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Complaints & Reviews

overbooked flight and denial of seats booked with skymiles

My husband and I are both longtime sky miles members of Delta and fly
frequently for business and pleasure. This past week, we planned a
family trip to Ft. Myers fla which was booked in September using sky
miles and companion certificates. I confirmed this trip twice with sky
miles representatives since the website would not allow me to check in
online. I was assured that we were confirmed but that we couldn't check
in online due to one child being a minor. However, when we arrived, we
were at the gate early and still not allowed to get seat assignments.
Apparently, Delta sent a much smaller plane and we were bumped because
the plane was oversold. We were not offered any compensation. We were
simply told that they would try to rebook us on another plane, even
while the gate agent was telling me that there were no other flights
from cvg to ft myers that day. Tonya Mullins, the gate attendant, was
very upset and very rude to all of the guests who were bumped. We had no
idea that simply because 3 of our tickets were with skymiles that we
would not have seats confirmed, or I would have purchased the tickets.
This is not consistent with your ad that there are no restrictions, etc.
We finally got flights to Florida that day through customer service at
the airport. The only way we could get there was to fly to Dayton, Ohio,
and then atlanta and then to Sarasota, and then rent a car and drive to
Ft. Myers. Our costs were greatly increased, we lost our hotel
reservation that night and when we got to Sarasota, we had no bags, they
had been sent on to Ft. Myers. The baggage rep. told me it might be 48
hours before the claim could be processed as their computers were down.
We were told to try driving to the airport in ft. myers, which we did,
but of course, no one was there as it was after midnight by this time.
We finally got our bags the next day at the original hotel we had booked
but our Christmas trip was shortened by an entire day and a lot more
expense to us. We arrived at our hotel at 3:00 a.m., with our children,
when we should have arrived at 1;30 that afternoon. I am amazed that we
were not offered any compensation for this or at least a refund on some
sky miles or future travel. If we had known we would be bumped, we would
have taken the offer for compensation, but we were repeatedly assured
that our seats were confirmed and we would be on that plane. Why would
you send a smaller plane than was scheduled when the flight was
overbooked? I intend to cancel my Amer. Express Delta card and begin
using skymiles with another carrier unless there is some recognition of
the disappointment and frustration and added cost that this decision
caused my family.

poor management overall

I'm a platinum medallion member with Delta. I travel weekly for my job, and unfortunately, you have to go out of your way to NOT use Delta - they have so cornered the market in many locations. From now on however, I will drive out of my way to airports that use other airlines, and pay higher rates if I have to - just to avoid using Delta. I'm tired of their constant delays and cancellations, their nonexistant policies or abilities to appease 'wronged' customers, and the uncaring and unhelpful attitudes of their staff. I blame it on Delta's upper management team - whose attitudes, abilities and ethics are reflected throughout the company. I kept track and found that for me personally, Delta 'underperforms' (causes me to be late to work or late home) approximately 30% of the time. If most other industries had that bad of a record, they would be closed down. I propose a boycott until they change their ways.

  • Su
    Superdupervisor Sep 07, 2009

    You sound miserable. 70% on time is not bad when you consider weather issues, mechanical problems, and all the crazy luggage everybody brings on. I'm a PM too, a hard one, from Atlanta. No connectoions, I can go anywhere in the world non-stop and I think that's pretty amazing. The stewardesses are very sweet and I feel safe because the pilots are much more experienced than Air Tran. The agents at the gates are a pain in the ***, but I can see they're understaffed, they're always having to leave. I can understand why their managers don't hire more because as an american consumer most of us don't want to pay more for quicker service. I hope things get better for you, believe me when I say that I know what you go through. Traveling isn't for sissies, these days, huh?

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disability help

Flew Delta out of Baltimore/Washington to Atlanta, Ga. When tickets purchased a wheelchaire was requested since I have had several Strokes. Well... even though it was on my ticket "wheelchair request" I couldn't get one. When I finally got to departure gate I ask if I could board first due to my disability and was told by agent that only first class customers board first and they do not let disabilited customers board prior to the number on their ticket. There were no seats at the boarding area because most customers had their laptops, carryons, coats on several seats. Probably those first class customers. When we got to Atlanta Ga, I asked for a wheelchair and got no help again. What an airport to get to lugguage pickup when you are trying to walk with canes. I found a seat at one point and cried with pain.. did I get any help? NO... The return trip was the same, couldn't get a wheelchair or help. Delta you need to have customer service training programs. And I mean for all passengers, not just your first class passengers. I have attempted to contact Delta with my complain, but they are ignoring me. Guess they figure I'll go away, which will probably work in their favorite. But I won't fly with them again if I don't get a response and at least someone letting me know that the is being handled and won't happen to other disabiled passengers. Linda


WARNING! Delta Air Lines employees giving out FALSE information at LAX - you could be charged as much as $600 for one piece of baggage! Customer service will IGNORE you! You will NOT get any money back!

My finacée and I arrived at LAX for departure to PVR (Puerto Vallarta) for a two week trip over the holiday season 2008–2009. At the check-in counter at LAX, a DELTA ticket agent informed us that fee structures had doubled as of July 2008, and i would be charged $300 round trip for my surfboard. I was outraged at this fee, and argued with the DELTA agent for about 15 minutes, until finally I relented and paid the exhorbidant fee.

Dismayed at having spent about the same amount of money on oversize baggage fees for my surfboard (6'2' shortboard, under 10 lbs, in protective bag), I asked the DELTA agent again to reassure me that this was the sum total of the fees I would pay for oversize baggage fees. She confirmed and gave explicit instructions that I should keep the receipt for $300 safe so that I could produce it upon my return to the Delta Ticket agent in PVR.

Two weeks later, I handed my receipt over to the DELTA ticket agent in PVR and explained that I had already payed the fee. I was then told that my receipt was in fact only one-way from LAX–PVR and that I would be charged another $300!!! (Actually - $311.25 with tax). My fiancée and I repeated the information we had received from the DELTA ticket agent in LAX to no avail. We asked to speak to the manager on duty, but were told that we would have to wait almost 2hrs, which would put us in danger of missing our flight. We were advised to pay and take up the issue with DELTA customer service after arriving home in Los Angeles.

So, without any reasonable recourse, we followed the DELTA ticket agents advice to solve the matter through customer service. I emailed immediately after getting home with a complete description of the events, and stated clearly that had I been given correct information upon check-in at LAX from the incompetent DELTA ticket agent, I would NEVER had agreed to pay $611.00 for my surfboard, instead I would have sent it home in a taxi, but under no circumstances have agreed to pay $611.25.

After three emails, and two phone calls to DELTA customer service, I have now been completely dismissed and ignored. I was given a form letter apology that I had been given incorrect information, and that my email would be used for training purposes, but beyond that there was nothing DELTA Air Lines would do to correct the situation. I have sent multiple emails since then requesting the official Delta Air Lines business name and agent for service, as well as their legal department phone number, but have been continued to be ignored. The DELTA customer service lines of communication had been cut off and I had been dismissed for good. DELTA would use my emails for trining purposes and keep $600 of my hard earned dollars, only $300 of which I had reluctantly agreed to pay.

