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On January 15th, 2010, I traveled from Detroit to Washington D.C., once I was on the plane I realized that my Cartier glasses had fallen out of my pocket. I asked the stewardess to call the gate and she offered no assistance or compliance. I called several lost and found numbers provided: (a) tsa, (b) dtw airport, (c) wayne county police, and (d) delta airlines; over that weekend. None of the offices were open. On Sunday, January 17th 2010, I went to the baggage claim and completed a lost item form and they allowed me to look through their lost and found for my glasses. Needless to say, my glasses weren't there.

On March 5, 2010, I traveled from Detroit to Chicago. I figured I'd stop by the gate were I lost my glasses and speak with an agent. To my amazement, the agent remember a family returning the glasses to her, but she stated at the end of her shift, "the glasses were gone". So, where are my glasses? Did an employee of Delta steal my glasses, after a passenger returned them? Is this the business process for lost items: (a) passenger return lost item to agent, and (b) employee steals the glasses? I expressed my frustration to another agent on March 8, 2010, after returning from Chicago and she had the audacity to say, "I should have been more careful". WTF? I should have been more careful, so what should have Delta been...more careful in screening employees?

Delta has my information. Supposedly, someone is going to call me. It's been two business days and nothing. This is not the end for me. The glasses is really not the issue, it's theft. What else has Delta employees stolen?

Update by Dashaun Huston
Mar 16, 2010 9:22 am EDT

I stated the Facts. If you can't assist me in getting my glasses or helping to resolve shrink aka theft with the Delta lost and found, I really have no reason to further discuss with you. I didn't accuse...a Delta employee stole the glasses. Period point blank. Now can I prove it? Nope. But, I don't have to. There are many things that we believe in that we cannot prove: (a) a higher being, (b) OJ kill Nicole, (c) there are no weapons of mass destruction, and (d) a Delta employee stole my glasses. So if my accusation will get me in "trouble", then I guess all religious people are in trouble, OJ is in trouble, and George Bush Jr. should be jailed. If you think that I'm going to believe that any other person besides a Delta employee went behind a counter, and retrieved some glasses get the heck out of here.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Sep 30, 2017 10:37 am EDT

On September 26, 2017 on flight DL2768 from SLC to BOS my baggage was opened by someone and took my jewelry pouch which contained about $1500.00 worth of jewelry. Who should I contact about this theft.

Nov 22, 2015 1:38 pm EST

I leftt a bag at delta air line gate C-16 ON 11-22-2015 which contained items of Salt Water Taffy and 3 Gifts Bags and also some Bacon Cheese from Philly


on june 2 2013 ; I lost my iphone 4s becuse one of the delta agent asked me to take my carryone under the plane because theere was no more cabine left and I had myphone on the cover of my suitcase it went missing.

Feb 08, 2013 2:55 pm EST
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feb 2 2013 i check in sju air fort at DL 304 going to MNL stop JFK & AMS&TPE air line reservation code 5YKH3[KL] luggage # [protected] [protected] only one luggage i recive so i go to dest they give me a claim # to deliver to my house after 2day i resive my luggage in deferent bag no safety seal only my luggage tag the delivery man told me that my luggage i open the item is my but 30% of my item is lost the delivery man told me to rite the missing item lost my perfume 2 DNG sport 100ml set of dril dewalt and bith cetafil 1 liquid 3 pcs cetafil bar 2 cap petrolume gelly 100ml hope this kind of situation is not append to the other traveler

