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CB Fast Food Chains Denny's poor service/cleanliness

Denny's review: poor service/cleanliness 4

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2:08 am EST
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What a horrible experience. It took them over an hour to take our order(we were the only customers there.) The food was not edible and cost $58 for 4 people.(2 of them children.) The 2 waitresses were awful they used foul language.They were OBVIOUSLY on some type of drug.One had HUGE black eye, the other a ciggarette hanging out of her mouth INSIDE the restaraunt. They openly complained about christmas music, having to work ect. ect. The cook was dirty and said the word *uck in the dining room. No soap or towels in the filthy batroom. IT WAS HORRIBLE. WE WILL NEVER GO TO ANOTHER DENNYS EVER! DISCUSTING.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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tonopha, US
Jul 29, 2013 2:11 pm EDT
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it is a bad here is a short of az thanks

In the “modern” and “evolved” era of a country founded on a premiss of equality; one coveted for it’s image of freedom and justice, I think we like to convince ourselves that prejudices based on race, gender, or upbringing are socially outdated. The time of segregated busses and women being unallowed to have high-paying jobs has long passed. This is the 21st century, after all, and as a culture we have adapted to the point of discrimination, regardless of the sort, being somewhat of a taboo…Right?

A Denny’s Restaurant nested in the urban city of Buckeye Arizona has been dubbed a hostile work environment for many of it’s employees, who have allegedly been under harsh discrimination as well as being sexually harassed for years. Stories include managers offering promotions to select female employees in exchange for sex, and employees being written up and even terminated for refusing. “It’s just the way things are here. You get used to it.” Said one waitress, who shared stories of her restaurant’s general manager rubbing his foot between her legs. Another woman employed at the same location was sexually harassed by cooks, who “made thrusting movements behind me, and barked like a dog saying ‘I am a Mexican pit bull”. Worse yet, when these employees went to their incorporate managers, hoping for justice, they were brushed aside and their stories were covered up in order to protect those being accused.

Does it need to be said that this is wrong? That things like this cannot and will not be tolerated? The on duty manager is protecting illegal documented people.And allowing them to lead in these activity's with no remorse or consequences.Three women have stood up to defend their rights, and maybe in heart, the rights of women anywhere

ann linzsey
Roxboro, US
Mar 30, 2011 2:28 am EDT
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HI i recently went to norfolk/va.beach denny's located on greenwich. It was the worst service I have ever received a any resturant. There was two in my party. We sat together and ordered our food and drinks together.My friend ordered a coke and a breakfast platter and I ordered coffee and a sizzeling skillet. The coke was brought to the table fifteen minutes pasted and I still had no coffee. Finally I asked another waitress if I could please get a cup of coffee, she politely brought just what I asked for-a cup of coffee. No cream no spoon no sorry. Ten more minutes pasted and the waitress(cierra) never came back to our table altho she kept going past it. Finally after twenty minutes pasted my friend received his breakfast platter. Ten more minutes pasted I now had a empty coffee cup no food and still no waitress. Well my friend finally saw what he thought to be a manager, he summoned her over to our table;at this popint I was too upset to tell her what the problem was so he did. She, because again I knew no names stated that she would have them fix me a plate right away. Well right away turned into another twenty minutes, but in the meantime Cierra had the nerve to bring a sales receipt to the table turned upside down and walked away never once seeing if every thing was okay. I gave a very loud outburst at this time. I could not beleive that she had the nerve to bring us a bill and I still had no food. Believe you me this was my first and last visit to a Denny" restuarant any where by thanks to Cierra and the great management team at Greenwich, Norfolk/va beach. ann linzsey and friend james williams n.c. residents

none, US
Feb 26, 2011 6:55 pm EST

thats disgusting... i know where ill tell my parents to never bring me or my siblings again!

m thomas
Winnetka, US
Jan 11, 2009 8:39 pm EST

sounds like the person from placerville was a little dusted them selves.the problem with dennys is the people they hire are not to well on the english when you order a breakfast and want your eggs cooked a certain way they dont understand.other that that the $3.99 is really bland and you get a cup of coffee for the low price of[&1.90]what the hell is up with that