It isn't fair that DELTA can hold their passengers hostage at airports, give out incorrect information that leads to cost prohibitive fees, then treat their customers politely like garbage until finally just ignoring them. DELTA has proven to me that they would rather hide behind a screen of corporate policy, than actually investigate my case, which was legitimate and truthful.

I spent an extra $311.25 as a direct result of incompetence on the part of a DELTA Air Lines employee, and now I have no recourse but to file a small claims court case, which I am currently in the process of doing. I am outraged at being treated so poorly, and at being dismissed without any investigation into my case.

WARNING!!! Delta Air Lines ticket agents are giving out FALSE information that can cost you as much as $600.00!!! DO NOT trust DELTA employees to give correct information, and DO NOT expect to have any recourse with DELTA customer service after you pay. DELTA is in my opinion, a consumer unfriendly corporation that only cares about taking your money, and hiding behind a veil of incompetence and corporate policy.

  • Ji
    Jidaste Oct 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My wife, son daughter and I planned a trip to the Island of Martinique 3 years ago and made reservation with DELTA 9 months ago. Today we were supposed to travel to Martinique with a connection to San Juan Puerto Rico and when we arrived at the Airport 3 hours before departure DELTA were unable to book us for any flight that day. After waiting from 6:am to 12:30 PM they rescheduled our flight for Wednesday 23rd 2009. We are seeking compensation for the 3 days being lost and reimbursment of taxi fare for 4 trips at $130 each to the Aiport/Home, Home/Airport.

    It was a chaos at the Airport and Delta staff were unable to assist the travelers that were stranded. After numerous arguments with the staff they made us changed to 3 different lines to inform us that no flight will be available until Wednesday. We called the complaint lines who offered us $100 for our trouble which we refused and nothing else was being offered by Delta. We found this to be outrageous from Delta which would expect us just to accept such unfair and treatment.

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  • Ru
    runfit Oct 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your complaint makes no sense - your uses of tenses are not consistent at all. TODAY, 2009, why weren't they able to "book" you if you already had tickets. Not a very good complaint!

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  • El
    Elisey Oct 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We was to bored the plane at 5:30 am to fly to atlanta georgia and than on to the bahamas. We got to the airport at 3:30. at 5:30 am we was told that the fuel injector was going out so i would be about a 1/2 hour for them to check into it. Finally we was told that maybe we would be on the 8:30 flight. Well that didn't happen. they ended up flying a smaller plane from atlanta back to omaha and we finally borded and flew off at 11:00. of course missing our 1st flight to the bahamas. We was to be in the bahamas at 12:35. once we got to atlanta we had to really run to catch our plane that was almost ready to take off for the bahamas. We did make it there by 4:30. then to find out our luggage was lost. they found that and delivered it to breezes resort at 9:30 pm. Than we started all over on the way home on Fri feb 5th. We get to atlanta and get on our plane that is to leave at 4:05 pm. We get on the air plane at 3:40 and at 4:45 we are told that they need to get fuel in the plane. 5:10 pm they announce that they cant figure out were the fuel goes in this plane. at 6:00 we finally get started going. We were due in to omaha at 5:35. Instead we didn't get into omaha till 7:45. plus we sat on the airplane the whole time that they were trying to figure out how to get the fuel in. over 2 hours. all the stewerdest kept saying was we will be leaving in a few minuetes instead of telling us that it was going to be awhile and let us get off the plane and stretch our legs a little. I am glad this was not the first time for us to fly. I kinda doubt that we will ever fly delta air lines again. we were very up set. we travel only once a year in jan/feb. but sitting for almost 5 hours in one air port and loosing our luggage and than to sit in a airplane for over 2 hours extra does not make for happy people. how do you plan on making this up to us? plus had to drop about 75.00 in the airport for food. wasn't offered anything extra on the plane of course.

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  • Ka
    Kalbrone Feb 28, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On Sunday September 20, 2009 I was traveling from Dallas to Florida and had to layover in Atllanta. During this layover/ change of planes the airlines spilled JET FUEL on my bags, completely ruining my bag and its contents. I have called and written many letters to no avail. To date I not received any compensation for my claim!

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very delay flight @ lost of luggages

On our last trip to France leaving on the 27th of December fron richmond, VA to Nice France via NYC and London, after hours of waiting our flight to NYC was CANCelled . So great was the despair of people that Delta sent a bus leaving late from Richmond to NYC.
My partner and I was re route to Atlanta to catch a later fligh to London, this flight to London when we got to Atlanta was over sold. SO they put us in an hotel late at night.
When we got to our final destinatiojn all 3 luggage were missing in action. They 2 days and half later.
On the way back everything went oK until we 've got to NCY to oour last part of our long trip bakc to Richmond. Delta had such a disorganization that we could not even get through the doors and waited outside in the cold.
We finally got to Richmond that same night late and again w/o luggage but one.
The one that got there was a mess: they broke a bottle of cologne and spell tea all over the inside.
2 weeks later one of the luggage is still lost with expensive clothing such as Tuxedos and italian shoes!!!

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difficulty redeeming

The entire Delta Skymiles program is based on trickery and deceit. It is rigged in every detail to circumvent the practical use of the points you receive, whether through blatant, extravagant nickle and dime charges, to subtle engineering of the web site or advertising copy so as to obfuscate the rules of the program. Did you know that it will cost you $75. to "redeem" your miles? It's as if you went to the bank and had to pay them to withdraw money from you account. Shame on you Delta. Pluse, the travel awards that are available for Skymiles are the bottom of the barrel, flights that stopover in states thousands of miles from your destination, forcing you to travel for 8 hours on what might of been a three hour flight. I checked both itinerary searches on their site, the one for regular bookings, and the one for Skymiles. They are not equivalent. The Skymiles booking area returns only the odd time, stopover laden, flights that nobody cares to fly.

  • Sn
    SnowStorm Feb 17, 2011

    I tried to redeem some miles for a ticket, called customer service to ask specific questions about how to go about to do this, and after three questions, she said, "sorry, you're asking too many questions" and hung me up.