Jul 29, 2012 10:37 pm EDT

On June 15th 2012, I lost my Samsung smartphone in the gate area of Delta at JFK. I heard an announcement over the PA reporting a lost cell phone which I regrettably ignored more than once. Upon arriving to my destination in SC, I realized that my phone was missing. I filed a report at the Delta lost and found in Charleston, SC, the agent was very helpful and gave me the number at the JFK terminal. After calling the number every day and night for two weeks and leaving several messages, no one answered the phone or called me back. I even got an email from my friend who I last texted stating that someone at Delta had found my cell phone! GREAT NEWS! All I had to do is call them back and give them a mailing address or whatever information they needed to get my phone back to me. Well, I began to call every other day and eventually once a week after about three weeks. No answer at the JFK lost and found. On July 15th, some lady with a nasty attitude from the Delta lost and found at JFK in response to a message that was left stating that no one has responded to any of mine or my wife's messages. The employee stated that she had not received any messages until now, almost a month later. She told me that their policy there at Delta's lost and found is that they do not normally keep items over 15 days. Well, thanks a lot. Nobody answers the phone for a month. The conversation was cut short due to poor connection or maybe she hung up on me, I don't know. I tried calling back but surprisingly, no one answered the phone. I just gave up on ever getting my new smartphone back. Maybe at Delta's JFK lost and found, they intentionally do not answer the phone or do not even care if we get out lost items back. I believe they have a good system over there of keeping other people's lost items and sharing the booty among the low down employees.

Apr 06, 2011 6:09 pm EDT

I just had a bunch of jewlery missing out of my check bag when I flew delta a couple weeks ago. Now of course, Delta does not cover anything of any value and they dont seem to care that they have theives working for them. Matter of fact they refuse to cover most things in your bag so my opinion is that they are helping their theiving employees out because they nor does Delta have any consequences to pay for ripping people off. I will be taking my business elsewhere for now on. I'm just hoping that they rip enough people off that no one wants to fly with them anymore. Then maybe the workers could sell all the [censor] they stole from the customers bags for a little money since they wont have a job anymore. Karma, Its a wonderful thing and will come back on the person that took my things. Far as your glass's...of course someone stole them. There are lots of sticky fingers at Delta.

Oct 26, 2010 2:07 pm EDT

Delta Airlines holds as much responsibility for losing your stupid glasses...excuse me "Cartier" glasses as much as the person who made your should just make a complaint about Cartier Glasses and how they dont stay in your pocket...or wait...another idea...DONT BE A [censored] AND LOSE YOUR GLASSES! or get laser surgery, bet that wont fall out of your pocket. I dont see why you classify this under Delta Airlines...yes the agent remembers a pair of glasses being returned to her you know how many [censored]es like yourself lose [censor] at the gates every flight? it could have been ANYBODYS glasses. The airlines even let you look for your precious glasses...cry me a river...

i hope you die

Oct 20, 2010 9:42 am EDT
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they won't do anything because they don't care. I turned my estranged husband in over 7 months ago for employee theft and they have yet to do anything I even sent numerous pictures of the items stolen. He has taken thousands of dollars worth of stuff, not from customers but from the company and they say he's being investigated but I have to wonder because he's still working. I'm just saying if they are not going to do anything about employees stealing from them which makes the prices go up for customers do they really even care if the employees are stealing from passengers that use Delta to fly?

Apr 06, 2010 12:40 am EDT

I left my wallet at one of the gates in the detroit airport with Delta Airlines, by mistake. I'm so sad. It was on April 5th 2010 at around 9:30. The worst part is that the reason why I left it there was because Delta had written on my ticket that my gate was B12, leaving at 10:00pm. It was 20 minutes to 10 and the gate destination said Syracuse, New York. Confused, and getting a little worried I asked the counter lady if the flight to Montreal from that gate was leaving on time. She said that no flight from Montreal was leaving from that gate and that I had to go to gate C18 because it had been changed. Annoyed, she pointed to my ticket where it said "subject to change". ### You for that Delta. Anyways, I freaked out as I didn't know if I was going to make it so I left my ###ing wallet there in a frazzle.

Dashaun, Do you think you could post those numbers for me? I'm not finding much on the net right now, or if anyone else could help me, that would be terrific. -Also, worst flight ever, both the parents of toddlers sitting in the rows behind and beside me changed their loud mouthed kids right there out in the open and it was terrible. Great standards Delta. I'll do anything in my power to never take another Delta flight ever again, even if they do find my wallet. That's the least they could do.


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