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DHL / lies and manipulation

Bianca Clarke on Sep 18, 2017
Lying and misinformation. Shocking service. My paperwork has been kept in customs for 18 days. Was not informed of this. Contacted DHL South Africa last week, was assured all was sorted out and that the customs fee had been waived due to DHL not informing me of extra costs. It is literally...

DHL / Avoid them

Lucie Fortier on Aug 21, 2017
I recommend you to use different shipping. Avoid DHL. They didn't deliver my parcel (no wonder) and couldn't say where exactly it was. They changed answers and it looked like they simply didn't know what to say. A normal straight answer would be fine, you know. They eventually delivered it...

DHL / driver using drugs

Anissacraft on Aug 6, 2017
There is a DHL driver in Mansfield Ohio. Her name is Tiffany Fisher. She is a drug addict. She uses crystal meth very regularly. She explained to me that her camera only comes on periodically. So she prepares her meth in the mornings by separating it into doses n wrapping the drug up in...

DHL / dhl awb number: 5083154915 pick up date: 2017-07-17 00:00:00

Dattatraya Kulkarni on Aug 3, 2017
w: 5083154915 DK XXX Reply| Yesterday, 11:13 PM Bom.Csa12@dhl.com; Sunil Mishra (inhelp.sunil.mishra@dhl.com); +1 more It is entirely the responsibility of DHL to ask the shipper if the consignment is to be cleared in Baggage mode before picking.If not it is the mistake of the DHL...

DHL / dhl express hasn't delivered anything

AndrewNSW on Jul 26, 2017
Handed over the documents to DHL sydney : 21st July Early Morning 7:30am The Documents was meant to deliver on 24th-25th July (Srilanka ) It was an important contract documents and hasn't received till the date (27th July 2017 ), and i have lost my contract . I have rung DHL support on...

DHL / delivery delay

Sudheesh Suresh on Jul 16, 2017
Sir, I am sudheesh suresh, there is an shipment on hold from past 26 days and the DHL representative asking me to re submit the ID cards.. and here is the proof i have submitted my ID For several times... i have contacted one mr Khalid AL dosary and He doesnt knew when the shipment will be...

DHL / personal goods shipment

vishnu vardan on Jun 29, 2017
Hi, My airway bill no.is 3503270632. DHL made my life very difficult by delaying my shipment from UK. I was travelled from UK to India for good as my UK assignment was over. I had some excess of 61kg which I couldn't carry with me due to relocation. I was there in UK for 2 years. I've...

DHL / parcel not received

Jorge Ferreira on Jun 20, 2017
RB 786742219 DE My parcel was dispatched from Germany in Feb this year.. I call to check how far the parcel is in March, get told it is at customs SA.. I again called your customer care line last week, got told the parcel was returned as it was sent to the incorrect address in SA... not my...

DHL / Dhl deutschland

Paul Gardner on May 29, 2017
So I was supposed to have delivered a case of champagne last week... I get a text in the afternoon. Saying they could not deliver.. They did not ring my bell or leave a card... So at great expense I telephone and arrange another delivery today... Waiting at home a second time. Only to find...

DHL / attitude and rudeness from one of your drivers totally uncalled for especially as my mother is severely disabled

Andrea Smethurst on May 25, 2017
Driver beeped and yelled very aggressively at my mother and myself as someone else had parked their car causing slight inconvenience Your driver did not know we were not driving the car causing an obstruction but was shouting at us in a very loud and aggressive manner! My mother is shaken and...

DHL - 1802030403 / need compensation for my shipment

Fangshuzhe S on May 22, 2017
发件人: "Anetha Vallaitham Pillai (DHL MY)";; 发送时间: 2017年5月16日(星期二) 下午4:45 收件人: "刘双财"; "FangShuzhe"; "Alberto Nole (DHL PE)"; "Ornella Arroyo (DHL PE)"; "ext-sbg_dhl_gmail_com"; "ext-dhl_pmk_gmail_com"; "yee5123"; 抄送: "Miguel Quesada (DHL PE)";...

DHL Express Canada and DHL Global Canada / items ordered and paid for, not delivered

Morgan F Calvi on May 17, 2017
I have ordered three items through Amazon. The carrier was DHL. They refused to deliver my packages and demanded money for custom fees. I paid custom fees (besides the shipping and amount of the item--sellers are responsible for custom fees. With 9 pages of complaints, I am surprised thi...

DHL / waybill:6987173594

v.sailaja Vaniya on May 13, 2017
Chennai 13.05.2017. To The deputy commissioner of customs, Courier cell Bangalore. Subject: request letter for waive of noc/bis. Respected sir, We had visited bis office for noc/ clarification certification in velachery, chennai on 26th apr. They said importing product is not...

DHL / An order that was "lost"

Court2042 on May 1, 2017
My husband ordered me a tee shirt and it got "lost". I emailed the company and got no reponse. I know that the order was actually stolen by an employee of DHL. I have called the company that the order was from and they are replacing it and it better make it to me or I will be filing a...

DHL / Invoicing

Brooke1998 on Mar 10, 2017
Received a package in November of 2016 and got a call yesterday (March 9, 2017) about an outstanding invoice. Checked all my records (I'm the receptionist for the company) and couldn't find anything record about either DHL or the vendor the package was from. Got an emailed copy of the...

DHL / Worst!!!

Paraddish737 on Feb 8, 2017
I decided to use DHL because I thought they were reliable! I used to hear a lot about DHL and people said that they were safe to use and DHL themselves claimed they had high quality service. In my opinion DHL is nothing like that! I sent some documents via this service and paid over $200 for...

DHL / Refused coverage of broken item in shipment

Christopher Wornum on Feb 3, 2017
I filled out and submitted the DHL claim form as requested with a lot of trivial information (package weight, sender address and other information DHL already has). After waiting a week a get your response, you are directing me: " to either contact the shipper, or the party from whom you...

DHL Philippines / My shipment with airway bill no 1771770722

Elias Siegue on Jan 29, 2017
My shipment order from www.Rexbo.Eu, arrived in the philippines last janyaury 14, 2017. Nobody contacted me about my shipment which held in the bureau of customs until i call their office in manila. I was told that i have to make a letter to bureau of customs for an informal entry since, i...

DHL / Shipping

Chris Stortz on Dec 16, 2016
I ordered 16 Yeti cups in mid November and paid more than $330.00 via Wish.com My local DHL contacted me to deliver them on November 28 without a signature. When I said no to that request, my package was never delivered. When I called to check on the status of my package, the DHL rep wa...

DHL / Delivery service

Sofia Duncan on Dec 1, 2016
I've had a third and final issue with DHL. It seems to me that they just create extra work for themselves and do not release the parcels. - First parcel was held for a month, because they kept saying that my duties need to be paid, but they were paid in person!!! (they could not find the...

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