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shame on delta

On Jan 4 2008 I flew from Santa Barbara, ca to Montgomery, al. Flight originated on US airways and in Pheniox was delta. Flight from Pheniox was delayed about half hour and was very overbooked (something airlines do because of no-shows), but I made the flight. So, when I arrived in Atlanta this when the big issues started. When I got off the plane the customer service person at the gate told me she would call my departure gate and tell the plane to wait. So, like a fool I ran 3 gates away only to find that the plane had already left! I was 2 minutes late and the attendant at that delta gate told me 'we don't hold planes' and proceeded to give me the worst attitude! There were 5 more people who were trying to get the same plane which I found out was also very over booked. To make a long story short Delta gave my seats away and new dam well my flight was coming in late and just decided to screw everyone over for that flight which was the last flight of the night. They would not give me my luggage, and wouldn't even give me kind or understanding words. I got rudeness, and more rudeness from flight attendants to customer service. Most of the folks were African american and maybe I just don't get the attitudes in the culture, but I think they were racist against me. One of the customer service reps actually started singing to herself as if to piss me off while I was telling her my situation! A pregnant woman in front of me was very upset and they threatened to call security on her if she didn't leave the desk! Delta sent me to a roach motel for the night with no luggage, no toothbrush and nothing but the clothes on my back! The next nightmare was the hundreds of people waiting for the hotel shuttles that were running till the wee hours of the morning all thanks to Delta! Got into the roach motel at about 1am and caught the earliest flight at 11:45 as all the early ones were all booked. As if all this wasn't bad enough I was asking about my bags and the dam rude customer service woman told me they would be on the same flight with me... They were not and as of 10pm I still don't have my bags and still have the same clothes on!! Delta says sorry a lot, but they don't mean it. I am tired of seeing their bright smiley faces on their adds and when i see them in real live it is the exact opposite!!! SHAME ON DELTA!!!

  • In
    independent-opinion May 18, 2010

    crappy airline. Wonder why they are in business.

    Americans can't go long way with such garbage.

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  • Ch
    Chaayaa May 19, 2010

    Is this an airline? Or a joint of all the retired, over aged play ground.
    it doesn't even list in any nomination of skytrax airline ratings.

    Why fly airline which is bankrupt or almost on the verge of bankruptcy.

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customer service

This is a short story of my bad experience with delta airlines. this shows how delta is trying their best to cheat their customers. I will never fly with delta again – if you want to get the service you pay for – I recommend avoid delta at all cost!!!

In december 08, I was flying to turkey on 23 december. among the alternatives, I have chosen delta so that I could avoid the paris airport congestion (had a delayed luggage experience before). delta, instead, offered flying from detroit to jfk and then with a direct flight to istanbul. for delta, I ended up paying almost 45% more for the fare so as to be able to avoid europe transfer.

My flight to jfk was at 11am on 23 december and I received a phone alert from delta at 7am that day (I was about to leave the apartment at that time).

The message was stating "... your flight time is rescheduled and your flight will depart at 10pm on 23 december". I got worried since my connection flight at jfk was at 4h30pm on 23 dec - I was definitely missing that flight. so I called delta to ask for the change in my connection. the response I received was that the detroit-jfk flight time is rescheduled as 2pm - not 10pm. hence I wouldn't miss my flight in jfk (as they said). I was relieved from my anxiety and went to the airport around 12.

The flight, which was rescheduled to depart at 2pm, left at 3h30pm and I eventually missed my connection flight from jfk.

At the jfk, I called delta customer service to ask about the next flight and they put me on a rome flight the next day. note that I was supposed to fly to istanbul from jfk with a direct flight and my fare was quoted for no-connection, hence the rome connection was delta's another terrible customer service example.

I spoke to the delta staff at the airport so that they could put me in a direct flight and they said they cannot do anything - a big lie. I told them what I should do until 24 december and asked them to fly me back to detroit - they refused. when I told them they should compansate me for the overnight layover, they blame that the delayed flight was due to “weather”. I was shocked since there was not a weather issue that day and all other flights left detroit airport on time. I then called the detroit airport to confirm my suspicion and got the confirmation that the delta flight was delayed because of its late arrival which was not caused by weather.in essence, delta was trying to bluntly cheat me by blaming the weather for their fault and load the layover expenses over my shoulder. I went back to the staff counter and after a lengthy argument got 1 night accommodation voucher and $7 meal voucher. needless to say their choice of hotel is awful and $7 meal voucher is a joke.

Next day, 24 december, I went to the airport in the morning. my rescheduled flight to rome was at 5pm. at about 2pm, I noticed that the rome flight was delayed and will depart at 6h30pm. the problem was that I was not going to make the connection flight at rome. hence I called delta customer service to ask them whether they could do anything about it. they said they know nothing about the delay – ignorance is a bless for delta. I had to guide them to their partner’s website (alitalia) which they were able to book a ticket for but cannot know about the flight schedule changes. they said they cannot do anything about it, neither knew what will happen when I got to rome and missed the flight. delta is absolutely ignorant!!! they simply wanted to offload the passenger to alitalia to deal with. I told them that there is another delta flight from jfk to rome at 5pm and it is leaving on time so that I could catch my connection in rome. the rep said the flight is full - I asked to be upgraded to business class so as to be able to make it on time. with a terrible attitude, the rep said delta ‘won’t do it” no matter that business class seat goes unfilled and that I was treated favorable by delta by 1 night overlay compensation. when I asked about my compensation for 1 day lost vacation, inconvenience in having to sleep at a rundown hotel, having to fly with a connection instead of direct flight to istanbul, delta was completely ignorant and didn’t care. they just wanted to take the money and run away from responsibilities.

Lastly, when I went to the alitalia counter for check-in around 3pm, the girl at the counter said that usually delta does a terrible job in rescheduling the luggages whenever there is a flight change and suggested me to check the scheduling of my lug gages. I called the 800 number of delta for my luggages, I couldn’t get through for 20 mins and had to go to their terminal (alitalia’s terminal is different than delta). I asked about my luggage and they said it was scheduled to depart jfk on 28 december – my flight was supposed to leave on 24th december!!!, I asked my luggage and took them to alitalia to check in with the same flight I am flying with.

Once I got to rome, I missed my flight and gave delta a call - as you guessed they said it is alitalia I should be dealing with - what a service!!! I eventually made out of rome early in the morning and had to sleep in the airport.

The moral of this experience is avoid delta, don’t presume that you’ll get any decent service or compassion from delta no matter what they do with you once they get your money. I have been telling this story to everyone I know and one of the leading comments is that this complaint wouldn’t change delta and they would operate as they do now. I disagree. we could teach these companies to treat customer with dignity, provide the services paid for or compansate whenever there are inconveniences. examples are there air france upgraded me to business class in the past in a similar situation, klm gives voucher for overnight layovers caused by their fault (not just a lame hotel and $7 meal after trying to cheat by blaming on the weather). others such as japan airlines, virgin and southwest are all great in how they treat their customers. I so regret that northwest, after being taken over by delta, will become like them in the near future. I just hope they won’t become like them.

  • Mi
    Miss Anti-Delta Sep 04, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Delta is AWFUL! I have never dealt with such inconsiderate human beings before in my entire life. I had a 270$ ticket requested to be changed to be used at a later date. There was a $150 change FEE!! WTF. "Oh but it says that on the confirmation when you register your ticket ma'am" I love how they give solutions for the past and not for the future.

    FINALLY after 30 minutes of waiting for a supervisor to "help me" she offered, after arguing with me, to cut it in half. Awesome. So no I am only loosing $75... that's more reasonable. NOT. So she tells me, in the future chose a ticket that is more flexible. OR What I'll do instead is chose another airline!!!

