Delta Airlinesfrustration


I have never been more frustrated. I was charged $25 twice for a checked bag when using curbside check-in. The attendant swiped my card twice stating that it did not go through the first time. I noticed the second charge the following morning. I attempted to find a customer service line, but that does not exist. I contacted them via email, only to wait 24 hours for a response. Each day they needed more information. I contacted baggage services via phone only to be directed to a number that takes you in circles on its menu. Friday morning I received Delta's conclusion that I had not been double charged and did not need to be reimbursed! I waited 5 days for that!! Only one person helped me at all. She stated that my only option was to go to the Delta counter and the local airport and have a supervisor look at my bank statement and receipt. Not only did they steal $25 from me, but they called me a liar. And it took 5 days to get any response. Get a freakin' customer service line. Clearly Delta does not want deal with all of their screaming customers over the phone. It is much easier to steal from people via email. I will never fly Delta again and would advise everyone I know to avoid it as well. Customer service is terrible at best and they will steal from you when given the chance

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