrack,   Thanks for your reply.   ID 7414  iPhones 6S Plus 128GB: $135  x2 ID 7389 Laptop Apple MacBook Pro MD103LLA 512GB: $124  x1   Free shipping by DHL and 1pcs free Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 128GB as gift   Bank  Account  Information:     A/C NO.:  6217853600027528297 A/C NAME:  HAN TAO  BANK...

DHL / Stay away!

Morind on Jan 15, 2016
It seems like having a happy experience with DHL is a myth. I bought some products from China. The tracking system showed that my order is picked up, but tracking info never updated. When it finally updated, it said the package was returned to the shipper. I also received an email stating...

DHL / Customer service

Reviewer28448 on Dec 7, 2015
HORRIBLE SERVICE, WILL NEVER USE AGAIN. THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEYRE DOING 1- DHL canada left a package at my home, that was not mine. I called them 5x to pick up package so the person waiting for me can have it. It's been 1 wk now and I still have the package. Overtime I called I...

DHL / Releasing, Customs Clearance

Reviewer66622 on Nov 13, 2015
Warning! Don't use DHL Philippines specially on your business! This company just give us nightmare and horrible experience! I cannot explain the intensity feeling of anger, frustration, and disappointment and we have. We order goods from china for reselling here in Philippines. It...

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