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passenger delay and generally rude customer service

Company delayed my relatives on a flight from Russia (Moscow) to USA (San Francisco) via Atlanta on December 25th.

Flight was delayed leaving Russia under a false pretense of a unruly passenger on board (who was removed by Russian security forces in assistance with Delta personnel). Connecting flight from Atlanta was NOT delayed leaving Atlanta and left just as Moscow - Atlanta flight # 47 was landing.

Delta ground staff was displeased at the fact that they have to accommodate delayed passengers and used the fact that most passengers had limited command of English language and issued them a hotel voucher that was NOT enough to completely cover overnight stay and did not provide any food to passengers.

Problem was exacerbated next day when Delta did not send a big enough bus to accommodate all passengers at the hotel (to be brought onto another flight to SFO) and created additional roadblocks for passengers by NOT assisting them in getting correct boarding information.

Collective letter was written by passengers to address the problem of poor customer service, but no response was received from Delta

  • Da
    dave s May 05, 2009

    Guess what it happens to me often.

    I have to use delta out of Charleston SC. Their agents, especially in Atlanta are extremely rude.

    If you miss a connection or get stranded by weather or a canceled flight, It takes an hour just to get someone to tell you what is going on and what has to be done to re book.

    The only thing I wish for is the day they do go under. I can not tolerate poor customer service. However, in Delta's defense, they are not in the business of customer service or in my case the information business. DOWN WITH DELTA.

    Unfortunately, your complaints, like mine will go un noticed. Rest assured, one day, Delta will no longer exist because of their service. On that day, have a drink on them and laugh at the ones crying that they lost their jobs. They will blame management and the economy; unfortunately it was these people who treated us badly which created the down turn in the business environment

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un-professional behavior

I traveled through Delta airlines last night from Atlanta to Houston. I was booked on DL-5871 (Scheduled...

luggage weight

Ms Georgia Verdier
161 Wall Street
Corning, New York 14830

Delta Airlines
Customer Service
PO BOX 20980
Dept 980
Atlanta Ga. [protected]

To Whom It May Concern:

I am Georgia Verdier, one of the individuals mention in the letter listed below, written by Ms. Credle. I am writing regarding luggage charges. On departure from Spain, several of us had our luggage weighed and was told it was “Heavy, ” as the figures were not shown in English. Many of us questioned the weight because we had carefully avoided the problem of over weight. On arrival home, my bag was slightly less than 50 pounds. However, I was charged 120 Euros, with our dollar valued at $75.00 to their $100.00. The scale they used stated that the cost would be rated according to the weight, beginning at $50.00, however, this was not done. Several of us believe we were grossly and unfairly charged. I hope you have heard from others who were on the same trip, encountered the same problem, and voiced their displeasure in the airport. Please inform me as to what can be done to rectify this problem.


Georgia Verdier
Delta Passenger

Lucy Credle
251 Steuben Street
Painted Post NY 14870

November 26, 2008

Delta Airlines
Customer Service
PO BOX 20980
Dept 980
Atlanta Ga. [protected]

Subject: Poor Service

To Whom It May Concern:

I am wishing to file a complaint regarding Delta flight # 6207 from Rochester to JFK, which arrived late, causing us to miss our flight to Madrid, Spain.

Georgia Verdier, Cleo Watkins and myself were traveling to Madrid Spain on Sunday 02/11/08 via flight # 6207 from Rochester NY @ 4: 30P and were to arrive at NYC/Kennedy @ 6:10 P. The plane arrived late to Rochester; therefore causing us to arrive at JFK late, and then sat on the tarmac for 30 minutes waiting to approach the gate at JFK. Our concern was expressed to the steward who said the connecting flight # 126 was aware of the delay and assured us we would make our connection. Unfortunately, by the time we got to the gate they had closed the doors five minutes earlier. We ended on a$ flight to Malaga #DL162 than another Iberia IB 0221 to Madrid which arrived too late for our tour director to escort us to the hotel and the tour of the city. This delay caused us to miss the first day of our vacation tour and cost us an additional 39.00 E for the cab to the hotel. Although we had an option of leaving from the Corning/ Elmira airport, we decided it would be easier to leave via Rochester, as we would have to change planes in Spain, which would have been more difficult then doing so in the US. In essence, my son had to drive us over 100 miles one-way to Rochester and pick us up, to avoid changing planes in a foreign country. For all the good it did us we could have flown out of Corning.

I called customer service on 21/11/08 and spoke to a Ms Humaira about my displeasure. Ms Humaira advised that I would be receiving a $50.00 voucher towards a future flight (within one year). I do not feel this is adequate compensation for the inconvenience and costs that we had to endure. I am sure you can do better than that. Is it my advice that AAA should think twice about using your airline when you show such disregard for poor service.


Lucy Credle


AAA Travel
Kip Zeiter
1284 Dryden Road
Ithaca NY 14850

Georgia Verdier
161 Wall Street
Corning NY 14830

Cleo Watkins
19 Roberts Avenue
Corning NY 14830

  • Kr
    Kristen Mar 04, 2009

    My boyfriend and I had a similar problem with the baggage. On our way to Puerto Rico, our bag was 43 pounds. It had the same stuff in it (plus a hardcover book) on the way back, and in San Juan, they told us we were weighing in at 58 pounds. There is no way we had added 15 pounds with a hardcover book and two bathing suits that had gotten damp. We were told that we weren't allowed to take anything out of the suitcase, and it was either check it for "$75...no $100" or leave it there and have it thrown out. We later learned that it wouldn't have been thrown out, but shipped back on a later flight. Upon trying to get our money back, Delta informed us that they were right and we were wrong, and then offered us each a $25 travel voucher. I would never take it because that would mean having to fly with those scam artists again.

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  • 58
    583586 Oct 26, 2010

    this was all avoidable..i dont understand why you people think that everything is going to go according to plan...just because its your big day doesnt mean the universe will comply just to make you happy...you could have gotten on an early flight to jfk and left PLENTY of room to make your connection...but knowing stupid people like yourself you prob gave yourself 30-45 minutes to make your flight and didnt give anytime for normal holdouts to occur...im glad you didnt make your flight. it pleases me to know that your trip was messed up and that you and your son were inconvienced.

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delta not what it was csrs lie website doesn't work

We have been loyal customers of Delta for many, many years and several times in the past used their skymiles program to take trips. We have found in the past the airline to be responsive and the customer service representatives to be helpful. However that does not appear to be the case any longer. I wanted to put out a warning to anyone who might be considering flying Delta or using their credit cards for the frequent flyer miles. Their customer service, along with their other services, has been rapidly declining. Our recent experience with several customer service representatives and the Delta website left us frustrated, angry and flightless.

My daughter has been working hard for years to graduate from high school with a college associates degree, several scholarships and as a member of the top ballroom dance team in the US. Needless to say this doesn't give her a lot of time to relax. As proud parents, and in appreciation for the scholarships she earned, we are using her graduation, not to mention the money we will be saving on tuition, as an excuse to start planning a big graduation trip. We love to travel and will use any excuse we can find and giving her some time to relax after years of hard work seemed like a good excuse to me.

