Denny'slack of attention

F Sep 12, 2018

We came to the restaurant where we usually dine every day, but today we had a bad experience: after sitting by the host, we waited for 15 minutes or more. While waiting, two waiters in the area looked at us and ignored us. Also one of the managers looked toward our table, we thought that finally, we would be assisted but was not the case. We have to request a waitress from the adjacent area to help us.

Later on, a kid spilled sugar on the playground which got sticky, our baby was winning because we will not let her play and that dirty place, we reported it to the front desk, and after a while, we saw one of the managers looking toward our table while (I assume) the hostess explained him about our request. We kept waiting for the help, but after seeing no action, I sent one of my kids to ask for a cleaning cloth, the manager seemed to dislike our request and stated he would send somebody to do so. That person never arrived, in the meantime, the manager took his time to have a waiter serving him his dinner, and we ended up cleaning the area our self with table napkins.

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