We have saved Delta frequent flyer miles for years, flying with Delta and using their frequent flyer credit card faithfully to save miles in anticipation of a big trip. We have used these miles in the past and while it took some work and compromise to get flights, we found the customer service people were very helpful and we ended up getting flights that worked for us. We expected to have the same experience this time and had no trepidation about getting flights as we were starting our search many months ahead of time.

The first step to get these (not anywhere near) free flights was transferring miles from various accounts (mine, brothers) into my husbands account to have enough miles in the same account for the international flights we wanted. Now 1 cent per mile, plus a $30 fee doesn't seem like that much when you read it, but it sure adds up. To transfer 30, 000 miles that ends up being $330. Of course you can only transfer 30, 000 miles at a time so there are more fees if you transfer more. Fortunately for us we didn't need to transfer more than 30, 000 from any one account, but we still ended up paying around $760 for the transfers. We thought in the end it would be worth it considering the costs of international flights and the fact that we need 3 tickets. Of course if you get international flights with frequent flyer miles it will cost you around $200 in additional fees to reserve the flights, so the costs would end up being around $1360. Pretty good for 3 international tickets, though we have to do a lot of work and not get our first, second, tenth, twelfth choice of times and places to fly, but certainly not �free� and certainly not a good deal if you can't get any flights.

Now all the miles are in the right place it's time to start to try to reserve our flights. The website is, to put it simply, terrible. I'm fairly savvy at working around these difficult websites having reserved many flights before. However I found this one beyond frustrating and was unable to reserve a flight. The calendar changed constantly (even between steps of a single session) I later learned from the developer's blog that it was essentially because it was too computer intensive to show all of the flights on the calendar. Their technical workaround? Essentially to show random (and apparently also some nonexistent and/or fully booked) flights, since they couldn't show them all. When I managed to wrestle a flight I wanted into existence, I would invariably get 'There is a problem' or 'please try your request again' or �this flight was just fully booked� when I tried to book them. This same thing would happen again, and again, and again.

After several days of trying to work with the website I had some time so I called the number provided, figuring I'd go ahead and spend the extra money and see if they could help me. After all they had been helpful before when I was trying to reserve flights. I was on hold until, as the sun was sinking in the sky, I had to hang up. 2 days later after unsuccessfully trying to use the website again, I called and waited on hold again until finally I got a live, though snippy, person. I was told that I couldn't make reservations because it was my husbands account. Ok, that's understandable. I'll keep trying to use the website, I thought, and if I can't get a reservation my husband can call when he has timel.

My husband called 2 nights later. By now I had been trying to reserve flights for around 2 weeks with no success, mainly because of the website who's programmers appear to be as competent as our current crop of politicians. My husband put the phone on speaker during the interminable wait on hold, so I heard the whole conversation. It went something like this:

Husband: I'd like to reserve an international flight with my frequent flyer miles, we need to have skysaver flights as we don't have enough miles...

CSR (interrupting): What cities?

Husband: Ideally we'd like to fly from ___ to ____ around May 25th, returning around June 10th, but we are flexible.

CSR: I'm only showing Skychoice (expensive in miles) flights for those cities around that date

Husband: We have found another flight that would work, but we've been unable to get it reserved online. Your website seems to be having some problems. Are you able reserve these other flights for us?


Husband: so you recommend we wait?

CSR: yes sir, your flights are far enough out that I recommend you wait and keep checking on the website to get the flights you want.

Husband: but we are having trouble with the website. It won't let us reserve the flights that we want. We're found flights to ------- instead of ------- that we'd be ok with but we can't seem to reserve them online.

CSR: sir, I can't do anything for you that you can't do yourself on the website, and really your flights are far enough out there is no hurry.

Husband: so I should keep checking and trying to reserve on the online?

CSR: Yes sir

Upshot of the conversation : Your call is important to us, please don't bother calling again. We don't have the time, energy, desire or ability to help you.

I kept trying online for flights. There are 3 airports we are willing to fly out of and 10 we are willing to fly into and our range is about 5 days on either end and still it's difficult to find flights and when I do find flights that we could work with the website continues to tell me it's having problems, try again. It gives the number to call, but we've been told that will not do us any good, as well as costing more, so we don't call. Many flights suddenly start being �just fully booked� when I want them, interestingly on different days, different places, different times and all �just fully booked� within minutes of each other, as well as the same old �We are having a problem �.

A fews days later when I hop on the site for my daily try at getting flights low and behold the cost of the least mileage flights in miles has gone up ...10, 000 miles Per Person !!! That's 30, 000 miles that we don't have. ARGH...I'm so frustrated. Why didn't the CSR warn us that prices on all flights were going up? Instead he encouraged us to wait. This is what we get for following delta's advice and being patient with them. I start to wonder if the CSRs were coached to have people put off booking their flights until the price raise was in place and this is why the CSR was so unhelpful. That seems like a definite possibility. I wonder a little too about the website not allowing me to book for weeks prior to the price raise, but I don't want to get too conspiratorial.

My husband is home so we call customer service, on speaker phone, to talk to one unhelpful and uncompassionate CSR and are passed on to her equally unhelpful and uncaring supervisor. We are told that A) they aren't responsible if their website doesn't work B) they aren't responsible for what their customer service people say and C) This is the first complaint they have ever gotten about their website. Well that last is a demonstrable falsehood...or in other words a lie...see http://blog.delta.com/2008/07/31/the-award-ticket-calendar/#comments for just one source of complaints. It's not hard to find others if you look around online a bit. She tells us we should have continued to call instead of trying to use the website and that they did not force us to not call. Well maybe we should have, but it didn't help the times we did call and we were told, by a Delta representative, that it would be a pointless waste of our time to call. We were also told, by a Delta representative that there was no hurry to reserve. If they aren't responsible for their website or their customer service, just what are they responsible for? Hopefully at least for their airplane maintenance. We got no apology or helpful suggestion from these people. Not one scintilla of compassion for our situation, just rudeness. The CSR manager said that she didn't know what the other CSR had told us, in other words she thought we were lying. I offered to give her the CSRs name and the time we called so they could see if they have a recording or at least talk to him, but she wasn't interested in actually finding out what he had said, just in accusing us of not being truthful.

To summarize Delta appears to have, at the least a website run by incompetent programmers that they do not take any responsibility for. They have CSRs who are not their responsibility either and are not only unhelpful, but flat out liars. It appears to me they had been told to encourage people to put off reserving frequent flyer mile flights until Delta could get their new mileage requirements in place. At worst they even sabotaged their own website so that people would not be able to reserve flights before the rate change. No way we can get 30, 000 more skymiles in time to get any flights no matter how flexible we are or what difficulties we are willing to go through to get them. Looks like, thanks to Delta's great customer service and concern for their customers, my daughter won't be getting her trip after all.

  • Co
    COMMON_SENSE Dec 26, 2009

    Trying to combine multiple skymiles accounts (transfer of miles) indeed can be expensive.

    For those who hope to get the miles using their credit cards may want to consider this:

    Instead of having two independent credit cards making miles for two individual skymiles accounts I strongly suggest using only ONE credit card account and then get a 2nd, 3rd ... [partner] card on that first account.

    All the money spent on any of the credit cards will go into miles for that account. No need to transfer miles and paying for that transfer later.

    It also helps making certain thresholds the credit card issuer may offer.
    The Delta Reserve Card (AMEX) for example offers 15000 bonus miles PLUS 15000 Medallion Qualification Miles for $30000 spent in one calendar year. For spending $60000 in one calendar year you get another 15K bonus miles PLUS 15K MQM.

    AFAIK the Delta Platinum and Gold credit cards (Amex) have lower thresholds to get bonus miles but they don't offer the MQM bonus. They are also significantly cheaper: Delta Reserve has an annual fee of approx. $500 for the first and $175 per each additional card. The Reserve card also gives you a higher upgrade priority AND access to any Delta Sky Club.

    So if you only fly once or twice a year you better look into the Gold or Platinum card and forget about the Reserve card.

    But you really want to make sure you collect all your miles in ONE account.

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refuses refund for natural disaster consequence

We purchased a ticket for our son, who attends LSU University for medicine, to go to New York to participate with volunteer work for the elderly In NY during his fall break. Hurricane Gustav arrived and upended life in louisiana; and LSU University subsequently had to cancell the fall break to recoup the lost class time. We contacted Delta Airlines to cancell the ticket and requested at least a partial refund. Delta Airlines has refused to refund any portion of the 391 dollar ticket. They will offer a partial credit for a ticket to be used within the next 12 months, but there will be a penalty assessed to use that credit. We will have to pay even more to travel on this disreputable airline. Travelers beware. My business and associate have vowed to not use Delta Airlines in the future, and I can assure you my family will never set foot on a Delta Airline. I will use every possible opportunity to convey our experience with the unethical nature of Delta Airlines.

  • Cm
    cm Nov 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a ticket to fly to Arizona to see my mother. Sadly she passed away that early am. so I called to cancel my ticket a good eight hours before the flight..she died the same day as the flight...They refused me a refund or a credit. In other words too bad your mother died...they were rude and I have emails to prove it.. I am mad as heck... I just cannot believe this airline, they stink in the compassion department and we used to fly them all the time...no wonder airlines are going under... they are unreasonable dont use them heaven forbid you have a death in the family or a natural disaster...no refund for you!!!

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york galland

I was flying Delta coach. My knees were cramped. I was sitting behind a guy who had his seat reclined--turns out his name was York Galland. He saw my discomfort and immediately put his seat forward. Seeing that I was a big guy, he gave me some really helpful "secrets" on how to upgrade to first class for almost nothing! Thanks York. Delta, space your seats better!

  • Ri
    Richard Beck Oct 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you want the extra room, sure you need to fly first class on most carriers. There are a few airlines that give you more room.

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  • Ca
    Carla B Oct 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is so irritating to have someone lean back, and you see that the back of their head is right if front of you. What I have seen is that not all seats are adjusted the same, or some seats are "broken" to lean back more. In any case, I am the lucky one that gets in back of those seats more than not. In those situations, it is nice to have someone

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  • Gr
    Greg Oct 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Delta does not do a good enough job of checking "broken seats", seats that lean back too far. My irritation goes off the charts when this happens to me.

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  • Su
    Susan Oct 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also seem to always sit behind someone with a "broken seat", a seat that leans back to far. It would be nice if they paid more attention to that.

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  • Bo
    Bob Oct 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Maybe these are the things that made them merge with Northwest. Maybe Northwest can turn them around.

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  • Do
    Don Oct 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I fly Northwest when ever I get the chance. I hope Delta doesn't destroy Northwest.

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  • Fa
    Farrow Feb 20, 2009

    I am 6 foot tall and weigh 195, kinda of average for a guy. Most people would not call my huge but I don't fit in airline seats anymore. It would be nice to fly first class, but I don't have that kind of money. Did they make everything smaller in planes these days?

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terrible experience

I fly regularly. Lately, when I make a reservation, Delta does not permit me to make a seat selection. I am told I cannot as I 'might' get upgraded to first class. Then the day of the flight, the flight is magically full, and everyone else has been able to select seats, so I am left with the worst seat on the aircraft and no one can 'do' anything about it. I am told, 'Gee there is nothing we can do. It should not have happened, Customers are out first concern, have a nice day.'

This is how they treat preferred customers who spend lots of time in their aircraft and spend hundreds of thousands of dollar with them?

I would be better off just getting the lowest fare. They treat me just as poorly but for less.

  • Jo
    Jonhy Mar 12, 2009

    I am traveling extensively to attend NFL cheerleading dance workshops, and recently went to such a workshop in Boston for the New England Patriots. Little did I know that the cost of 'cheap' tickets from Huntsville, Alabama to Boston, which I booked through delta.com, would far exceed my budget to the point of overdrawing my bank account and causing me physical illness.

    Although my weekend trip was booked through Delta, my initial flight out of Huntsville was supposed to be on a Pinnacle/Northwest flight. I made it to the Huntsville airport by 4:20 to catch my 5:05 flight; the online check-in did not work, and nobody from Northwest OR Delta answered when I called to say I was stuck in traffic from a car accident.

    Regardless, I made it to the airport with enough time to check-in (4:20 was well within the '15 minutes prior to departure' rule); however, there was nobody present at the Northwest counter and the self-service kiosk was not working. I waited in line at the Delta counter, but was told that I would have to be checked in by a Northwest employee. I pointed out that there wasn't anybody there to help me, so the Delta employee went into the back and found a guy, who had conveniently decided to take a snack break at a crucial time for passengers to check-in for the 5:05 flight (he actually admitted that he took a 'snack break' and had crumbs on the front of his shirt)!

    By the time Wade (name of the Northwest employee) came out from the back, it was 4:45 (still within the '15 minute rule' for a 5:05 departure) and he told me that it was too late for me to check in. I started crying and told him that I was traveling to Boston by myself for a cheerleading workshop, which started very early in the morning. He looked at me, rolled his eyes, then said 'That figures! Too bad for you, I'm not going to have them hold the plane for you. If you don't want to skip your cheerleader thing, then you can take the flight that gets into Boston at one in the morning.'

    He told me to 'move along to the Delta counter' and said that I wasn't going to be getting any 'special allowances'. The employee at the Delta counter actually advised me to report him and said that she didn't understand why he didn't just check me in for the 5:05 flight! This, however, was the LEAST of my problems!

    As I was going through the security line in my own hometown airport, one of the security employees said that my bag needed to be inspected (my bag was packed with dance costumes, makeup, beauty supplies and hot rollers). I was actually interrogated about the potentially harmful use of my thigh tightening cream and eyelash curler!!! I know it's Alabama, but COME ON!!!

    I was told that I had no other choice than to go back to the Delta counter and check my bag, which made me very nervous (I did not trust these people with my luggage!). I flew from Huntsville to Atlanta, then Atlanta to Boston, and sure enough - my luggage did NOT arrive in Boston!

    I immediately reported my missing luggage to the baggage claim department in Boston...then proceeded to have an anxiety attack. I was in Boston, alone, at 1:30 a.m. and did not have my luggage...and my cheerleading workshop was a few hours away! A delta employee told me that the soonest I could get my luggage would be the following evening, IF they found it!

    Fortunately, I was able to get in touch with one of the girls, who was also attending the workshop, and she picked me up from the airport and took me to Wallgreens to purchase makeup and toiletries; we went to Wal-Mart in the morning (on the way to the workshop) and I purchased the closest thing I could find to dance attire...I have asked Delta to compensate me for this, but nobody will give me a straight answer!

    My luggage was delivered around 4:00 p.m. (around the time we were finished with the workshop), but to my HORROR - the inside of my suitcase was SOAKING WET, as if it had been opened in the pouring rain (it was pouring rain in Atlanta, where my luggage was located)! On top of that, some of my new makeup was gone, and some of my eyeshadow was scattered and broken, which mixed with the wetness to ruin everything inside! I called Delta to complain, but got nothing but a busy signal.

    The following morning, I found out that all flights to Atlanta were canceled due to weather conditions. I was told to wait in a line that literally took two hours to get through...and when it was finally my turn to be helped, I was informed by a Delta employee that my flight had been automatically re-booked for a flight from D.C. to Huntsville that would have gotten me home on time - but nobody from Delta contacted me to notify me of this!!!

    I was told that it was then too late to get on that flight, and the Delta employee proceeded to tell me that I would have to spend the night in Cincinnati at my own expense and without meal vouchers! She said that Delta did not have to provide hotel or meal vouchers during inclement weather, but I was also told that the reason they were sending me to Cincinnati was NOT due to the weather, but because she didn't have time to find another connecting flight to Huntsville!!!

    Again I started crying and had an anxiety attack...and the lady actually said 'If you think that crying is going to help, or even make me want to waste time looking for other connecting flights, then you are mistaken'.

    So...I spent money on a hotel I couldn't afford because I had no other option, and I ate the most expensive quesadillas of my life - also because I had no other option!

    Delta has since informed me that they will send me a $75 travel voucher, but refuse to compensate for the hotel or meal. I am still awaiting the report on compensation for my luggage...that comes to a total of around $1, 000.

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  • Jo
    John Magana Mar 30, 2009

    My grand daughter was recently left without a flight to New Orleans because her (and her friend's) seats were given away. Shayla, is a student a UC Berkely and a coordinator for a trip to help rebuild housing for Katrina victims. They arrived at the airport with enough time to make boarding but found they had no seats. Now Delta will refund the ticket price minus a fee of about 75%. How wrong is that?

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  • An
    Ann Topham Sep 29, 2009

    Some of the problems I have read about on this site seem larger than mine, but never-the-less, what Delta did to me upset me and financially impacted me a great deal.

    Each summer, I purchase tickets for my son and a family of six on the East Coast to visit me on the West Coast. On a fixed income, this is a large expenditure, but to keep close, I do it. Last summer, one grandchild could not make the trip that I had paid for and I wrote a letter to ask that I use the ticket to visit him and the family on the East Coast.

    Delta said that there was “nothing they could do. They needed to be fair to everyone that travels with them and must uphold the ticket rules.” They say they look forward to the privilege of serving my air travel needs again. Are they kidding??? How rigid is this!!!

    I will not consider Delta again. Continental, here I come!!!

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baggage charges

To Whom It May Concern, I am a Sky Miles member and spend quite a bit for an individual with Delta. I...

awful customer service

I would like to share with you my most recent experience on Delta. I would like to start by telling you how excited I was when I learned we were flying Delta the entire trip, from Jacksonville to Ghana. In the past, I had always trusted Delta to get me to my destination in a safe and timely manner.

I took off from Jacksonville on August 1st to Atlanta, Atlanta to JFK and on to Ghana. These flights were pretty uneventful, until we got to our International flight. I knew the flight to Ghana should be nice, since we would be on an airplane for 12 hours. Was I mistaken! We were packed in this airplane like sardines. The seats were crammed together and my poor legs were stuck in one position because I had no where to put them. To make a long flight extra long, we were stuck on the tarmac for an hour and a half. Not a great way to start the flight. I was toward the end of the line when it was my time to board the plane. By the time I arrived, most of the overhead containers were taken, so the flight attendant took my bag to put downstairs. Even tough I asked her to put it somewhere else. I had nothing to read, listen to or study during this trip. During the flight, we encountered a flight attending who was rude and did not like us to get up, even though the captain had not put on the seat belt sign. There was an instance where she accidently spilled something on my neighbor and the words out of her mouth were very disturbing. When we arrived to Ghana, I asked the flight attending for my bag. She informed me I would have to pick it up with the rest of my luggage. I tried telling her all my identification was in my bag and I needed it so I could go through customs. When I got to customs, I tried explaining to them the flight attending had taken my bag that included my passport, drivers license and other forms of I.D. I had to wait until all people had gone through customs, and be escorted to the baggage claim until I finally found my bag.

Luckily, I had a good trip and put this all behind me. This was until I came back to the United States.

The flight we were scheduled to take from Ghana to the United States was delayed by two hours in the United States. This meant it was two hours delayed picking us up in Ghana. We finally boarded the little, cramped airplane again and began our long trip home. When we finally made it back to the United States, we thought we were safe and almost home. This was the biggest mistake of them all!!

We learned that our connecting flight to Atlanta had been cancelled. There were two other International flights that came in around the same time we did. They also had problems. So Delta decided to cram as many people as they could into this tiny room and try to re-book us. We spent two hours in line and ready to get to a Delta representative and get home. I guess it was almost leaving time for the Delta representatives because they were short and very rude to us. Before we made it to the line, we saw people paying off the delta representatives to get closer in line and we saw Delta representatives giving out room vouchers to people who were on my same flight. When we made it to the counter, we told them if they could get us anywhere close to Jacksonville, that would be great. We would drive the rest of the way, if needed. We just wanted to go home. We were told there was nothing for a day and a half. When we asked about a room, we were told Delta would not be giving us a room, and they would not explain why. I asked to speak to a manager and was refused. She said she was not going to call a manager for me. She told me if I didnt leave, she would call port authority on me. Basically, she left me with no ticket and no room at eleven oclock at night. I had never in my life been talked to the way the Delta representative had talked me.

Finally, I found another Delta representative, Yvonne Green. She was wonderful. She took us to the manager I had been asking for earlier. I explained my situation and told him the way I was treated. He gave us a room. Luckily, I had called my dad during this time and he found me a flight out of Newark.

The next morning, we work up, and drove an hour to Newark to catch a flight home. Its funny that the airplane from Atlanta to Jacksonville, a 45- minute flight, was huge!! We each had our own T.V. and the seats were very spacious. Its a shame Delta didnt treat us like this for a 12 hour flight!

My experience with Delta was one of the worst experiences I have ever had. Its terrible that the main thing I remember from my trip to Africa was my awful experience with Delta. In the future, I will choose another airline over Delta, due to the customer service I received at JFK.

bad service

I am writing on behalf of my sister. She flew with delta yesterday morning at 9am on flight number 5552 and was charged $140 for checking a second bag and because they said the second bag was over the weight limit. We made sure and insisted that they please do everything possible to make sure the bags would get to their FINAL destination, the agent looked at us like we were idiots and said: 'of course they will get there!' My sister had a connecting flight in detroit and when she got to her final destination in Lansing Michigan, her bags were nowhere to be found. She filed a claim of course but the problem is that Delta and Northwest are pointing fingers at each other! She booked the flight on Delta! She flew with Delta! Its not her fault if Delta buys Northwest and operates Northwest yet customers are lead to believe they are two separate companies! It has been a very frustrating experience to say the least! especially after paying the airline $140 and they still cant get the bags to their final destination!!! The bags are now in some airport somewhere. The customer service people have not been helpful at all! Both my sister and I have emailed Delta/Northwest yesterday and now almost 16 hours later, still no response! My advice: stay away from delta/Northwest. choose another airline!

very poor service

Two Delta experiences during the past 30 days:

International flight (Atlanta-Incheon and back) that featured broken seat trays and seats, slightly dirty aircraft, filthy bathrooms that weren't maintained for 14 hrs, indifferent/bored flight attendants who avoided work, marginal food. (Compare with Korean Airlines: outstanding service, superb food, immaculately maintained aircraft, constant attention and food/drink, spectacular flight attendants)

2) Skymiles award ticket redemption: hugely increased mileage requirements for domestic award tickets (from 25K miles to 37K or 50K miles for most flights), all kinds of creative and absurd ticketing fees ("partner airline" use fees, taxes that weren't previously charged, new additional fees for any flight that's earlier than 21 days). If you think you know the rules/assumptions of Delta's Skymiles program -- think again. It's become a kind of "bait and switch" scheme in which Delta unilaterally changes the rules and you're stuck.

  • Valerie May 15, 2008

    We got in plane from Atlanta to Portland Or.

    Out of 6 check bags only 5 arrived. After check with the counter a new tracking/file PDXDLXXXXX # issued to us. No one is will to help other then saying: we are sorry, we are sorry.

    As of 5/15/2017 no one from PDX airport security or delta airline have any one checking the claim tickets once the bags arrive. So it is easy to pick up any bag and walk out with out any one checking or asking any question.

    Airport security blames the airline and airline blames the airport while we as a tax paying citizens are getting shafted.

    Delta airline do not have any kind of scanning systems like other airlines do. So once you bag is lost then there is almost zero chance for it to be found.

    Do not fly Delta airline and do not check your bags.

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poor service/inept personnel/unreasonable resolution of their error

I had a one way flight from PA to KC for 8/30.
I called today to change my flight for 8/29 and was quoted specific flights that fit my need. The fare difference quoted was $170.00 and charged the difference to my credit card. I gave up my hotel room in PA for the night of 8/29.
I received my confirmation itinerary by email and see that it is actually changed to later in the day 8/30, not 8/29.
I call back and am told that they will take care of it and waive the further difference (8/29 now showing a $338 difference, not the $170 I was quoted and charged. To make matters worse, the agent gets flustered because the flight numbers I was provided don't match what he is showing so he puts me on hold again to speak to his supervisor and then comes back and says that they have to send me to reissue desk and the additional fees would be waived.
I reach the reissue desk, explain my dilemma (mind you-due to Delta's error) and am immediately told that the record has no documentation about waiving anything. This is before they even check to help or aplogize for the inconvenience and error!!
Now I am dealing with a robot who continues to use the word "CAN'T" in every sentence he spouts out.
I sit on hold for what seems like eternity (probably closer to 7 minutes).
The agent returns to day here are your options:
1) Keep original flight the same--they voided the $170 transaction already so you are not out the fee.
2) Pay $338 dollars more to change to the Friday flight.
When I ask if they could accomodate the Friday flight for the $170 I was quoted since I gave up my hotel room and otherwise have to find a place to stay in PA they say NO. Can't, Can't, Can't is every other word in the sentence.
No responsibility taken for setting a Customer expectation, making an error and no apology until I asked for one. Was it sincere? Not at all!

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    AD Apr 18, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When you book a flight on Delta's website and you fly through one of the "partner's" in my case Air France. Delta never mentioned that your seat assignments are NEVER recorded. They NEVER show up in Air Frances computer. According to Delta... " Ya, we know it's a problem that our computers dont communicate, but remember it's really a seat suggestion" ... that's what I was told. Screw you on a seat suggestion, when it's a 11 or 12 hour flight and YOUR STUCK IN THE MIDDLE SEAT.
    Why, becuase Air France allows THEIR passangers to book on-line. So when ALL Delta costomer's go to the airport to check in ... guess what's left, yep .. all the middle seats. So, unless your going on a Delta flight, don't book through them, when your actually flying a different carrier !!!

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  • Ma
    MaryKatherine Jul 25, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is my second complaint against Delta, which I will never fly again. My mother, who has flown Delta exclusively for 15 years and is a Gold member (or whatever Delta calls them) booked a dream flight to Russia through Delta. Long story short, NIGHTMARE. As another person mentioned, her seat assignments weren't saved, and my 60-ish mom had to fly in the middle seat, where she couldn't easily stretch her legs. Then, they LOST her luggage, and I mean LOST. It took a week, numerous calls from us to various places (and we don't speak Russian-- pleasant). The thing is-- they knew where her luggage was all the time. Her first week in Russia was basically ruined because they wouldn't deliver the luggage. Eventually she had to spend the time and money to take a two hour cab ride back to the airport to get her luggage because no one would deliver it and they actually HUNG UP on my mother. This is not all Delta's fault-- British Airway can take some of the blame, too. I'm placing this under Delta because THAT is who my mother paid, THAT is who's customer service is completely in the pot. EVERY time we have called, for various reasons, we just happen to get the absolute rudest CSA's-- it is like they hire them for their ability to be complete A##'s. Again, I won't fly Delta ever again, and you shouldn't either.

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    jule Jun 03, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    July 2017, my two daughters and I booked and paid for Roundtrip fares to/from MSP/Miami/ MSP.Nov 19 and Nov 26th. I checked and was informed there was a change in time for all three. I printed a copy of the itinerary. We were all scheduled on the same flights. When we arrived at the airport in Miami we were told that one daughter was scheduled on another flight/time. I had my copy of the itenerary but that made no difference to them. One daughter had to fly alone, my other daughter and I were on the original flight. There were many persons whose flights/seats were changed without notice. This is not good business. Delta has bitten off more than they can chew. I expect to be compensated.

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